Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 63 Husband's Approval

Lu Ziyan is so excited that he can't speak properly, pointing at the screen, "This person appeared and actually pitched a brand new manuscript, it's just perfect!"

Huo Mou Shen furrows his brows, "Pitched it?"

"Cast it, but it was cast anonymously.

There are a total of ten copies of the design, and it looks like it's for us to choose from.

The person behind it looks like he's deliberately running towards our grand prize."

Lu Ziyan's voice was lowered to as calm as possible.


Huo Moushen looked down at his wristwatch, she hadn't gone to bed yet, what did she want?

Lu Ziyan sees that Huo Muchen is calm and self-contained, and seeing the strange, buries his head and continues to choose from the ten designs.


Tang Zhuang.


The atmosphere was oppressive and pressing.

Song Yanran is sweating anxiously, her eyes burning with hatred even more fiercely as she grabs a water cup and smashes it over, "What's the point of having you guys, you can't even design a single design!"

The female designer whose head was smashed had blood smashed out of her forehead instantly.

But again, she could only bury her head and continue drawing.

Song Yanran, however, hastily took two steps back, nervously checking her newly purchased skirt, which fortunately didn't account for the blood.

She got out of this breath and snorted contemptuously and coldly: ''How disgruntled?

You're all raised by the Song family, and you're going to do whatever I want you to do for me now?"

Since her image crumbled, Song Yanran turned into two looks in front of and behind people, and her anger increased.

Song Yuancheng came out from the second floor, his face flushed with blue and white anger: "What are you doing! Bringing all of Tang City's designers into the house, you still don't think it's messy enough?"

"Dad, I'm doing this as an opportunity for the Song family to turn around, Huo Mou Shen's company releases a design project, as long as I succeed in getting into M&R, I can definitely turn the Song family around!" Song Yanran hooked her lips and said fiercely.

"You're actually going to help that asshole Huo Muk Shen?" Song Yuancheng roared.

Song Yanyan was taken aback.

She immediately reacted back, "Dad, how can that be?"

"Then what are you doing?" Song Yuancheng questioned the opening.

"Dad, I'm helping you." Song Yanran opened her mouth, a low goad word by word: "You called Song Zhi, instead of helping the Song family, she even helped an outsider step on the Song family, is this still your daughter!

Now, she's squeezing my mom away and suppressing you at every turn, basically wanting to help the Huo family screw Tang Cheng!"

Song Yuancheng was provoked by Song Yanyan's few words into a bearish rage!

His eyes were wide open and bloodshot as he gritted his teeth and roared out, "I think she just wants to screw me over! I shouldn't have given birth to her in the first place!"

Hearing Song Zhi being scolded, Song Yanran sends out all the anger in her chest, and then puts on a 'filial daughter' look, softly and softly, "Dad, only if I arrive at the Huo family and replace Song Zhi can I make Huo Muchen have no axe to grind against us at all."

"Can Huo Muchen not lay his hands on Tang Cheng?" Song Yuancheng cursed Huo Muchen a thousand times in his heart.

"Of course I can, think about it dad, the Huo family has always cooperated with Tangcheng for many years, and none of them have ever broken up. As soon as Song Ru married over, she provoked the two families to have a bad relationship. You say it's not Song Ru taking revenge on us, what else could it be?"

Song Yanran spoke, her eyes were red with hatred, "Dad, since we were young, Song Ru has hated me and mom, calculating and squeezing us at every turn, how much aggression have both mom and I suffered when you didn't know, and every time mom secretly wiped her tears, she wouldn't let me talk to you about it.

Mom always said to me, we later, Xiao Ru did not have a mother, we have to let a let her, when I was a child, my mother gave all the favor to Song Ru, I did not expect her to be so wolfish against my mother!

You did not see today, mom was sent to the countryside, but also specially pulled my hand to instruct me to take good care of you."

Song Yuancheng saw Song Yanyan in tears, her eyes flashed with a trace of struggle, and her heart faltered.

"Dad, it doesn't matter if I carry years of aggression, but mom has followed you for many years."

Song Yanyan saw Song Yuancheng's anger reach the extreme and egged her on more cheerfully.

