Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 61: Slaughter the enemy first, then worship!

After leaving Changhui Group, Ning Tianlang drove directly to Rhyme Court Department Store.

As soon as he entered the office building of Rhyme Court Department Store, his brows furrowed.

From the main entrance all the way to the elevator room, it was all in a mess -

A one-person-high fortune tree lay across the doorway, huge flower pots were shattered, and the dirt inside was scattered all over the place.

Everywhere you look, there is a mess of discarded office supplies and papers and documents.

If it wasn't for the constant stream of staff members walking around with documents in their arms, Ning Tianlang almost thought that he had come to a company that had gone out of business.

He pulled a staff member who hurriedly walked by and asked, "What's going on here?"

"You don't know yet?" The clerk, clutching a sheaf of papers, quickly explained.

"The new chairman brought in a new batch of middle managers, and everyone had to be re-vetted for re-entry! The ones who were unwilling to betray were all beaten out! Everyone is busy trying to clear their relationship with Wen Ruyun for fear of being swept away as her cronies!"

"I don't have time to talk nonsense with you, I have to immediately hand over the human relations form I just compiled to the new manager, or else it's time for someone else to take the lead!"

After saying that, he hurriedly ran towards the elevator.

Ning Tian Lang's eyes were ice cold.

New chairman?

The Wen family was so impatient that they directly came to take over Rhyme Court Department Store?

Taking the elevator to the topmost floor.

The originally peaceful and quiet sky garden was also noisy.

"Wen Ruyun, you haven't signed that document I handed you two days ago, have you? You hurry to return it to me! I have to take it to get the new chairman to sign it!"

"Yes, there's also my copy of the plan, it's full of my latest ideas, you hand over the original right away!"

"My copy is all business secrets too! Where did you hide it? If you don't give it back to me, I'll have to take the legal route!"

The door to Wen Ruyun's office was tightly closed, but all sorts of crusading voices could still be heard inside.

Wen Ru Yun's voice was weak and tired: "Everyone, don't be anxious, I'll make a proper transition with Wen Zi Xu, it won't affect your future."

"You'll make a proper handover? Why should we trust you?"

"That's right, those documents are all the company's most core secrets, will you be so kind as to not take them away?!"

"Either let us search your body, or take off all your clothes and leave from here naked! Otherwise, our legal department will prosecute you for stealing trade secrets!"

Ning Tianlang couldn't listen anymore!


He kicked open the office door and shouted loudly:

"Rhyming Court Department Store hasn't even changed its dynasty yet! Are you guys so impatient to betray it?!"

Upon hearing this powerful voice, the business elites in suits in the office were all stunned.

Wen Ruyun was also surprised, "Tian Lang, why are you here?"

"Luckily I came." Ning Tianlang's face was gloomy as he came to Wen Ruyun's side.

"If I hadn't come, I wouldn't have known that these white-eyed wolves would have bullied you so much!"

With one word, the entire office boiled over.

"Hey! Who are you calling a white-eyed wolf?"

"Wen Ruyun, who is this person? Why do you bring any unsavory person to the company?!"

"That's right, if a little yakuza who doesn't even smell like milk can come and tell us what to do, how can this company be any good?"

Wen Ruyun was so anxious that her face turned red, and said in a hurry, "Everyone calm down, this person is my younger brother, he doesn't mean that, you guys don't ......"

Before she could finish her words, a deputy manager of the legal department called Gu Quan impatiently waved his hand:

"We don't want to know what this kid is! You hurry up and let us search you and then get the hell out of here!"

Next to him, Zhao Binghua nodded in agreement, "We must search her! That way she won't be able to bring any secrets out! After that, we'll slowly check her office and computer!" As soon as the words left his mouth, several lewd-looking men volunteered, "I'll do the body search! Guarantee a thorough search, not a single hair will be left behind!"

"I'll see who dares!"

Ning Tianlang shouted violently and blocked in front of Wen Ruyun!

If it wasn't for his sanity, he would have wanted to kill all of these dogs who had fallen into the well!

When the company was doing well, each and every one of them were like lackeys to Wen Ruyun.

Now that the company is in trouble, they all defected at the first opportunity!

Such people, stay is also garbage! It's a scourge!

A pair of hazel eyes coldly scanned the crowd, Ning Tianlang said word by word: "I'll see who of you dares to make a move!"

The crowd looked at me, I looked at you, and for a moment they were all subdued by Ning Tianlang's aura.

Ning Tianlang's face was ice-cold, "You guys are so anxious to fall on the well, aren't you afraid that after Rhyme Court Department Store survives the crisis, the chairman will look for you to settle the scores?!"

"Getting through the crisis?" Gu Quan sneered.

"Don't kid yourself, now that the Zhu Group is clearly trying to deal with Wen Ruyun, if she can pull in investment to save the company, then that's really a hell of a thing!"

Zhao Binghua clasped his shoulders and despised:

"You think we are as stupid as you? Who doesn't know that Rhyme Court Department Store has been taken over by the Wen family? Young Master Wen Zixu will be taking over soon, and she, Wen Ruyun, has already been put into the cold palace!"

Ning Tian Lang turned back to Wen Ru Yun and asked, "Big sister, have you already signed the handover contract?"

"Not yet, we agreed to have a handover with Kang Yang Group the day after tomorrow." Wen Ru Yun sighed.

"But Wen Zixu couldn't wait and brought someone to take over and organize the company's personnel today."

Ning Tian Lang's eyes went cold.

Kang Yang Group!

Wen Kangsheng, Wen Zixu!

It seems that they really think they are living too comfortably!

If the tiger doesn't give out its power, they really dare to step on their noses!

"You guys don't waste time by grinding!" Zhao Binghua said impatiently.

"We still have to have a meeting with the new chairman of the board in the afternoon in our strategic development department, hurry up and hand over the documents and plans I gave you earlier!"

The crowd followed and agreed: "That's right, our brand management department is also in a hurry, the new manager asked to take back all the information of all the resident brands!"

"Can it be as urgent as our Finance Department? Don't you know that the first thing the new chairman wants to check is financial information?"

"Wen Ruyun, if you still have some face left, don't delay our time!"

Looking at these people's aggressive and ugly faces, Ning Tianlang said in a cold voice:

"The handover contract hasn't been signed yet! Wen Ruyun will still be the chairman of the board! And I can tell you that Rhyme Court Department Store will definitely not change ownership!"

The crowd glanced at each other, then laughed out coldly and said:

"What do you, a hairless little brat, know about business?"

"Cut the fucking crap, there's no place for you to talk here!"

Gu Quan stepped forward and pointed his hand at Ning Tianlang's shoulder:

"Kid, you'd better not get involved, or else I can run you over with one hand!"

His words just fell.


A loud slap hit his face!

Wen Ruyun gritted her teeth and said fiercely, "You guys come at me! Don't touch my brother!"

Gu Quan's cheeks burned from her slap and he wrinkled his eyebrows and cursed angrily, "Holy shit! You cousin dared to make a move against me!"

Annoyed and furious!

He grabbed the chair next to him and violently slammed it at Wen Ruyun's body!


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