Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 59: Falling down the well

Changhui Group.

It is one of the largest investment companies in Qing'an City.

Its chairman, Mr. Zhang Wenchang, has topped the wealth list in Qing'an City for several years in a row.

Capital and its strong.

The reason why Zhang Wenchang did not invest in Wen Ruyun was not because he was afraid of the Zhu family like other investment companies, he simply could not see Rhythm Court Department Store.

Under his hand, there are many projects that can be comparable to Rhyme Court Department Store.

He simply didn't care to earn this small amount of money.

Early the next morning, Ning Tianlang came to the downstairs of Changhui Group's office building.

He didn't bring Wen Ruyun along.

He planned to give his big sister a surprise after everything was taken care of.

Taking the elevator directly to the top floor of the Changhui Building, Ning Tianlang took a step towards the chairman's office.

"Hey hey hey, what do you do?"

A female secretary wearing a high-grade professional suit walked over, her expression unkind and said:

"Which department are you from? Do you know that this is the chairman's exclusive area?"

Ning Tianlang frowned slightly, "I'm here to see Zhang Wenchang on behalf of Rhyme Court Department Store."

"Rhyming Court Department Store?" The female secretary immediately showed disdain.

"Why is a different person here again? The woman who came last time had the security guards beat and kick her, and her shoes fell off when she ran away, and she still dares to send someone?"

Hearing this, Ning Tianlang's eyes instantly filled with blood!

He was filled with a chilling aura as he said in a cold voice, "Which woman?"

"Which woman?" "Which woman? The goddess entrepreneur of Qing'an City, Wen Ruyun!"

The female secretary clasped her arms and snorted, "Unfortunately, she's completely finished this time and can't get up anymore."

Ning Tianlang clenched his fists, "Did your Changhui Group people hit her?"

"Beat up." The female secretary had a disinterested look on her face, "She was begging for money and insisted on letting our chairman invest, the chairman got impatient and directly let the security guards kick her out!"

"Tsk, the chairman of a department store is really humiliating. Letting someone kick a butt of shoe prints not to mention, but also fell in a dog shit in full view of everyone ......"

The female secretary shook her head and lamented, not noticing in the slightest that Ning Tianlang's gaze was already murderous!

"Get lost!"

Ning Tianlang pushed the female secretary away and took a big step towards Zhang Wenchang's office!

The female secretary was pushed and stumbled, hurriedly stepping on her high heels and trotting after her.

"You stand still! The chairman of the board is meeting with an honored guest! You're not allowed to go in!"

She had just finished saying this when she was horrified to see Ning Tianlang kick the glass door of the chairman's office!

"Clatter ......"

Gorgeous shards of glass scattered all over the place.

In the office, Zhang Wenchang was drinking tea and chatting with a middle-aged man.

A sudden change occurred, and both of them looked surprised and puzzled.

Zhang Wenchang was only stunned for a split second before he shot up and said angrily, "Who dares to act recklessly in my Changhui Group!"

He was tough in his mouth but in his heart, he was extremely shocked.

The glass door of this office was super standard customized bulletproof glass!

Even if it was shot at close range, the bullet could only leave a few white spots on it!

I didn't expect that someone would be able to break it with a kick!

If it wasn't for the unusual status of the guest sitting on the sofa next to him, he would have been so scared that he would have called the police immediately!

Ning Tianlang stepped in and came directly to Zhang Wenchang's desk, his voice icy cold, "You're the one who ordered the move against Wen Ruyun?!"

"So you're someone from Rhyme Court Department Store!" Zhang Wenchang raised his eyebrows in anger, "That cousin Wen Ruyun really doesn't know what's good for her, how dare she send someone to my Changhui Group to cause trouble!"

"Say what you just said again!"

Killing intent erupted around Ning Tian Lang!

Daring to insult his big sister like this! Simply tired of living!!!

