Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 62: Sitting and Waiting to Get Hit in the Face

"Just bet on whether you can get into M&R Group on your own, as long as you get in, from now on you ride on my head and walk." Lu Ziyan swallowed the beef in his mouth, his tone light with a hint of playfulness.

"Riding on your head? If I want to ride, I'll also walk on my husband's head." Song Ru nonchalantly disliked back, "But I'm interested in that condition of yours, I've already thought of what I want?"

"Third sister-in-law, you haven't even started the race yet, how do you know you'll win? Third brother said that you can't talk too much, so be careful of flashing your tongue." Lu Zi Yan half believed that Song Zhi could make a big upheaval.

Laughing coldly, he opened his mouth slyly again to remind, "Third Sister-in-law, it's still necessary for me to remind you, lest you say that I'm bullying you.The M&R Group only recruits a batch of employees every year, and they have to be vetted at every level, and this year there's only one spot for the special appointment."

A spot for the winner of the LOGO competition?

Song Zhi raised his eyebrows, his eyes flashed a flash of excitement, looked straight at Lu Zi Yan, his tone carried a trace of confidence: "I'm waiting for you to screw your head off and give me a ball to kick oh."

At those words, Lu Zi Yan's outline tightened and smiled, "That's best."

With that, he turned around and walked out.

Although Song Zhi not betraying Third Brother took him by surprise, it didn't mean that, Song Zhi was qualified to stand by Third Brother's side.

Song Zhi also looked at Lu Zi Yan's figure, quickly retracting his eyes after a few seconds, the fighting fire that was lit up in his eyes didn't disappear, but instead, he immediately asked Chu Huaibei to bring paper, pens and a laptop and put them in the conference room.

The conference room was empty, only Song Zhi alone.

She sat down and buried her head in the design expertise, one hand on the paper to modify the original design drawings.

Lu Zi Yan came out in the middle of the meeting and saw Song Zhi really burying her head in her work, and with a cold snort, he turned around and went to the president's office.

"Third brother, I just made a bet with third sister-in-law."

"What kind of bet?" Huo Mou Shen's fingertips maneuvered quickly on the keyboard, and on the side was an open cell phone with all of Song Yuancheng's missed calls.

"Betting on whether Third Sister-in-law can come to you on her own." Lu Ziyan laughed.

Afterwards, he resumed sitting on the sofa to take out the previous design drawings to admire them, praising them while delicately stroking them with his fingers, "Third brother, look at this design, this line, this inspiration ...... Are you organizing a logo design to try to fish out the back and then use it for us? "

M & R's principle was originally 'If it's good, it's all ours, even if it's not mine, pitfalls, it's still ours.'

Huo Mou Shen happens to be in the final step of implanting the tracking software into Song Zhi's cell phone, raises his cold brows, sees Lu Zi Yan's face full of eagerness to learn, his brows knit slightly, rises and unceremoniously snatches it out of his hands, "It's time to fish it up, and 'use it' for me."

Lu Zi Yan saw that the design drawings were drawn away, and was not annoyed: "But third sister-in-law is really a bit impressive, I just went out and haven't seen her buried in front of the computer."

"What was your bet with her?"

"It's not much, let her make a condition, as long as it's not out of the ordinary, she can agree to it." After Lu Ziyan gives a fifty-fifty account, he deliberately adds oil and vinegar, and his eyebrows are raised to learn Song Zhi's little eye-roll to the best of his ability.

Huo Mu Shen face slightly swept through a trace of pleasure, this girl, will also give the old six set up.

This is waiting for Lao Liu to hit his own face?

His fingertips rubbed the design, the corner of his lips hooked up the arc of a smile, not a smile: ''Go and check what Song Zhi did in the afternoon? What people did he come into contact with? What did you do?"

"......" Lu Ziyan sighed.

There was no telling what poison Song Zhi had fed Huo Muchen, causing him to be poisoned to the core.

Huo Moushen looked down at his wristwatch, it was five o'clock in the evening, and then turned around to go to the conference hall.

