Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 60: Send you to hell!

Ning Tianlang took a deep breath of cigarette, forcibly suppressing the killing intent in his heart!

"You two, you want to take me as a hostage?"

His voice was extremely flat, but it was as cold as three-nine frost!

Zhang Wenchang waved his hand wildly, "Kid! Don't think that just because you have some brute strength, we really can't do anything about you!"

With that, he turned to Song Jinshan, "Master Song, call up the brothers."

Song Jinshan had brought a dozen of his men with him this time when he came to talk about cooperation with Zhang Wenchang.

At this moment, those men were all arranged in the VIP lounge downstairs.


Song Jinshan's face was sinister as he took out his cell phone and was about to call his men.

He had just dialed the number.


A small wooden plaque fell onto the sofa next to him.

It was Ning Tianlang who threw it over.

"What the fuck is this ......"

Song Jinshan was halfway through cursing when suddenly his entire body froze!

He saw that the small wooden plaque clearly read - Northern Dragon Order!

"Gu dong!"

He swallowed hard.

Like suffering a thunderbolt from a clear sky, a jingo boomed in his ears!

"This ...... this is ......"

Song Jinshan picked up the Northern Dragon Order with two shivering hands, like holding a bomb that was about to detonate, his face filled with fear.

"Army Master Song, what's wrong?"

Zhang Wenchang didn't know what had happened, nor did he know what exactly Ning Tianlang had thrown out.

At this time, Song Jinshan's phone call was also connected.

A rough voice came out, "What happened, Military Master Song?"

And Song Jinshan just sat there dumbfounded, as if his soul had been taken away ......

Zhang Wenchang was uncertain and shouted loudly:

"Army Master Song, tell the brothers to come up! In case this kid runs away, it will be hard to find such a good opportunity to threaten Wen Ruyun again!"

The person on the phone seemed to have heard his shouts and instantly roared, "Grass! Something has happened to the military division! Brothers! Take the plunge!"

In the face of all this, Song Jinshan remained deaf, his eyes dull.

"Military Master Song ......"

Zhang Wenchang called out tentatively again.

Ning Tianlang slowly spat out a mouthful of smoke rings and faintly said, "Don't shout, he doesn't dare to speak."

"What do you mean?"

Zhang Wenchang was stunned, and he suddenly realized that the atmosphere was a bit off!

Just now, he was so filled with fantasizing about how to toy with Wen Ruyun that he didn't even notice the change in Song Jinshan's expression.

It was only at this moment when he suddenly came to his senses that he realized something had gone wrong!

"What the hell happened ......"

Zhang Wenchang didn't finish a sentence before he was horrified to see Song Jinshan slowly sliding down from the sofa as if his bones had been taken out.


Song Jinshan landed on both knees and knelt down solidly!

Zhang Wenchang was stunned.

The number one military division under Master Cao Si, the lord who could make the rivers and lakes of Xifeng Province tremble with a casual stomp of his foot.

Surprisingly, he knelt down for someone!

And the other party was still a young man in his early twenties!

"What's going on? What's wrong with you, Army Master Song? Why are you kneeling to an orphan ......"

"Shut up!!!"

Zhang Wenchang had just gotten halfway through his sentence when Song Jinshan interrupted him with a red-eyed angry scolding!

Zhang Wenchang: "......"

He was truly confused.

Completely unaware of what was going on!

Song Jinshan respectfully held up the Northern Dragon Order, walked on his knees to Ning Tianlang, and presented it with both hands.

"You are ...... this token ......"

His voice trembled with fear and he was incoherent!

"Who I am is not important." Ning Tian Lang looked at him with an icy gaze, "What's important is that you just planned to capture me to threaten my big sister?"

Hearing this, Song Jinshan's face abruptly turned pale!

The person who held the Northern Dragon Order, that was the underground emperor of the northern rivers and lakes of Great Xia!

He, a mere citizen, dared to presume to hold the emperor hostage.

This is not looking for death is what?

"I ...... don't dare ......"

Song Jinshan raised his hand and fiercely slapped himself-

"I have a cheap mouth!!!" "I deserve a beating!!!"

