Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 64: The Ugly One

Song Ru tugged at the corner of her lips, her slender fingers almost clenching the mouse, her nails gouging the tablecloth bared, her gaze gradually deepening like the sea staring at Song Yanran's ID, almost strangling the leather straps.

Her eyes balked between the two design drawings, half heavily narrowed her eyes, how could she not have thought that she had also forgotten the design manuscripts that were placed in Song's house.

These were her manuscripts from back then, and they were still specially designed for Tang Cheng.

"Hehe ......" really grabbing people's stuff and getting addicted to it.

Seeing this kind of result is to cause Song Ru to be in an extremely twisted mood, a morning are gloomy in place, almost exploding in place!

She is not angry, around but are her design.

It's hers, it will always be hers!

No one can take it away!

Song Zhi looked carefully for a while, her eyes were throbbing, and browsed through the comments at the bottom, Song Yanyan was even more praised by netizens for her colorful designs, and her image changed instantly into a talented woman who was suppressed by her birth.

The bottom of the brainwashed fans strongly support Song Yanran and Huo Mou Shen to become a pair, the authentic Mrs. Huo squeeze down!

What's more, Song Zhu is not good enough for Huo Mushen, so it would be better to let Song Yanyan marry Huo Mushen!

Immediately after that, there was a series of water armies and black fans running to M&R and 'Mrs. Huo's' official neckline to bombard them, pushing M&R to the pinnacle of topics and traffic in Hwacheng in almost a split second!

Of course, it also blackened Song Ru's reputation once again to the point of complete blackness!

A talented girl from the University of China, an uneducated girl.

The ghost knows which one to choose?

At the bottom, I don't know who broke the news that Song Ru's academics were falsified, and also stole Song Yanyan's midterm results to attend Huacheng No. 1 High School, and her academic performance was even completely at the bottom of the list.

Immediately after that, the black fans seem to be undaunted and open another topic at the bottom.

Song rhetoric once again felt the maliciousness of the netizens, her Hua Guo University study has also been put out, there are also a lot of backward Lu Huaike's photos, also one by one laid out!

Gossip always drove a lot of traffic, and Song Zhi sat in the black chair in the living room, more gloomy than black.

She browsed through all the topics and cut the screen of what the black fans said one by one.

The more she looked at it, the more angry she became, the person behind it deliberately broke her stale scandal, did they want to take advantage of it to make her reputation go down the drain and leave Huo Mou Shen?

Or do they want to borrow her to pour dirty water on Huo Muchen!

Why else would they pick this kind of time to break the news, worrying and infuriating!

She poked the computer screen, 'snapped' the computer shut heavily, and turned around to go upstairs.

"Blind eyes!"

Lin Ma and the housekeeper both unanimously furrow their brows when they see that their wife is furious, while the housekeeper calls directly to Huo Mushan's cell phone.


A low, dull voice comes from the phone.

"Mistress got up early today, but hasn't been very happy, didn't eat breakfast, and is now locking herself in the door of her room." The housekeeper said.

Huo Mo Shen: "Go knock on the door from time to time and send something in, don't let her be bored alone in her room for too long."

"Yes, sir."

"En." Huo Moushen answers from the back of his throat and hangs up.


Huo Mou Shen hangs up the phone and turns his head to look at yesterday's results, his gaze furrowing slightly as he asks in a low voice, "What's going on here? You announced two of them?"

"Yeah, both of them are standouts, and even though this one is a simple manuscript, it can still be shortlisted, and wouldn't it bring in more traffic if it hangs on the internet for an extra day?" Lu Ziyan thinks for a moment and adds, "Maybe we can force out the person behind it."

Huo Mushen stares at the pictures before saying, "Old Six, you don't see that the two pictures are actually from the same person."

"How is that possible? This one is obviously much more original, while this one seems to be from a few years ago, and it's still sent by Song Yanyan."

"It's because the design was provided by the Song family that you want it. Or because of what, you know in your heart." Huo Mushen said with a cold face.

