Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 63 Mortal Misfortune!

Wen Zixu was smashed and fell to the ground, immediately scared to the point of sweating his soul out!

He pushed the corpse away with his hands and feet, tearing his heart and lungs and screaming randomly, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Murder! Murder!!!"

"This kind of trash is not even human!"

Ning Tian Lang coldly threw down a sentence and directly took Wen Ruyun and left!

Walking out of the Rhyme Court Department Store office building, Wen Ruyun only managed to come back to her senses, "Tian, Tian Lang, did you really kill someone just now?"

She jolted and started fumbling through her purse:

"Tian Lang, big sister will give you all the money, take the money and go as far away as possible! If the police come to arrest someone, I'll just say that I killed them!"

While saying this, she shoved all the bank cards into Ning Tianlang's hands, "Leave Qing'an City and live a good life!"

Ning Tianlang was both touched and crying.

He returned the bank cards to Wen Ruyun and softly said, "Big sister, don't worry, nothing will happen."

"How can nothing happen? You killed Gu Quan, the Wen family will definitely not let you go! They will try to do everything they can to sentence you to death!"

Wen Ruyun's eyes were red with anxiety, "Tian Lang don't be afraid, take the money and hide incognito! Big sister will go to jail for you! The Wen family is not so bad as to kill me too!"

Ning Tianlang took a step forward and gently hugged Wen Ruyun's trembling body, "Big sister, trust me, it's really fine."

Feeling Ning Tian Lang's broad and thick chest, Wen Ru Yun's emotions gradually soothed.

"Is it really okay?...... Then you mustn't be so impulsive in the future ......"

Wen Ruyun wiped her tears, "Killing this kind of thing, it's better to let your third sister do it ......"

"Got it big sister." Ning Tianlang gently ruffled the broken hair on her forehead behind her ear, "Elder sister, you go home first and take a rest."

"What about you?" Wen Ruyun got out of his arms and said with teary eyes, "Aren't you going back with me?"

Ning Tian Lang nodded, "I'm going to retrieve my parents' bones."

Upon hearing this, Wen Ruyun covered her red lips in surprise, "This is a big deal, so you should hurry up and go! After two days, I'll go with the other sisters to pay homage to aunt and uncle."

"There's no rush."

A cold killing intent flashed in Ning Tian Lang's eyes.

"First, I'll slaughter all my enemies to avenge my hatred, and then after that, I'll pay homage to the spirits of my parents in heaven!!!"


Cangwu Mountain.

The altitude was only more than seven hundred meters above sea level.

However, it was considered rare in a plains like West Phoenix Province.

Nowadays, it had been planned as a famous scenic tourist area, with an endless stream of tourists.

When Ning Tianlang drove to the vicinity of Cangwu Mountain, Guo Le had already waited here.

Upon seeing Guo Le, Ning Tianlang patted his shoulder, "How is it, are you still used to working with Zhuang Yucheng?"

Guo Le nervously scratched his head, "Vice Director Zhuang treats me very well, working at Kunlun Group is much happier than being a security guard at a modeling agency!"

"In the future, you'll be in charge of rebuilding the Ning Family Mausoleum. How about it, are you confident?"

Ning Tianlang asked.

At first, he had planned to let the Xifeng Military Region take full responsibility for the construction of the Ning Family Mausoleum.

But then, considering that if the military got too involved, he was afraid that it would arouse the suspicion of enemy spies, he changed his plans-

After Di Xiong got rid of the Xiang Family in the name of the Kunlun War God.

Guo Le would step in and buy the land of Xiang Gongfu as a mysterious buyer, and then proceed to build the Ning Family Mausoleum.

In this way, the military will be able to completely withdraw from this Xiang Family incident.

The outside world would only think that the military leveled the Xiang Mansion because someone in the Xiang Family had offended the Kunlun War God.

It would definitely not associate the Kunlun War God with the Ning Family.

"Confident!" Guo Le's face was excited, "This is the first mission I received after entering the Kunlun Group! I will do my best to accomplish it!"