"Dad, why don't you announce that mom is the real Mrs. Song, and I can logically replace Song Zhi to Huo Mu Shen's side. As long as I'm around, are you still worried that Tang City won't be in our hands as much as possible?"

Song Yanran thought, as long as she could get Song Yuancheng to personally get Song Zhi killed, then she wouldn't have to painstakingly calculate Song Zhi to death.

Instead, she could spare more of her heart to calculate how to hook Huo Muchen into her hands.

Song Yuancheng frowned and finally said, "Good! Dad promises you, but wait for the wind to pass."

Song Yanran's gaze flickered as she nodded and smiled.

Song Ru was already an outcast in Song Yuancheng's eyes!

"Dad, you can't keep all the shares in your own hands, why don't you transfer a portion of these shares to me and mom again, so that you can also have the right to resist Song Ru."

Song Yuancheng inexplicably glanced at her, not knowing what he was thinking, and did not agree, but asked, "Did you design it?"

"Nope, Tang City simply raised a bunch of losers." Song Yanran said indignantly.


"Dad, you hurry to find a way to help me, just this one chance, the job is at my disposal, as long as I get to Huo Mou Shen's side ......"

Song Yuancheng hesitated for a moment, then nodded.

He casually picked up a bunch of design drawings, shook his head without praising, seemed to have thought of something: "Song Ru once upon a time at the university for Tang City drew the design LOGO, you take it over and let someone change it slightly, you can use it."

"Take Song Zhi's?"

Song Yanran was born with no talent for design, and the university she chose was also management, which made her even more irritated when she heard Song Yuancheng's words.

"Now that you don't use hers, there are no finished drafts for you to use." Song Yuancheng opened his mouth coldly, and then ordered the servants to bring down the designs in the study that Song Zhi didn't take away last time.

One by one, the designs were handed over to Song Yanran.

She looked down and became even more jealous.

But this jealousy dissipated in a tight ten seconds or so.

She thought to herself, if she took Song Zhi's designs and succeeded in advancing to the next level and then snatched her 'Mrs. Huo', so that Song Zhi could watch her own things being snatched away and then swept away and stepped on by her, what would it be like to be stepped on by her?

Song Yanyan ordered the designer to slightly fix Song Zhi's draft and submitted it.

The email showed that it was successfully sent.

The corner of Song Yanran's lips hooked into a smug smile, and she turned her head and asked, "Dad, when can we pick mom back up?"

Song Yuancheng frowned, and said only after a long time, "Let the servants pick your mom back up again in a few days, so don't make a mess in the next few days."

Song Yanran nodded her head obediently, then swept her eyes at the designer who was covering her head, and scolded lowly in contempt, "Wipe your blood clean, don't dirty the floor of my house!

This matter today, don't tell anyone, otherwise you know that the Song family's methods are enough to make you never survive in the design world!


Song Yanran went upstairs and had a good night's sleep.


A night of silence.

The sky was cloudless and Huo Garden was enveloped by bright sunlight, exuding a natural freshness.

Song Zhuo did not sleep very well.

With two dark circles under her eyes, she washed up and stepped on her slippers to lift and flip open her laptop.

After taking a few deep breaths, Song Zhi nervously clicked on the page of M&R's award-winning works.


At the moment the page popped up, Song Zhi violently closed her eyes, feather eyelashes trembled fiercely, a little afraid to look and a little worried, she got the acceptance letter back then were not so excited and excited.

Because she knew that the E-Star LOGO was personally chosen by Huo Mushen.

Whether or not you can get this award, not only to get half a million dollars, but more importantly, to get Huo Mou Shen's recognition.

She purposely submitted it anonymously because she didn't want him to recognize it, and she didn't want to use Mrs. Huo's light to raise her own stature.

It was just to let herself know that she could also pay for Huo Mou Shen.

"Mistress, what are you doing?"

Lin Ma asked suspiciously.

She's a little surprised to see her wife up earlier than her early in the morning and rushes off to make breakfast.

Song Zhi gave a start, reflexively opening her eyes to stare intently at the two designs on the screen.

Two designs were to be shortlisted, and only one would be the winner in the end.

The first thing that caught her eye was the design she had worked late last night, and a pair of ......

She narrowed her eyes, why was it so familiar?

Also, the person who submitted the manuscript, even more familiar ......

It was her!


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