Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 66 Scandal Counterattack (2)

M & R Group's efficiency is very fast, in the head of the scandal directly announced the final winner of the grand prize, is the share of Song rhetoric!

This move was a direct step towards Song Yanran's face!

But soon the Song family published a 'plagiarism' lawyer's letter in the name of Tang City and stomped back hard on M&R!

"Fuck, I really didn't expect this old fox to slander this plagiarism!" Lu Ziyan snorted coldly and directly slammed his pencil hard towards the table!

"Third Brother, M&R has been accused of harboring a plagiarist."

Not two seconds later, another foul mouth burst out, "Holy shit!"

"This old fox really isn't a saving grace, he actually wants to use this to discredit M&R, is he still trying to come and steal AK's resources?"

"Third Brother, do you think the old fox has forgotten what the people of the E-Star program are here for?" Lu Ziyan sneered.

The E-Star project that M & R Group did was the IT industry, and for the hackers across the company, Song Yuancheng manipulating entertainment gossip to try and throw dirty water on M & R was completely impossible!

What's more, M&R had always never shown mercy to hackers, and directly strangled them in the cradle!

"Third Brother, should we start? But if M&R is the one to step in, it's to completely tear the face off the Song family, it's hard to see each other in the future." Lu Ziyan calmly analyzes the good and the bad.

Huo Mu Shen's eyes were deep and temperatureless as he faintly swept the content on the tablet!

Public opinion began to blast M&R for stealing Song Yanran's work!

They demanded that the anonymous person come out, and were even still demanding an apology from M&R!

The corner of his mouth pulled up an obscure arc, asking her wife to apologize?


"Fight back."


Lu Ziyan just lowered his head and pointed at the screen and was surprised again.

Another post on the internet was on fire.

Song Ru releases numerous manuscripts under a scarf in the name of Mrs. Huo.

Multiple sheets were in the same penmanship as Song Yanyan's, which was simply a peak into the drama and a slap in the face!

Lu Ziyan stared at the online designs, and compared them to the anonymously published designs, staring at them for two minutes before suddenly jawing and rubbing his eyes fiercely, gluing his eyeballs to the webpage, itching to pick out the designs.

After more than ten seconds of silence, a roar suddenly erupted from the conference hall.

Lu Ziyan covered his neck, his breath stuttered, and a few words got stuck in his throat, only to stare at the screen with surprised and dismayed eyes.

He forcefully suppressed his inner dismay and panic, and the ironic smile on his face disappeared for a second, narrowing his eyes and letting out a long breath.

"Third brother, did you already know?"

Lu Ziyan's heart went violently cold, followed by chills all over his body.

He only felt that Song Zhi was standing right in front of him, followed by smacking him twice!

Holy shit!

Too perverted!

What's the difference between 'I already knew the outcome, but I still want to bet with you on purpose, and then let you lose so much that you don't even have your pants left'!

Lu Zi Yan inhaled and grabbed his cell phone, trying to shiver his fingertips to send a message in the WeChat group!

Third sister-in-law is too sinister, worthy of being the person that Third Brother taught by hand!

Insidious, really insidious!

"Third brother, if you tell me that none of this is true, third sister-in-law won't rip my head off and kick it as a ball." Lu Ziyan jumped from the table to Huo Mushan's side, begging pitifully for mercy.

His brain buzzed, what else had he promised Third Sister-in-law?

Lu Ziyan covered his throat and cheeks again, feeling a burning sensation flooding his throat, and his cheeks were 'slapped' with a fiery pain.

"Third Brother, why do you think Third Sister-in-law didn't say it earlier, and had to remain anonymous, isn't this purely to trap me?" Lu Ziyan hugged Huo Mushan's thighs, and said in an aggrieved and sultry manner.

You husband and wife, so bullying ......

"Oh, my wife pitched you, or did you intentionally publish the winning work out of two?" Huo Mu Shen's gloomy and dark voice smashed down coldly from the top of his head, like a scoop of water scooped from hell and splashed down from the top of Lu Zi Yan's head.

Lu Ziyan's spine sprang up with a burst of coolness, so terrified that even he himself felt that all his pores had stood up, shaking his trembling lips, he just couldn't spit out half a word.


