Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 58: One Minute Late, Heads Up!


Wen family.

Wen Ru Yun sat on the small sofa on the west side of the living room, her face sullen.

Opposite her were Wen Kangsheng and Wen Zixu.

On the other hand, Wen Guangyi, the head of the Wen Family, was sitting on top of the main seat facing south and north.

Wen Kangsheng crossed his legs and said sarcastically, ''Wen Ruyun, weren't you quite the bully at the family banquet before? How come you've come begging us instead now?"

Wen Zixu had a look of contempt, "Then there's no need to ask, that little white boy she raised only pretends to be a pussy, and shrivels up as soon as he encounters the real thing!"

"Hahahahaha ......" Wen Kangsheng laughed sinisterly, "Looks like we're going to win that bet!"

Wen Ruyun's pretty face turned pale.

She knew that Rhyming Court Department Store was afraid that she really wouldn't be able to keep it.

But there was no way, she couldn't just stand by and watch her own hard work be destroyed.

Even if Wen Kangsheng told her to hand over Rhyming Court Department Store, she could only do as she was told.

A trace of fake sympathetic kindness appeared on Wen Guangyi's face as he spoke out:

"Ru Yun ah, if you've already thought about it, then I'll have someone prepare the transfer contract. Don't worry, we definitely won't cross the river and break the bridge, you can still continue to work at Rhyme Ting Department Store."

"That's right, you can go to the purchasing department and become a buyer, this young master is mercifully giving you an extra five hundred dollars bonus every month, hahahahaha ......"

Wen Zixu laughed rampantly.

He knew that if there were no surprises, he would become the new chairman of the board when Kang Yang Group took over Rhyme Court Department Store.

"You guys ......"

Even though Wen Ruyun had prepared her heart, she was still so angry that her petite body trembled.

Right at this moment, suddenly a sound of footsteps came, and Wen Zixuan's fiancƩ Wei Yingzhou walked in quickly.

"Good son-in-law, what brings you here?"

Upon seeing the Wei family's youngest, Wen Kangsheng immediately piled up a pleasing smile all over his face.

Wei Yingzhou took a deep breath and forced down his excitement, "I just received news that the Xiang family is finished! It has completely collapsed! The entire Xiang Mansion has gone up in flames!"

"What? The Xiangzhuang Group's Xiang Family? Collapsed?

Wen Kangsheng's mouth grew in shock with an incredulous expression.

"That's right!" Wei Yingzhou said excitedly, "You guys will never guess who made the move!"

"Who made the move?"

Wen Guangyi and the others asked in unison.

To be able to burn the entire Xiang Family cleanly in a single fire would definitely not be the handiwork of an ordinary person!

"It's the Great Xia's First God of War! General Kunlun!"

"Hiss ......"

Everyone in the living room sucked in a breath of cool air as soon as Wei Yingzhou's words fell.

Wen Guangyi trembled, "The Kunlun War God has come to Qing'an? My god, that's a god-like existence!"

"The Kunlun War God did not come in person." Wei Yingzhou's face is filled with awe...

"But in order to flatten the Xiang Family, the West Phoenix Military Region deployed tens of thousands of people! The scene was spectacular!"

Upon hearing this, Wen Guangyi's grandparents and grandchildren were all trembling with excitement!

But Wen Ruyun was so scared that her hands and feet went cold...

Last night, Tian Lang had clearly said that he would go to the Xiang family today to avenge An Yiqiu!

He ...... won't be affected, right?

"Mr. Wei ...... Wei ......," Wen Ruyun asked with a bloodless face, "There are no casualties in the Xiang Family House, right?"

"How can there be none!" Wei Yingzhou said.

"I heard that the Chief General Officer of the Military Region personally led the troops and fired shots and cannons! As long as the relevant people were present, they were either captured or killed, none escaped!"


The cell phone in Wen Ruyun's hand fell to the ground in response.