"Very well." Ning Tianlang smiled faintly.

"However, due to my special identity, from now on, your explicit identity will no longer be someone from the Kunlun Group, but rather, you'll be Manager Guo under Boss Ning, do you understand what I mean?" Guo Le only thought about it briefly before he said indistinctly, "You don't want the outside world to know that the Ning Family Mausoleum is related to the Kunlun Group?"

"That's right."

Ning Tianlang nodded.

He wanted to completely sever the military, the Kunlun Group, and the Ning Family Mausoleum.

Let there be no connection between them.

Only in this way would he not expose his identity or alert his enemies!

"I understand!" Guo Le said, "From now on, my identity will be Boss Ning's subordinate, and I won't have any relationship with the Kunlun Group!"

Ning Tianlang patted his shoulder again, "Very good. Let's go, let's go see the person in charge of Cangwu Mountain now."

Cangwu Mountain Tourism Program Department Office.

The department manager Chen Zhi Cai was resting his two feet on the desk, leisurely chatting with a girl on the internet.

Suddenly a knock sounded on the door and he impatiently put down his cell phone, "Who is it?"

Guo Le pushed the door and walked in, "You're Manager Chen of Cangwu Mountain Scenic Area, right? My name is Guo Le, I want to talk to you about a cooperation."

Chen Zhi Cai looked Guo Le and Ning Tian Lang behind him up and down with a disdainful expression:

"Do you know that in order to talk about a cooperation you have to submit a planning application first and then wait for review? With you two kids? Get lost!"

When he said this, he didn't even take his feet off the table!

In his eyes, for two young people in their early twenties to talk about cooperation with the Cangwu Mountain Scenic Area was simply whimsical!

Guo Le didn't care about his attitude, he just solemnly said.

"Next, I will bring a construction team to work near the City God Temple.

I'm just here to inform you. As for whether you agree or not, it's not in our scope of consideration!"

"What did you say?!" Chen Zhi Cai sat up straight violently, "Without the permission of the scenic spot, you dare to bring in a construction team!"

He reached out and pointed at Guo Le's nose, cursing:

"I'm warning you, if you two little brats want to pull a prank, you'd better get the fuck out of here! This Cangwu Mountain is the property of the Zhu Family in Qing'an City! Don't make yourselves uncomfortable!"

The Zhu Family again?

Ning Tianlang frowned slightly.

That culprit who had suddenly withdrawn his investment and plunged the Rhyming Court Department Store into a dead end was also the Zhu Family!

It was really a narrow road between enemies!

Just then, Guo Le's cell phone buzzed.

He glanced at the phone:

"The construction team has arrived, I'm going to go ahead and supervise the work. If Manager Chen is interested in coming over to take a look, I'm welcome to do so."

After saying that, he directly turned around and left.

"You ...... you stand still!"

Upon hearing this, cold sweat broke out on Chen Zhi Cai's forehead.

This ...... doesn't seem like a prank!

He hurriedly stomped on his leather shoes with his hands and feet, straightened his shirt, and followed out in a panic.

If someone really moves the earth in Cangwu Mountain without the permission of the Zhu family, then this department manager of his is also considered to be a head!

Chen Zhi Cai ran in the direction of the City Temple while calling his men:

"Quickly! Quickly gather all the staff to the City God Temple! Someone is causing trouble!

It was only when he arrived at the periphery of the City God Temple out of breath that he realized that things had really gone too far!

In just a moment's time, the entire City God Temple had already been surrounded by the construction site's sheltering wall.

More than a dozen construction vehicles directly to the entire foot of the rocky road all occupied!

Among them, there are a few clearing trucks on the front of the car, but also hanging the wreckage of the scenic spot door.

Obviously is directly hit the door rushed in!

Chen Zhi Cai head a burst of confusion.

Is this ...... this still construction?

Look at this gesture, it is almost like the entire Cangwu Mountain to dig away!


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