"So what if I say it again? That cousin Wen Ruyun both refused to agree to sleep with me and wanted me to shell out money to invest, where in the world is such a good thing?!"

Zhang Wenchang bristled, "Although she has a little bit of charm, she's not really good enough to make me willingly shell out money just by looking at her face!"


Ning Tianlang clenched his fist with one hand and ruthlessly smashed it on the solid wood desk in front of Zhang Wenchang!


"Ka-chow! Ka-chow!"

A whole solid wood desk, unexpectedly, snapped inch by inch!

"You ......"

Zhang Wenchang was so frightened that he backed up.

Was this still a power that a human could possess!

"Kid, I don't care what you're from, how dare you sow your wild oats in my territory, I'll teach you how to write the word death!"

Zhang Wenchang's panic turned into anger as he pointed at the guest sitting on the sofa to the side:

"Open your dog's eyes and see, this is Military Master Song under Master Cao Si! How dare you be arrogant?!"

Song Jinshan crossed his legs and glared at Ning Tianlang with a gloomy face:

"Kid, you should have heard of Fourth Master Cao's name, right? I am the first military advisor under him! I advise you not to seek your own death!"

Ning Tianlang had a sneer at the corner of his mouth, "Chang Xiaorong just collapsed, and that Cao immediately started jumping up and down, didn't he?"

There are three groups of equally powerful bosses in the underground jianghu of Xifeng Province-

Chang Xiaorong, Fourth Master Cao and the Seven Old Monsters.

After Chang Xiaorong was sent to the West by Ning Tianlang, the plate left behind him made everyone's eyes water.

This time, Fourth Master Cao had sent his military advisor to find Zhang Wenchang with the intention of joining forces with him and eating all of Chang Xiaorong's plates before the Seven Old Monsters made their move.

When Song Jinshan heard Ning Tianlang mention Chang Xiaorong, he couldn't help but be a little surprised, "Yoho, kid, you know quite a bit, you're also on the road?"

Immediately after that, his face turned cold, "Since you're a gangster, how dare you disrespect Fourth Master Cao, do you think your life is too long?!"

Zhang Wenchang hurriedly chimed in:

"That's right, first you smashed my office, and then you speak disrespectfully to Fourth Master Cao, is this how Wen Ru Yun disciplines his subordinates?!"

Ning Tianlang pulled over a chair and sat down.

Pulling out a box of military special cigarettes from his pocket, he lit it, took a puff, and faintly said while exhaling smoke rings:

"I'm not Wen Ruyun's subordinate, she's my big sister."

Zhang Wenchang froze: "Isn't Wen Ruyun the adopted daughter of the Wen family? Where did she get a younger brother?"

Then it dawned on him, "You're an orphan like her? You came out of the same orphanage!"

Hearing this, Song Jinshan snorted coldly:

"A mere orphan dares to make a scene, you really don't know the heights of heaven! If you kneel down and kowtow three times to me and Dong Zhang, I can still consider sparing your life!"

Zhang Wenchang, however, had an evil light in his eyes as he said to Song Jinshan, "Master Song, just kowtowing would be too cheap for him. You've heard of Wen Ruyun from Rhythmic Court Department Store, right?"

"Of course I've heard of it, quite a famous businesswoman."

"I don't know if Army Master Song is interested in her?"

Song Jinshan instantly understood Zhang Wenchang's meaning, licked his lips, and smiled lewdly with a hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!"

Zhang Wenchang narrowed a pair of colorful eyes and said:

"I noticed it the other day when Wen Ruyun came to beg me, that little bitch is especially flavorful! It's just a pity that she's too noble and would rather not invest than agree to my request."

"Now it's good, her brother took the initiative to send the door as a hostage, let's directly capture this kid and threaten Wen Ruyun to come and claim the person, at that time, she'll have to obey even if she doesn't!"

Speaking of this, he and Song Jinshan laughed wistfully at the same time ......


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