Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 67: Mrs. Huo, come here, I'll let you spend all my money.

"...... You mean online? It's not! I knew my husband's wave of maneuvering was really 6, and wouldn't let me be aggravated." Song Ru coldly hummed a small accent, sounding dainty and flirtatious.

"Really no, fake no?" Huo Mu Shen cries and laughs, still hearing the little girl's somewhat gambling voice accent.

Song Zhi heard the man's seductive voice, she knew that she couldn't cheat her way out of it, and used her little finger to gesture in the air, "Just a little bit, at first, I saw the news on the internet suddenly erupted, but also because I got involved with M&R, I'm just angry at myself!"

Seemingly feeling insufficient, Song Zhu deliberately raised his voice again, "Song Yanran wants to use Tang City to slander M&R and bully you, I won't allow it!"

The little girl still knew to take the lead for him?

"Heh ......" Huo Mou Shen whispered a faint smile, the kind of smile that seems to spread out from the chest, straight to the limbs, even the other part of the screen can feel it.

Song rhetoric also can not help but follow the laugh: "Fortunately, she is stupid! Had to take my work from my college days to fill in the blanks, and now it's all being scolded by the netizens."

"En." Huo Muchen favorably responded.

"Just now I saw that Song Yanran just officially announced her withdrawal from the competition, I haven't had enough fun yet, and she's scared!" Song Ru grits her teeth with the pleasure of revenge: "Just after this wave of operation, the gate of Tangzhuang, I guess I can't go back in this life."

The things that Song Yanran had taken from her hands would soon be taken back by her one by one!

And when Song Yan, who was sitting in Tang City, saw the news of being slapped in the face online, she was really almost infuriated to the point of vomiting blood!

"You are the rightful and honorable Song family's daughter, if you can't get in, no one else will ever want to set foot in Tang Village again!" Huo Mu Shen's gaze suddenly cleared, his eyes filled with sinister cruelty, and his words and actions all revealed a natural favoritism.

Not to mention that Song rhetorically was wrongly accused, but if he was truly wrong, he also had the ability to subvert the truth and falsehood!

Mr. Huo also used strength to prove to the crowd and the Song family, Mrs. Huo is by no means just a titular name, Mr. Huo protects his wife nervously, but also almost spoiled to the sky!

His gold-rimmed glasses reflect a dark, treacherous, icy aura in the sunlight, and his dark eyes under the lenses are as black as ink.

Even if he didn't rest for the night, he didn't lose the slightest bit of his charisma, exuding a low-key introverted yet reserved and graceful temperament, making it impossible for people to take their eyes off of him.

"Yes, Tangzhuang is also my mother's! Hubby, I'm going to personally go out and personally take Tang Village and Tang City back into my own hands, and definitely not give a penny of the property to Junior to spend!" Song Zhi clenched his fists in righteous indignation, and as soon as he got excited, he said all the news he heard online, "The words online are true, if a wife doesn't make a big effort to spend her husband's money, then there's bound to be a mistress to help you spend it!"

"Mrs. Huo is reminding me?" Huo Mushen's voice sighs softly, lingering with silky doting, "Mrs. Huo, come over here, I'll let you spend all my money."

"...... "Song Zhi was shocked by Huo Mou Shen's voice with helplessness in his chest, and the location in his left atrium thumped so hard that he couldn't wait to jump out.


"Are you rich?" Song Zhe's small face was tangled into a bun.

It was as if she had just dug a pit, jumped in herself, and buried herself in the process.

The man's dark eyes were clouded with a layer of smoky gray mist, and his elegant and stunning face brought a hint of deep chanting, "Mrs. Huo is a flower to try?"

If you ask Huo Mu Shen how rich, the lowest-profile tycoon in Huacheng.

It is also on the list of China's rich list of the youngest executive president CEO.

"I don't spend, what if I don't finish spending your money and it wears me out?" Song Ru could know how rich Huo Mou Shen would be in the future, with 10,000 fortune, even if heaven spent it, she probably wouldn't be able to spend it all.

While she was talking to Huo Mou Shen, she edited the content and put it on Weibo.

[Just now my Mr. said: trouble me, can you finish the money?

