Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 61: Make a bet.

Su Xue Ning?

A word that was both familiar and unfamiliar jumped into his eyeballs, Song Zhi's brow bones slightly shrugged, his black and white eyes quickly condensed and sank.

Just a moment ago, it was only anger that moved her liver, but now it was anger that moved her bones.

How could she not hear Lu Ziyan's mockery, mischievously getting up from the stool and uttering unexpected words.

"Hubby, it's all pissing me off, why didn't you let me curse back just now!" Song Zi was furious and brought up a breath, "Who is he to do it for me, who is he to use me to kidnap you!"

"Shame on you, cheating on He Meiping and still wanting to come and scourge you, I forbid it!" Song Zhi was obviously furious.

This scene instantly made Lu Ziyan's eyebrows baffled and puzzled.

He instantly felt 'snapping' two slaps slapping him over in obedience to Song Zhi's words.

Face, it really fucking hurt!

"Hubby, you're not allowed to vote for his project! No one is allowed to help!" Song Zhi temper came up, and suddenly turned his gaze to Lu Zi Yan who was stuffing his head to eat, picked up the center of the plate, did not eat the steak, shouted out to him, and smashed it over.

Lu Ziyan reflexively looked up, abruptly, was steak paste a face.

Then he saw the corner of the eye of Song Zhi's eyes, gritted his teeth: "Song Zhi, we made your father lose money and go bankrupt, you really are not angry at all?"

Angry to the head, words in a hurry, off the mouth!

In an instant, the atmosphere steeply fell into silence.

After ten seconds or so, Song Zhi leisurely sat back on the stool and smiled instead.

This smile made Lu Ziyan even more panicked.

"I'm not only I'm not angry, I'm happy instead! The more miserable Song Yuancheng is, the happier I am! He stayed in Tang City to begin with, he's an asshat, sooner or later, such a person doesn't deserve to stay in Tang City!"

That half-blood relationship had been returned to him back in her last life, along with her life, her mother's life, and three years in prison!

Song Ru did not owe Song Yuancheng anything.

Lu Ziyan was stunned... Pit father?

The pit is the scum father!

Lu Ziyan did not die, wiped the oil stains haphazardly, and asked, "He is your father."

"He is Song Yanran's father, not my father." Song resigned righteously, saying that Lu Ziyan's jaw dropped, "I suffered so much as a child, and Mu Shen made him go bankrupt, but he is also to blame! And Tang City was also founded by my mom, he did nothing but raise a little three, a little four, this life will be counting on people, have such a deserved fate!"

"Just deserved it!"

At the end, Song Zhi added a sentence.

Song Zi Yan was really ruthless that she was born again and didn't go back to before her mother's death, so that she could start everything over again, but people can't be greedy, so she treasured the people and time under her eyes even more.

Lu Ziyan's handsome face crumbled with a crack, how could he not figure out how Song Ru would think this way and take it for granted.

"Then you ......"

"Okay." A dark light appeared under Huo Mu Shen's eyes, knitting his long, handsome brows and gazing at Song Zhe's brows that showed a few sharp, untamed edges at this moment.

The fact that he only said two words was enough to shut Lu Ziyan up.

Song Zhi's originally smiling spring face was steeply coated with a layer of frost, wrinkling his brows and staring at Lu Ziyan, his voice was slightly cool and gradually pierced the bones, "Lu Ziyan, I know you don't believe me, but you can't disbelieve Mu Shen's vision, don't you think he has a good eye for picking out wives?"

Lu Ziyan seemed to hear two more 'slaps' to the face and spat lowly, "Narcissistic!"

"This is called self-knowledge!" Song Zhi gasps at Lu Ziyan, but secretly presses the three words 'Su Xue Ning' into his heart, feigning ignorance.

Huo Mushan casts two sidelong glances, "Eating without speaking, are you full?"

"Full." Song Zhi nodded her head obediently, then looked down at her wristwatch and saw that Huo Moushen was eating elegantly, he ate extremely fast, but it was simply a world away from Lu Ziyan.

Song Zhi appreciated Huo Muchen's magnificent beauty on one side, while comparing it to Lu Ziyan.

Ten minutes later, he finished eating.

"Mrs. Huo, if you keep looking, I'll think you're going to eat me." Huo Mushen's dark eyes look at her close at hand, and in the moment of her stagnation, he reaches out and touches the crushed hair on her ear, warmly whispering on her lips, "Do you know that just now, in the office, I wanted to strip you naked, put you on the desk, and fuck you!"

Song Zhi's cheeks suddenly reddened, her eyes glared, "Be careful of a bad waist."

Pfft! Saying the wrong thing, she carefully raised her head, just in time to meet the man's black eyes like a spilled ink stone, and saw the man bending down, close to her earlobe, gritting his teeth, "Say it again, try it!"

"......" Can she not try?

Subconsciously touching her waist, she pouted again, "It's my waist that's bad, I'm afraid ......"

Huo Mou Shen let go of her, only when Song Zhi looked up from his arms, his hand was still on Ying Ying less than double palms of the waist, not letting her get too far away from himself, only at an arm's length distance: "En, the waist is quite bad, it's not worth me tossing around all night!"

Song resignation face swept through a touch of embarrassing red, he should not say so bluntly, she raised straight look at Huo Mou Shen, trying to change the subject: "Huo Mou Shen, you do not still have to go to deal with LOGO in the afternoon, hurry up and go."

"Want me to go so soon?" Huo Mou Shen's lips pursed slightly, but his face did not show any emotion, "Is it a weak heart or ......"

Song Zhi's face exploded red!

She is now pinned to death by the man, can only collect a smile, pretending to be generally serious: "No no, nothing, my waist is not good, I will go home to practice dance, under the waist"

Huo Mou Shen expression a convergence, after a while, only to pull up a touch of lip angle, voice vaguely carry doting: "is a good idea."


Is there no end to the flirting?

There's still a big living person next to him.

Huo Mou Shen saw Song Zhi could not help but tease, his eyes carried a trace of doting, the corners of his mouth had a trace of shallow playfulness, "Sit here and wait for a while, after dinner then go back together."


"En, you are too thin, not good for the mouth." Huo Mou Shen seems to smile, glancing at her flat chest.

Song Zhi grunted, looking at her chest, a little bit of a gamble.

She also does not want to, all blame the year to lose weight too hard, and lose weight first thin chest, now how to eat are not fat?

"What do you want and Huaibei said, eat more here, what do you want to eat the rest, let him buy." Huo Mu Shen glanced at it.

"Want to eat you, okay?" Song Zhe was smothered and immediately flirted back.

"Bare with me..."

"Okay, wait." Huo Mou Shen bent down and kissed, turned around and left.

Song Zhi breathed a sigh of exclusion, looking at his departing figure eyes glazed over, but was broken by a cry, "Look again, the person has also left, third sister-in-law do you want to glue your eyes on?"

Song Zhi's face darkened, turned his head and choked coldly, "Eat your food, like a starving ghost!"

"Third Sister-in-law is the one who should eat more, like pig brains~" Lu Zi Yan's tone sneered.

Song Zhi felt that she had never offended Lu Zi Yan in her two lifetimes combined, and she was disliked as soon as they met, did she really think she was soft?

"That's still better than you."

"Yoho, third sister-in-law why don't we make a bet, if you win, feel free to make any conditions you want, as long as you don't hurt third brother." Lu Zi Yan proposed, he also wanted to see if Song Zhi was really as weak as Third Brother said 'not as weak as you think'.

"What kind of bet?"


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