Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 65 Scandal Counterattack (1)

The media is fired up, and in the dark and scruffy dirt room in the deep and remote alley.

A man is Song Yanyan hired hacker, he just now but income a lot of money.

His eyes like a wolf like light, excitedly knocking on the computer with keyboard, staring at the screen in the scarf in the number of water army black powder more and more powerful, smiling with success.

Just not over two seconds, suddenly, a lingering cold air from the back of the man's neck, in the man wanted to turn his head in the moment, the cold dagger tightly affixed to his throat, his body trembled dramatically, the pupil contracted dramatically, the heart followed the vicious tremor.

"Who ...... are you?"

A strong fear filled the bottom of the hacker's eyes, and even his speech began to stumble.

"The black fans and water armies on the internet were all exploded by you?"

Although it was a question, the words were just certainty.

"You're really bold, knowing what people can't be touched and specializing in what people can be touched, you're really not afraid of finding death." The man thrust the dagger viciously towards his palm, plunging it straight into the hacker's fingers as he screamed in misery, the biting dagger flooded with real cold, almost freezing and cracking his finger bones.

The hacker was about to be scared to pee, he was just now thinking that he might be in the shit, actually someone paid a lot of money to hire him just to hype up the black information on the internet, maybe it would even bring more business to himself.

After he got half a million dollars and tasted endless sweetness, he didn't care who it was, just one mind to hack Song Zhi, to find out who the ID behind it was.

But just now, all the flukes were all stained with fear.

"Big brother, it's not me, I'm just a part-time worker, there is a woman who paid me to hack Song Zhi online, don't believe you guys see, these are the five hundred thousand dollars she just transferred to me, if you guys want to take them all, let me off this little life."

He didn't know where this social brother came from, he only wanted to save this little life now.

"Who is the woman behind it?"

The hacker shivered and shook his head, but feeling the knife approaching his neck, his voice shivered even more, "But I can check it out, immediately, I'll immediately delete all the news on the internet right now, and I won't dare to hack Song Zhi anymore."

"Go do it."

Hearing Brother Society's order, the hacker shivered and opened his computer, deleting all the water armies and black fans in a big way, even the rumors that were spreading all over the place receded like a tidal wave, and not a single bit was left.

A few minutes later, the hacker felt that the man behind him was looking at him condescendingly, and he had a sense of fear of being stared at by the God of Death, and his body was even more trembling, and his teeth chattered and made a da-da-da-da sound: "I deleted all of them, and there's not a single bit of it....... Big brother, I really know that I'm wrong, and you spared me this little life. My life is not worth money."

People in the life and death, money are like dog shit, only feel good death is not as good as living.

In the long more than ten seconds of silence, suddenly, the simple crude earth room suddenly rise a ear piercing sound, scared the hacker creepy.

"It's the phone."

"Answer it."

The man behind him rinsed his breath, his laugh was extremely cold, and his tone was extremely cold as he spat out a sentence.

The hacker didn't dare to look squarely at the man's gaze, his body trembling like sifting chaff as he touched away the ringing phone.

Just dialed, heard from the opposite side of the phone came the cold scolding, "What are you up to, why haven't you let the netizens scolded to death Song Zhi, I give you money is not for you to sit and eat!"


The man held his shoulders down dead, pinning him to the chair, threatening him with his gaze.

He nodded his head in a hurry, "I don't ...... I'm not doing your business anymore, our cooperation ends here!"

"You don't want the money, are you ...... doodoo doodoo."

Song Yanran was cut off before she could finish her sentence.

The hacker handed over the phone shivering, "I've found it all out, it's the Song family's eldest daughter, it's all Song Yanyan, and I don't have half a relationship. I've already handed over all the money as well as the posts have been deleted."

"And then send out a statement, will you just recorded, know how to send to the Internet understand?"

The man ordered in a cold voice.

Hacker immediately nodded, fearfully edited all the contents of the learned one by one and sent it online, and also sunshine transfer screenshots, put in the scarf explosion, so that a crowd of melon eaters completely dumbfounded.

Is the plot suddenly flipped?

The man lowered his head and looked at the online comments.

[It turns out that it is the heart female table plus white lotus self-directed ah, I said that Mrs. Huo is so beautiful, but all the eyes are not blind people know who to choose?

[It's the scheming whore who buys water army to blacken Mrs. Huo, and also blackens the M&R group!

[Give me back my God and Fairy CP!


"Big brother, I've done it all now, just let me go ......"

The man was indifferent to his pleas, lowered his head rin a glance, "Some things can't be said, can only rot in your stomach, be careful of having the life to get the money, but not the life to spend it, this time as a lesson for you!"

With that, the man unmercifully removed one of his arms.

The room resounded with screams, and again in pain to the point that he planted himself off the stool, gritted his teeth in pain, and almost fainted.


M & R Group.

After Lu Ziyan received the news, he rushed to Huo Muchen and said, "Third brother, everything has been taken care of, the things about hacking third sister-in-law online and the plagiarized posts have all been removed."

"The Song family did this?" Huo Mushen eyed the documents.

"Yes, our people found out where the hackers were going in and out, and directly recorded the audio, and the release of those hacking records of Third Sister-in-law were all done by Song Yanran's orders, and the hackers even fought back after being caught by our people!" Lu Zi Yan said it one by one, his eyebrows arched up in triumph, just short of claiming credit.

"En, the Song family doesn't need to bother anymore, let them bounce around for two days and directly announce the results!"

"Good." Lu Ziyan responded, turning around and directly announcing the results obtained from the competition on the internet.

When Song Yanyan was sitting peacefully in the office of the general manager of Tang City, with a cup of hot mocha in her hand, leisurely clicking on the screen, waiting to see Song Zhi being swept away and her being called a rising star in the design world, she was suddenly slapped a whole lot by the figure that broke into the room!

She was blindsided.

"Dad, what are you doing?"

Song Yuancheng's anger interrupted all of Song Yanyan's beautiful dreams, "Go and see for yourself the scandal on the internet, what kind of stupid things have you done?"

Song Yanran was bewildered, grabbing the laptop screen, she saw that the person she hired actually backtracked and poured all the dirty water on her!

"This is all Song Ru's doing?"

"She doesn't have that kind of ability yet, you wanted to step on your rival's foot, but you had to involve Song Zhi! Now that you've angered Huo Mushan, it won't do either of us any good!" Song Yuancheng said in a cold voice.

"So what now? My design drawings are still real, and the internet will probably compare them soon to show that I didn't make them." Song Yanran panicked and grabbed Song Yuancheng's arm, "Dad, I'm just trying to be foolproof, you don't know that I went to call and tried to buy that person's copyright, but she actually stunk on me!"

"You stop posting nonsense for a while, I'll send out a flurry of lawyers to squash your scandal." Song Yuancheng's eyebrows twisted into a 'Chuan' character, and he slammed the door and left in extreme annoyance.

Song Yanran was taken aback!

She also didn't expect what she had done to be discovered!

Song Zhi, it was definitely Song Zhi!

She was afraid that her beauty around Huo Mushan would, over time, steal his heart!

I have to say, Auntie, you are too narcissistic!


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