I returned: too much money, can't spend it all, what should I do? Asked online ......]

Immediately, I saw a dozen comments at the bottom, and I couldn't help but laugh when I looked at them.

"Then it's hard for my family Xiaozhu, spending money is too tiring." Huo Mou Shen heard the laughter from across the room, and opened his mouth with a low magnetism, like an emery wheel rolling down hoarse sandpaper.

Lowering his head, the man glances at his wristwatch time and says to Song Ru, "It's noon, I'll have someone send you to the office, come and eat with me."

Song Zhi, however, deliberately stretches her tone, "Mr. Huo, do you want to eat, or do you want to eat me?"

Huo Mu Shen's long, promising eyes sink slightly, the corners of his lips hook up in a seemingly absent smile, in a happy mood, revealing the tips of his morose-white teeth, flooded with wolfishness, "Eat."

Song Ru: "......" believe you would be strange!

She is really afraid of being Huo Mou Shen eyes staring like fire like hot, and he will generally serious and motionless tease your blood boiling, will also calmly came a sentence, I did not think, are you seduced!

Song Zhi's cheeks pulled: "Husband, didn't you say I'm not good at going out lately, I'll just eat at home."

"Xiao Ru, I'll give you two choices." Huo Mou Shen listens to Song Zhi's shy and retiring words without a hint of impatience in his eyes, so he leans against the window and gazes at the clear and cloudless weather in the distance.


Song Zhi's pupils dilate a bit, and although her mouth says no go's no go's, she's actually full of stifled smiles and is rummaging through the clothes she can wear out in front of the closet, comparing them one after the other!

She was really happy today!

Although she was initially very angry that Song Yanyan had actually snatched her design and was playing it backwards, after she took a few deep breaths and then went to look at the online comments that had disappeared without a trace, she immediately understood that it was Huo Mushan who was secretly escorting her!

She thought it would take a few days to dissipate, but never thought it would only take a few hours!

Completely bringing Song Yanyan's road to whitewashing to a screeching halt!

Immediately after that, Song Yuancheng used Tang Cheng's name to slander her other trumpet for plagiarism, accusing M&R of subterfuge on the internet, and completely trying to use this kind of activity to gain eyeballs.

Song Ru thought, her husband has worked hard, she absolutely can not let her husband disappointment, directly in the bottom of the pressure box to find the original design manuscript in the direct put up, ruthlessly dumped Song Yanyan a slap!

She had thought that Song Yanran and Song Yuancheng would immediately come to the door to question her, but to her surprise, both of them held back.

How ridiculous!

Huo Mou Shen listens to the little girl's petulant humming little voice, lights up a cigarette from his pocket, gently spits out a mouthful of it, the greenish-white dazzling smoke hazily blurs the man's handsome face, the cold features are flooded with demonic, and the bottom of his eyes are drifting with a starry halo, and his shallow voice is tinged with a low eerie hoarseness, "A kind of, you come to my office to eat right now, and then at night, we'll all go home together. "

"And the second kind?"

"The second kind, I'll go home and we'll eat in bed together. I don't know which kind do you want, Mrs. Huo?" Huo Mushen opens his mouth in a low voice.

Song Ru: "......"

Is there a difference between these two?

"Mrs. Huo, are you ready to think about it?"

Mrs. Huo says, "I have a bad back, so maybe not yet.

"Mu Shen, don't you think there's something more romantic than eating?" Song Zhi tried to reduce the man's wolfish meat-loving nature, and she was filled with only the thought that in case it came to night and the lights were turned off ...... she shouldn't be eaten without any bone crumbs left.

She originally did not feel any shyness, but it was biased that every time she thought about it, she refused with a red face, but in reality ......

Huo Mou Shen faintly said after listening, "There is indeed something more romantic than eating, it is afraid that Mrs. Huo can not bear it."

"Can't bear it, can't bear it." Song Zhe nodded his head.

"That's good." Huo Mou Shen's heart softens, and there's always an evil flavor of a big bad wolf abducting a white rabbit.

Song Zhi talks to Huo Mushan while dressing and rides out the door in the car that Huo Mushan arranged.


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