The afterglow of the setting sun pours in through the floor-to-ceiling windows, completely wrapping Song Zhi in a warm mass; she sits with her head buried in front of the round table, her eyebrows soft and serious, occasionally tilting her little head, her shell teeth biting the end of the signing pen as she writes and draws on the paper.

Wait a minute! Biting the signing pen with her mouth?

Huo Mou Shen's eyes jumped, violently pushed the door open, drew out a paper towel, directly yanked the person out of the table, pulled into his arms, lifted his hand and used the paper towel to fiercely wipe the corner of her lips, until her lips were almost wiped through a layer of skin, and when he saw Song Zhi pitifully looking at himself, he still sighed, didn't move and sent the cell phone back to the pocket of her clothes, smiled and laughed: ''Next time, you're not allowed to use your mouth to bite the pen, you here can only me touch, know?"

Song Zhu: "......"

Her eyes danced slightly, and then she was led to dinner by Huo Mushan.

During the entire meal, it's been quiet, Song Zhi quietly raises her eyes a few times, her gaze quickly draws back as if electrocuted, several times she wants to open her mouth but still can only bury her head and continue to eat, unconsciously until she eats until she's full and still hasn't figured out how to open her mouth and ask about 'Su Xue Ning'?

"I'm not going back to Huo Park tonight, the company will have a decision-making meeting, Huaibei will send you home, you're not allowed to go out tonight, not even tomorrow, understand?" Huo Mou Shen's eyes floated over a touch of bloodthirsty blood intent, words overflowed from the depths of his throat, "In the future, where to go, call me first, if no one picks up the phone, call me Huaibei or leave a message for the housekeeper."


Song Zhi where to hear Huo Mou Shen speak, full of brains are wording 'Su Xue Ning' thing, even the spirit is with a bit of a trance, haphazardly answered.

Huo Mou Shen saw that obviously heavy heart but did not say a word of silence like, a few inaudible light sigh, bent his head over her lips and kissed, stopping at her lips hoarse low: "Not not give you freedom, is afraid that you have an accident, such as the E star project officially launched, I will take you out, en?"

Song Zhi glanced at her.

Thinking that the E star program start to market, the last life have to be five years time, this life even if it is faster also need a year, two years ...... that Su Xue Ning when appeared, and what role played?

Song Zhi was suddenly aggrieved and saddened, and whispered a haphazard ''en''.

She turned her head and pushed away Huo Mou Shen's chest, turned around to pack up the computer and documents on the table, and left with Chu Huaibei without a word.

Huo Mushen sees her disappearing into his field of vision with her eyes downcast and lost, his eyes slightly red, his nose sore, his head disappearing into the elevator doorway without looking back, his knuckles turning slightly tighter, his hand habitually caressing the wedding ring on his ring finger, the bottom of his eyes so gloomy that he can't see the bottom of the abyss.

A long time, before pulling out of the abyss, turned around and returned to the office, continue to work.


Song Zhe has been moping since he left M&R Group.

Even when she arrived at Huo Garden, she was wanly interested and casually greeted her before going to the restroom.

She looked at herself in the mirror, her eyes carrying teardrops that had flowed out without her realizing it.

She raised her hand against her chest, her gaze more than a smear of determination, no matter who it is, her husband can only be hers!

The more others don't believe her, the more they think she's not good enough for Huo Mushan, the more she has to work hard!

Song rhetoric with cold water splashed his face, calmly to all the information design spread out on the desktop, bed, sort out a few points of satisfaction with the manuscript, directly and anonymously sent to the M & R official mailbox.

After doing everything, it was already close to the deadline.

Song Zhi dumbly looked at the words 'sent successfully', she exhaled a long breath, before falling back into the soft sofa, chest some frustration.

She didn't know the results, she was bewildered and panicked, she was worried that she wouldn't be able to get on and get the final special appointment.

Most importantly, she was afraid, she could not help Huo Mu Shen ......

Lu Ziyan, who received the email, had his eyes widen when the design popped up, and stood up from his seat in a mischievous manner.

"This ...... this ...... this ...... this ......"


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