Lu Ziyan is at a disadvantage and glances at the screen, surprised, "Third brother, on the internet I don't know who broke the news about third sister-in-law chasing after Lu Huaike backward in college, and there's also a falsification of her academic qualifications, so now third sister-in-law's reputation stinks to high heaven."

Huo Mou Shen receives the laptop and sweeps the topic, his thin lips pursing, just not saying a word.

"What does the person behind this mean in the end, not to blacken M&R, specializing in blackening Song Ruling, using Third Sister-in-law to splash dirty water on you. Third brother, do you see, your soft underbelly has come out, someone has learned to take the pinch." Lu Ziyan glanced meaningfully.

"Find out who's behind this, catch them, and you know how to handle it." Huo Muchen ordered Lu Ziyan from a business standpoint as an executive president of the M&R Group.

Lu Ziyan naturally knew the seriousness of the situation, reputation was most important to a company, regardless of whether Song Zhi had black material, as long as there was a threat to M&R, it had to be nipped in the bud.


Online news in the gradual fermentation, Song Yanyan complacently looked at the black material was exploded fierce near paralyzed scarf, the corner of the lips hooked up, dialed the phone: "Find out M & R official anonymously released another person?"

The opposite side came a male voice: "Not yet, but have found the phone number, is the city of Hua, I now send you,"

"Good." Song Yanyan got the phone number and didn't hesitate to dial it.

Song Zhi, who was in the room, angry and forcing composure, suddenly heard the cell phone on the bedside table ring.

The sudden ringtone rose up in the room.

She glanced at it, a long string of numbers that were familiar.

It was calling her other cell phone number.

A deep smile floated on the corner of her lips, if she didn't go looking for Song Yanyan, Song Yanyan liked to find her own door!

She pressed the answer button.

A familiar voice came from the opposite side with an unrivaled arrogance, straight to the point: "I can give you more money, I want to buy your copyright."

Upon hearing this, Song Zhi deliberately lowered his voice, roughly speaking with a bit of huskiness, "How did you learn my phone number?"

Hearing the hoarse and unpleasant voice, Song Yanran felt even more that this woman must be an extremely ugly-looking one, and became even more arrogant.

"None of this matters, as you can see, online both my work and yours have been shortlisted, I can now offer a million dollars for your work." Song Yanran was close to opening her mouth and saying rob.

Song Zhu thought about it and realized.

It wasn't enough to grab one, but two?

"Are you pretty?"

Song Yanran was stunned by the question, what the hell kind of question was that?

"This is what it means! You haven't watched the news, you haven't seen what I look like!" Song Yanran felt that the opposite party must be an ugly woman.

Song Ru heard her narcissistic tone and laughed coldly, "Oh, then you're ugly, I don't sell my stuff to ugly people because ...... ugly people make a lot of mistakes."


Listening to the opposite side to send a big lady temper, Song Zhi again rough voice, nonchalant back sarcasm: "There is no life of a big lady, don't send a big lady temper, not to mention that you can afford to pay a million dollars?"

"Who said I can't afford a million dollars, you ......"

"Duh duh duh duh ......"

Song Yanyan listened to the arrogant and domineering tone of the opposite side, her face was so angry that her face was green and white, she immediately dialed the hacker's phone number: "Hey, I'll give you more money, you have to find a way to go hire more water armies to also hack the other person who is PKing with me, so that she doesn't even have a chance to turn over!"

Once the opposite party heard that there was money to be made, they took the business without saying a word.

Sure enough, not more than half an hour, someone broke the news that the two works of the same PK, one is plagiarized Song Yanyan, and even more people compare the comparison of the two designs, it is indeed very much like coming from the hand of a person, more people began to condemn the plagiarizers who plagiarized Song Yanyan.

The comments were even more ferocious than just now!

[Plagiarizers get out of the design circle!

[Plagiarizing dog!

[Published anonymously, you know you plagiarized Goddess Song, so you don't even dare to show your face, do you!



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