Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 70 The person I've been waiting for in my life, it's all you!

"Song Ru didn't know how many men she slept with when she was in college, she's long been unclean! Dr. Bu, even if you like it more, Song Ru is still a woman who has been slept with by millions of people, she's just a bitch ...... ah!"

Another stinging pain came, but this time it wasn't from the other hand, but spread directly from Gu Qingjia's chin.

Gu Qingjia could no longer speak, in pain and in a hurry, saliva flowed down the corners of her lips right onto the ground, disgusting and diabolical.

"Drag it away, throw it out! Spread the word, from now on, within Hua City, Gu Qingjia will not be allowed to appear in the medical world again!"

"Any hospital that dares to use Gu Qingjia will be working against the Bu Family!"

Bu Yan's words landed on the ground.

The Bu Family, the largest medical family in Huacheng, almost half of the medicines and hospitals in China were handled by the Bu Family, and Bu Yan was the son of the Bu Family, and the successor of the Bu Family.

In other words, all the hospitals in Huacheng are owned by their family.

As long as Bu Yan gave a word of command, Gu Qingjia would never want to be a doctor again in her life.

After saying that, Gu Qingjia was taken away.

Song Zhi's breathing gradually calmed down, her nails deeply clasping her palms, imprinting deep red crescent moon marks, her heart rippled with layers, extremely unsettled.

She had just lied, but Bu Yan didn't expose it, but instead defended her, putting all the blame on Gu Qing Jia, who also didn't know what she had done to be a bastard.

Song Zhu turned around, half squatting down his body, his knees in a kneeling position on the ground, all without the slightest bit of dislike holding Xixi's mother's grease-stained hands, slowly helping the person up.

"I'm sorry."

Song Zhu apologized, her words carrying sincerity.

She said, "I'm solely responsible for Xixi's medical expenses, it was my fault that I let Gu Qingjia humiliate you, it's my fault."

Xixi's mother was helped to her feet, her cheeks covered in tears, "Mrs. Huo, thank you, you're really a great person."

Song Zhi sucked in her sore red nose, then stepped back and bowed deeply to the doctor standing next to her.

"I'm sorry, it's my problem, all the rumors Gu Qingjia created in my name, I will pursue legal responsibility!" Song rhetorically said to say here, as if somewhat unable to speak, sadly closed his eyes, before continuing in a low voice: "It's time for Xixi to be scheduled for surgery is it?"

A doctor stood out, took a deep breath, with respect in his voice: "Yes, it's time for Xixi to have an operation, except that the heart source was taken by Gu Qingjia to be scheduled for the Yan family first."

"Row it back for Xixi's family, and all the costs will be borne by me, Song Zhu, alone, including the follow-up!" Song Ru said.

The crowd was dumbfounded.

Her calm eyes glowed with a thick dark color: "Which ward is Xixi in, can I go see Xixi?"

Xixi's mom immediately nodded her head, and all the doctors forgave Song Zhi's previous confusion, after all, Song Zhi was also a victim, no one would make things difficult for a victim.

Walking into the hospital room, Song Zhi saw the skinny Xixi on the hospital bed at a glance.

Her eyes were brimming with tears, and before she could take a few steps, she violently stopped and turned her back, unable to look any further.

As soon as Song Zhi saw Xixi, it was as if she saw a pair of eyes that were dying but desperately wanted to live, exactly the same as when she was on the verge of death.

The child's eyes were crystal clear, the sky full of stars in his eyes.

He longed to live.

Xixi's mom sees Song Zhi's pale face and has a few moments of worry, tentatively wiping her hands with oil stains before carefully touching Song Zhi's shoulder, "Mrs. Huo, are you alright, I see you look pale, should I go see a doctor?"

Song Zhi takes a deep breath and gathers her emotions, reopening her eyes, her eyes calm and sincere: "I'm fine, go see Xixi."

Xixi was lying in the hospital bed, her eye sockets slightly sunken, her body so thin that only a handful of bones remained.

The more she looked at her, the more she felt that she looked like herself.

She tried to calm her mood and spoke softly and softly to pacify, "Xixi get well, your body will be fine in no time."

"Are you a fairy sister?" Xixi's voice was as thin as a mosquito fly, but it sounded comfortable and well-behaved.

Song Ru smiled, "Sister is not a fairy, sister is someone who is as sick as Xixi once was. It's just that Sister didn't pull through, didn't wait until Sister's most important person was with her, so Xixi you're braver than Sister, be strong and live bravely."

She bent down, every move was seen and heard by the doctor outside the door as well as Buyan.

Hearing it made people's hearts feel bad, especially Buyan.

He sent the words that Song Zhi said directly to the WeChat group, and it instantly exploded!

The men in the WeChat group were silent again.

Especially Huo Mushen's handsome face sank into solemnity when he heard the intense remorse in Song Zhe's slightly trembling voice, a flash of contemplation flashing under his eyes.

He squeezes his cell phone tightly and hears Song Zhi saying that she was once sick and didn't wait for the most important person in her life.

Who was the most important person in her life that she didn't wait for?

Who did she want by her side?

Huo Mou Shen had always turned over the slightest cloud and turned his hand into rain, but this was the first time he was unsure, and he couldn't even grasp it.

If Song Zhi heard it, he would have been wronged and said, "The people I've been waiting for in my life are all you!"

And just now Song rhetorically kneeling on one knee in the corridor, not caring about the dirty but instead intimate to help up a mother, as well as lecturing people and talking that video was directly filmed and put on the Internet!

In an instant, the scarf was paralyzed!

Everyone had retweeted it, especially the doctors who had aired their gratitude to Song Zhi.

The netizens even took Song Zhi, who was crying like a pear, and directly sealed a title called - 'Little Fairy on Earth'.

And M & R's Huo Mou Shen also retweeted, Ait official Mrs. Huo, full ten show a dog food!

Not only did M&R or the Huo family greatly increase their popularity because of Song Zhi's actions, but they also increased their shares in both businesses by many percentage points, slapping the Song family in the face again!

When Song Yuancheng saw such a video, he was even more nearly infuriated!

He was smoking a cigarette in his office, and when he saw the photo of him, Tang Shi, and the young Song Zhi on his desktop, Song Zhi's eyebrows, which were more and more similar to Tang Shi's, appeared in his mind, and his eyes sank a little.

He was thinking, Song Zhi is still his daughter, if the relationship between their father and daughter is not too stiff, then he will also be more solid sitting in the Tang City president, instead of having to face the fate of being voted on.

Time passed minute by minute.

Song Zhi doesn't yet know that she's finally escorting Huo Mu Shen by pushing M&R to the top and greatly promoting him because of a 'scene-seeking' move.

She leaves the hospital room after pacifying Xixi.

At the door, the doctors are all gathered in front of her, causing Song Zhi to shiver.

She intentionally covered her face and flirted, "You guys wouldn't be coming over to one of you wanting to beat me up a bit, right, I'm telling you that my husband is very powerful, no punching in the face, oh, I'm so cute, you guys can't afford to beat me up?"


Crowd: "......" Mrs. Huo is so naughty, they're too grateful to do so, how could they do it!

Bu Yan sees her laugh with sudden heartache and sighs slightly, wailing in his heart: 'If Third Brother knew that Third Sister-in-law was irritated at his place, would his ass blossom? Dog tail flower, or ......''


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