Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 68 If you dare to touch them, I'll dare to skin you right now!

On the way, she kept interacting with netizens.

The account 'Mr. Huo's Little Heart' was supposed to record her and Huo Mu Shen's loving routine.

She also helped her netizens spend their Q-version avatars when she drew designs this while.

Perhaps after being reborn, she was much more gentle and resilient, treating the requests of the cute little netizens with equanimity and helping them for free.

Suddenly, a text message came on her cell phone.

She looked down and saw that it was her medical report coming out.

Buyan asked when she was home and to send it over.

Song Zhu's expression paused, and subconsciously touched the kidneys on both sides.

There was a temperature, she was still alive.

Her gaze was somber, and after letting out a long breath, she dialed back, "Hey, Bu Yan."

"Third Sister-in-law, you saw the message I sent you, if there's any time I'll make a trip to Huo Yuan." Buyan said.

"I'm going to have dinner with your third brother right now and stop by the hospital, give me the report and I'll bring it directly to Mu Shen."

After Song Zhi and Bu Yan discussed the matter, she ordered the driver to stop at Huacheng Central Hospital.

She had just walked to the departmental clinic when she saw Gu Qingjia standing in the doorway and shouting at the patients, "I've said it all, I can't do this surgery, and I'm not in charge of it. And the heart source has already been distributed to other families.

Look at your whole family, you are all poor, even if I give you the heart source, can you afford a million dollars for a transplant!

You all can't afford the subsequent medical expenses either, so don't waste your time here, that child won't live long anyway, go home and organize the funeral before it's too late."

Kneeling in front of Gu Qingjia was a plainly dressed woman.

Her white-washed apron was still stained with oil and fishy, but in the face of such an astronomical figure as 'one million' she could only kneel on the ground and keep picking at Gu Qingjia's ankles, desperately begging for mercy.

Song Zhi heard the entire corridor echoing with the sound of pleading.

But the doctors on both sides could only hold back the anger in their chests and look sideways, but they were so patient not for any other reason, but because they all knew that Gu Qingjia was the Song family's daughter in the first place, and now Mrs. Huo had parachuted in.

Even if they really wanted to help this poor and desperate mother who was determined to seek medical treatment for her son, they had to be concerned about the power behind Gu Qingjia, which was not something they could afford to offend.

Moreover, they all know that Gu Qingjia likes to accept bribes in her private life, and when her medical skills are not superb, she uses her half-assed doctor's license to go to the operating table, and how many patients suffer, but they can only hold back their feelings!

The last time in the operation almost let the patient suffocate to death, fortunately the dean timely remedy, only to save the patient from the edge of life and death back!

Such a doctor, devoid of any semblance of medical benevolence, didn't deserve to be a doctor at all!

"Dr. Gu, our Xixi has been in line for three years, our house has been sold in these three years, and Xixi's father has gone out to work. We'll definitely pay back this expense, even if we have to break the bank to pay back the hospital! Please, it's hard for Xixi to row to the source of the heart, please save Xixi!"

Xixi's mother knelt on the ground, desperately grabbing the pants of Gu Qingjia's legs and feet, desperately kowtowing.

Duang,Duang ......

The entire corridor couldn't help the redness in their eyes, and could only stare at Gu Qingjia, it was obvious that this wasn't the first time this kind of thing had happened.

Gu Qing Jia watched as the woman's dirty hands pressed an oil-stained handprint on her newly purchased white pants, a flash of disdain swept under her eyes as she lifted her foot and kicked Xixi's mom out of the way, "Get away from me, you can afford to pay for it if you dirty my pants!"

"I was wrong! I'm sorry, I'm so sorry Dr. Gu, can I kowtow to you, please, you must operate on Xixi!" Xixi's mom begged Gu Qingjia for mercy in a begging position.

"What kind of thing are you! I've already said that as long as I come up with a million dollars, I can operate on your son, what kind of hospital comes without money!"