She came back to her senses in a flash, hurriedly picking up the phone and calling An Yiqiu with a trembling hand, "Hey, Old Five, is Tian Lang at home?" "Not at ah, what's wrong?"

An Yiqiu seemed to have just gotten up, her voice was still a bit lazy.

"Got it, wait for me at home, I'll be right back!"

Wen Ruyun's hands and feet went limp, and after hanging up the phone, she stumbled and ran towards the door.

Looking at her panicked back, Wei Yingzhou wondered, "What's wrong? Look at how scared she is."

Wen Zixu snorted coldly: "Crazy bitch, probably saw that Rhyme Ting Department Store is about to be finished, mentally abnormal."

Wen Kangsheng's eyes were cloudy: "Even if she is going crazy, she has to sign the transfer contract before she goes crazy!"


Wen Ruyun was really going crazy!

She was so worried about Ning Tian Lang's safety that she was dying of worry!

She made dozens of calls to Ning Tian Lang, but none of them were answered!

Racing all the way home, Wen Ruyun trembled as soon as she entered the door, "Tian Lang hasn't come back yet?"

An Yiqiu was stunned, her heart sinking slightly, "No ah, did something happen?"

"The Xiang family offended the Kunlun War God, everyone arrested and killed, I'm worried that Tian Lang had an accident!"

"What ......" An Yiqiu reddened her eyes in an instant.

"It's all my fault, it's all my fault ...... If anything happens to Tian Lang, I'll die with him ......"

An Yiqiu fell onto the sofa and covered her face as she cried bitterly.


"Drip drip drip drip ......"

The combination lock on the doorway was pressed.

An Yiqiu and Wen Ruyun looked up at the same time.

The main door slowly opened, and Ning Tian Lang lifted his steps and walked in, looking slightly tired.

"Tian Lang!!!"

The two women's faces revealed ecstasy, and together, they leapt towards Ning Tianlang!

"Eh, big sister, fifth sister ......"

Ning Tian Lang was bumped into.

He hugged one with one hand, only to feel a soft jade in his arms.

In this instant, the few moments of killing intent that remained in his body were quietly washed away by his sister's softness ......

Wen Ruyun rubbed her hands over his body continuously and worriedly said, "Tian Lang, are you alright? Not hurt, right?"

"It's fine, big sister ......"

His body was tickled by the touch, and his breath gradually became a little unsteady.

Just as he was swaying, An Yiqiu suddenly stood on her tiptoes and kissed his lips ......

She maintained her kissing position and said vaguely, "Tian Lang, you can't let me worry like this anymore ......"

After saying this, she violently pushed Ning Tian Lang away and ran back to the bedroom with a flushed face.

Ning Tian Lang was stunned for a while, his heart slightly shifted ......

"Old Five she ...... was too worried about you ......" Wen Ruyun's cheeks were also a little hot, "We really freaked out ......"

"You all know about the Xiang family?"

Wen Ruyun nodded, "I just heard Wei Yingzhou say it when I went to the Wen family to ask for help ......"

"Asking for help? What do you mean?" Ning Tianlang frowned slightly, "Is that bullshit Penglai Chamber of Commerce bullying you again?"

"No." Wen Ruyun sighed.

"It's the Zhu Group that suddenly withdrew its investment, the Rhyme Court Department Store's capital chain had problems, I couldn't pull in investment, so I could only go and bow down to the Wen Family ......"

Ning Tianlang's eyes crossed a trace of cold color: "Which companies have you gone to?"

"Many, but unfortunately they all failed, they were all afraid of offending the Zhu family. Especially Changhui Group, they directly tore up my planning book and had the security guards blow me out ......"

Wen Ruyun sighed, loss written all over her face.

"Changhui Group?" Ning Tian Lang's complexion was icy, "I'll accompany you to go there again tomorrow!"

"I'd like to see if they dare to blow me out as well!"


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