Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 69 I've already died once!

Gu Qingjia's entire body froze at this reprimand from Song Zhe.

She wrinkled her eyebrows in confusion, "Song Zhe, didn't you come over this time to regret apologizing to me?"

"You think I'm here to find you? Gu Qingjia, you're too self-absorbed, what makes you think I can't do without you!" Song Zhe looked at Gu Qingjia as if she was looking at a joke.

"Song Zhi, what do you mean by that? Don't forget that I'm the one who's your friend, and now you're going to flip out on me for a bunch of people who can't get on board!" Gu Qingjia stared around, itching to kill them!

Song Zhi raised his chin, the bottom of his eyes were solemn, revealing a gloomy chill: "Gu Qingjia you say they can't rise to the occasion, what about you?

Doctors are such a noble profession, saving lives and helping the injured, healers are kind-hearted, and you are half-hearted!

You dare to use my name to take bribes and harm patients!

You, a person who dropped out of college without even completing an undergraduate degree, who harms patients, and who is only vain is even more lowly!"

She spoke in a low voice, but her words were loud and clear.

Song Ru had recovered the 'pride' that belonged to all healers!

Gu Qingjia was shocked by the murderous intent underneath Song Ru's eyes, a strong sense of unease crushed her heart, making her feel that Song Ru was no longer being led by her nose.

Panic floated across her face, and she anxiously said: ''Song Zhi, what's wrong with you? Even if there was a gap between us last time, isn't it normal for girlfriends to have a fight with each other? I didn't blame you, now you want to disregard our friendship for so many years?"

She still couldn't stand it, a woman who had always been behind her and at her mercy, listening to her words, suddenly appeared in front of her as a complete stranger.

"I never had a friendship with you, and you don't deserve to be a doctor!" Song Ru smashed the stone hammer with a few words.

"Song Zhi, if you're doing this now, did someone force you!" Gu Qingjia didn't believe that Song Ru would be cold to such an extent.

Undeterred, she stepped forward to grab Song Zhe and ask for an explanation.

Song Zhe furrowed his brows and avoided Gu Qingjia's touch, his face suddenly covered in cold frost: "No one forced me! Gu Qingjia, from today onwards, you will no longer be a doctor at the Huacheng Center, and you will have no relationship with me, and you will have to pay for all the wrongs you've done, and I will find someone to sue you!

Moreover, if you dare to use my reputation to do something harmful again, I won't let you go!"

She pressed a step closer, her piercing vision locking onto Gu Qingjia, "I'll make you regret coming to this world in this life, and make you go to hell to taste it!"

"Song Ru!"

Gu Qingjia lifted her breath, her heart about to jump out of her throat, her mind suddenly falling into a blank.

When she came back to her senses she saw someone trying to rip off her 'Dr. Gu' tag.

She summoned the strength of her entire arm to slap away the doctor who stepped forward next to her: ''Get lost! Bunch of falling-on-their-luck things!"

Her eyes locked as she pointed at Song Zhi, simply tearing her face off.

"Song Zhi, don't forget that all of this is thanks to you! When I was able to get into this hospital, it was also because you used your connections, even the doctor's license was forged by you for me, the biggest fault is you, not me!" Gu Qingjia said viciously.

Song Zhixin seemed to be ripped out by a big hand and thrown into a meat grinder.

Yes, she did wrong!

"Yes, I was blind and heartless to believe your nonsense in the first place! You forged your own doctor's license and university diploma to bring to lie to me, and you said you lacked a chance." Song Ru coldly said falsehoods, "You said you went to a small clinic, just for an internship, and I didn't realize until this day that you were here to wreak havoc on people!"


It turns out that Mrs. Huo was also deceived!

It makes sense that Mrs. Huo didn't even know about such a thing, after all, the big families have their own specialized family doctors, and they basically won't come to the hospital on purpose if they don't have any major problems.

For one thing, it's troublesome and inconvenient, and for another, it's to protect privacy.

Everyone pitied Song Zhi with sympathetic gazes, as well as heartache!

Gu Qingjia's breath was so tightly knit that she almost turned her back, her eyes darkened as she roared at Song Zhi, "You're bullshitting! I told you that I didn't have a doctor's license, and you agreed to it after I forged it, and you knew all about it!"

"I used to be even more of an asshole, but I wouldn't let you joke around with people's lives! Gu Qingjia, stop pouring dirty water on me!" Song Zhi clenched his words, even though he appeared calm on the surface, his heart had long been deeply shaken, cracking out a crack ......

"You ...... you ...... fart, lie!"

Gu Qingjia never expected Song Zhi to lie, and lie without changing her face.

She almost roared off her breath.

"Song Zhi, why don't you go to hell!" Gu Qingjia cursed lowly and noisily lunged towards Song Zhi, wanting to die with Song Zhi.

Song Zhi's eyes went down slightly, then up again, and his eyes were stern as he looked at Gu Qingjia: "I've already died once!"

Thanks to you guys!

Having lived a new life, Song Zhi had never thought of condescending to herself, much less letting go of the people who had hurt her!

When her two pairs of claws grabbed over, silhouettes flew across Song Zhi's eyes, dodged back, yanked up her arm, and viciously raised her foot to kick her in the knee.

Caught off guard, Gu Qingjia was kicked in the knee and 'flopped' to the ground!

Song Zhi put his hand hard against her neck and pressed it straight towards the ground with a 'thud'.

Gu Qingjia's forehead immediately swelled!

"This is what you owe everyone! You don't deserve it!"

Song Zhe's words had just been squeezed out of his throat when he saw not far away Bu Yan hurriedly striding up his long legs to come from the shadows, and the wind from the official hall passed through his white coat, a bitterly cold wind.

When Gu Qingjia saw Bu Yan, it was as if she had seen a savior!

"Buyan, save me! Song Ru is just a lunatic, she's mentally ill!" Gu Qingjia prayed in pity.

The doctor next to her just wanted to open her mouth to prove for Song Zhi, but was cut off by Bu Yan's cold voice: "Mrs. Huo."

"Mrs. Huo?"

So Mrs. Huo knows Bu Yan?

Immediately, Gu Qingjia's heart fell into an ice cellar.

Bu Yan is calm and collected, steadily coming to Song Zhi's side and bending down, "Mrs. Huo, let me handle it here."

He sees Song Zhi's brows and eyes are tired, obviously he hasn't rested, and just now he got angry again.

Song Zhi's diagnostic report came out, she does have nightmares and other mental illnesses, if she can't comb through them in time to overcome them, I'm afraid they'll become more and more serious in the future, so it's better to try to be as less angry as possible in normal times.


Song Zhi let go of Gu Qingjia's hand, and saw a hint of killing intent swept under Bu Yan's cold eyes, walking straight towards Gu Qingjia.

Gu Qingjia was in a sorry state like a dog, lying on the cold ground, seeing that the man she had admired for five years even helped Song Ru, her eyes were scarlet red, her eyes showed madness: "What's so good about Song Ru, it's not just that it's a face that can serve a good man, and it's just that it charmed all of you ...... ah! "

In a flash, the bone pain of a broken wrist came from the wrist!

Bu Yan wore medical white gloves to break her wrist, as if he was afraid of dirtying his 'healer's benevolence' slender hands!


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