"But Dr. Gu, this disease last time the department and I said it only needed half a million dollars, we already took out a loan, why suddenly ......"


Gu Qingjia raised her hand and directly threw a slap on Xixi's mom's face.

"What do you mean by this! I'm a cardiologist at the Huacheng Center, would I still lie to you? If you don't think Hua Cheng Center Hospital is good, you can go to another hospital, it's not like we're stopping you!" Gu Qing Jia raises her hand with an insufficient slap, directly ripping her kneeling and praying body away, kicking her far away, covering her nose with one hand, snorting coldly in disgust, "Don't you go and see what kind of status I have, I'm Mrs. Huo's BFF, I'd go and lie to a penniless person like you!"

Xixi's mother endured the sharp pain in her abdomen and bent her knees to beg Gu Qingjia again, "Dr. Gu, I know you and Mrs. Huo ......"

"Dr. Gu, you ......"

A doctor stepped forward to persuade.

Gu Qingjia directly twisted her head to stop her words, "What are you looking at, believe it or not I'll find someone to open you!"

The corridor was filled with Gu Qingjia's arrogant and domineering voice, almost making people think that she was the master of this hospital!

Not far away, Song Zhi stood in the shadows by the wall, her eyes shaded as she looked towards all the bullying happening at the end of the corridor, her eyes steeply radiating a single, more intense and direct emotion.

She exuded a well-behaved hostility, her breath held back, her scarlet vision beaten to a blur by the wet mist, leaving only Xisi's mother's recklessness to save her son's life.

It suddenly occurred to her that Tang shi had been in poor health since giving birth to her, but still insisted on giving birth to her.

Every mother, would not give up her child so easily!

She took a few deep breaths, her stiff face still covered in gloom, her eyes half narrowed, revealing a dangerous arc, sternly gazing at Gu Qing Jia's mouth.

"Hehe ......"

Just as Gu Qing Jia lifted her foot to kick away Xixi's mom who was blocking the way, an intensely compelling air pressure went straight to the back of her neck, causing her to instantly feel an infinite amount of pressure!

Before she could turn around, she heard Song Zhi's voice coming from behind her.

"I'll see who dares!"

Unexpectedly, Gu Qingjia had actually done so many bad things in her name more than once during the week!

She absolutely could not allow such a person to insult the doctor's profession anymore!

The woman recognized Song Zhi in front of her at a glance and immediately begged for mercy.

"Mrs. Huo it's my fault, I didn't do it on purpose, I didn't mean to offend Dr. Gu, please don't not give Xixi a heart source."

All the doctors in the corridor also thought that Song Ru was going to stand up for Gu Qing Jia and were indignant.

"Xiao Ru, I know you're going to stand up for the sake of standing up for me, but this is a matter of my work, I'll just deal with it on my own, and if you're really guilty about last time, why don't you settle the money for last time's meal for me first!" Gu Qing Jia saw Song Zhi come back, of course she thought that she Gu came to apologize, after all, people like her, no friends with her, go to the class reunion is not to be laughed to death!

Thinking of this, Gu Qingjia looked at the people watching with even more arrogance and contempt.

She is going to let everyone in the hospital know today that here, there is not only the dean, but also she is also half the master!

Xixi's mom closed her eyes, despair written all over the bottom of her eyes.

The people next to her all rush forward, risking the risk of being resigned, to say, "Mrs. Huo, Dr. Gu's medical skills are not good, and when you parachuted someone in, how many patients have you scourged!"

"She even took a bribe!"

"Mrs. Huo, you can't tell right from wrong, and you're blind as a bat!"

"I'll have to skin you all today!" Gu Qingjia became furious and rushed over towards the few doctors who were talking.

"Gu Qingjia! If you dare to touch them, I'll dare to skin you right now!"

Cold sharpness was written all over Song Zhe's delicate little face, his sharp gaze stabbing straight at Gu Qing Jia like a knife!


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