Huo Mu Shen's pair of shady, sharp eyes landed on him, and that handsome face was so shadowy that it seemed like it was about to drip cold water.

Lu Ziyan huffed out a mouthful of cold air, also feeling as if he had really overdone it.

One foot subconsciously moved a small step backward.

For the first time, he was so abashed that he wanted to run away because he was counting on someone.

But he didn't flee, not that he didn't want to, but he was locked in by Huo Mu Shen's eyes and had nowhere to go.

"Third brother, this matter is my fault, I admit that I had selfishness and existed to count on Song Zhi, just to see if Song Zhi would make an effort, but then Song Yanran did the slanderous plagiarism as well as broke the news that third sister-in-law's education was falsified, this really has nothing to do with me.

I also did not expect her to jump over the wall and bite people indiscriminately.

Third brother this matter I promise to handle it cleanly, and I'll personally go in front of third sister-in-law to apologize in person!"

Lu Ziyan holds up three fingers, making a 'reformed' appearance.

Huo Mou Shen's brows knit up, seeing him half-kneeling in front of him, the corners of his lips twitch, "Forget about this matter, don't let her know, since she's anonymous, she just doesn't want others to know her identity."

At the end, he added, "There is no next time."

After saying that, the man's eyes swept over a touch of softness, his fingertips touched the diamond ring, and the corners of his lips hooked into a doting arc.

His Xiaozhu, it seemed like she had really grown up.

Always so surprising.

He really had to thank Aunt Tang, how did she give birth to such a tantalizing human child?

"Alright, alright, there will definitely be no next time, I'll go to Third Sister-in-law now to make amends." Lu Zi Yan, a handsome face written with guilt, turned his head and was about to go call Song Zhi, the phone went through very quickly.

A soft voice came from the opposite side, and it made Lu Zi Yan's guilt even greater.

What kind of asshole is he, third sister-in-law is so good, he is a big man still bullying a little girl!

"...... Third sister-in-law, I ......"

Song Zhe's eyes flashed with dismay when he received Lu Ziyan's call.

Obviously the atmosphere was not right.

But Song Zhi wasn't stupid, Lu Zi Yan must have known something, otherwise normally when he called her, he would say it in a 'I'm a grandpa' tone!

Otherwise, he was putting on the aura of a proper queen, as if Song Zhi was the favored demon princess.

"Vice President Lu, has your mouth been bitten today?" Song Ru organized all the design drawings from the university back, and while she looked at the subversive comments on the internet, she deliberately flirted with Lu Ziyan: "Why didn't you say anything when you called?"

"......" Lu Ziyan's teeth itched, deliberately and intentionally, definitely like Third Brother, deliberately bullying people!

"Vice President Lu, I just happen to need to exercise recently, I'm missing a head, why don't you give me your head." Song Zhi pretended not to understand and deliberately mocked the exit, the slightest sound of flirting could be heard in his words.

Lu Zi Yan was dumbfounded by his dislike, and was also infuriated by Song Ru's ability to talk nonsense with his eyes open, so he decided to pretend to be deaf and dumb, "This is not me making the phone call, it's Third Brother, he misses you too much and is too embarrassed to call you, so I'm making the phone call on his behalf by the way."

His afterglow just happened to sweep Huo Muchen towards him, and he immediately blocked the microphone and said with a smile, "Third Brother, I just apologized to Third Sister-in-law, but she said that she especially misses you, especially wants to see you, and just wants to hear your voice ......"

After saying this, he shoves the cell phone into Huo Mu Shen's hands and escapes.

Hopefully, when Third Brother learns the truth, he can look at him as the moon lord and let him off the hook!

Huo Mou Shen looks askance at Lu Zi Yan and sneers, then picks up the phone and opens his voice, his low, dull voice spilling down his throat to the opposite side: "Miss me?"

Song Zhi's body was tingling under, feeling that his ears are going to be pregnant.


Song Zhi mouthed, but her cheeks flushed.

"Pretend, keep pretending!"

Huo Moushen's heart tip moved, his voice all revealed a man's strong hormonal odor, deeply wrapping around Song Zhi: "Complained or not?"


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