"I was wrong!!!"

One curse, one hit!

There was no mercy, and the slap was loud and clear!

Seeing this scene, Zhang Wenchang was scared and confused.

In his eyes, Ning Tianlang casually threw Song Jinshan an object, and Song Jinshan went straight mad ......

"What kind of demonic magic is this ......?!"

Zhang Wenchang sat behind the broken desk, trembling.

Just at this moment, a dozen or so big and strong men surged over from the corridor.

Some were holding wooden sticks, some were holding throwing sticks.

All of them had a ferocious look on their faces.

As soon as they took a look at the door of the chairman's office shattered all over the place, they instantly knew that something had happened and shouted angrily:


"What happened?!"

"Where is the military division?"

They rushed in furiously, their faces full of viciousness!

However, just as they stepped on the broken glass on the ground and prepared to strike, they suddenly all froze.

The ferocious expressions froze on their faces, suddenly becoming comically abnormal.

"Armsmaster ......"

The First Military Master, who was high in their hearts, was actually kneeling in front of a young man, shaking like a dog.

"All of you get out!"

Song Jinshan was terrified, fearing that these ungrateful henchmen would do something bad, hissing and yelling wanting to whisk the people out.

"Since you're here, do you still want to leave?" Ning Tian Lang threw the cigarette to his feet and stomped it out, "All of you, get the hell in here!"

A bellowing voice!

Everyone winced in agitation.

The next second.

The group of strong men who were still fierce just now all obediently threw away the weapons in their hands and knelt beside Song Jinshan!

Ning Tianlang crossed his legs and looked at Zhang Wenchang, who was filled with horror, "Chairman Zhang, what request did you mention to my big sister before?"

"No...... nothing to request......"

Zhang Wenchang was so scared that his legs were trembling.

The number one military division under Master Cao Si had been goaded!

How could he dare to continue to be wild?

Ning Tianlang's face turned cold, "I'm a person who hates people lying. If you dare to tell one more lie, I'll cut out your tongue!"

With his words, an overwhelming pressure poured out towards Zhang Wenchang!

"I ...... I said ......"

Zhang Wenchang's face was bloodless, "I previously ...... let Wen Ruyun accompany me for one night, and I promised to invest ...... in her."

"How much to invest?"

"Five ...... five hundred million ...... million."

"District five hundred million will want my big sister to accompany you?"

Killing intent appeared in Ning Tianlang's eyes!

Zhang Wenchang's legs went limp and he collapsed to the ground, shivering his lips, "I ...... don't dare anymore ...... don't dare anymore ...... "

"I'll invest in Wen Ruyun! Invest immediately! One billion dollars! Don't want any dividends in return, give her one billion dollars directly!"

He knew that if he didn't pay something, he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to keep his life!

Although he was rich, he didn't dare to offend these people in the jianghu.

Ning Tianlang's fingers slightly nodded on his knees, pondered for a moment, and asked, "Do you know which company my big sister has gone to pull investment from?"

"This ......" Zhang Wenchang replied while pondering.

"There are only a total of seven or eight up and coming investment companies in Qing'an City, plus other large groups that have business dealings with Rhyme Ting Department Store, so I can basically guess who Miss Wen ...... Wen has begged."

"Good." Ning Tian Lang slowly stood up, "I'll give you two days to find them all! I'll see who still has the guts to refuse to invest in Rhyme Court Department Store!"

Zhang Wenchang sweated under his forehead and said apprehensively, "I ...... I may not have that much influence ah ......"

Ning Tianlang looked at Song Jinshan, "Keeping you alive, can you come in handy?"

The implication was that if Song Jinshan couldn't assist Zhang Wenchang in accomplishing this, then he would definitely die today!

"Can can can ......"

Song Jinshan kowtowed like garlic, "Whoever dares not cooperate, I'll have my brothers kill his entire family!"


Ning Tianlang's voice was like a bell, his sword pointing to the heavens and the earth!

"The day after tomorrow at twelve noon, I want to see all of them show up at Rhyme Court Department Store!"

"One minute late, and I'll see you with your head!"


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