Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 64: Broken Limbs!

"It's over, it's over, it's over ......"

Chen Zhi Cai took out his cell phone in a frenzy and called the Zhu Family's Third Young Master who was in charge of the Cangwu Mountain Scenic Spot.

"Hey, Third Young Master! It's not good! Something happened at the scenic spot! You quickly come and take a look!"

"Someone is trying to move earth privately! A dozen construction trucks are coming!"

"Yes, I don't know what kind of people! You come quickly!!!"

After hanging up the phone, Chen Zhi Cai finally had a little bit of a bottom in his heart.

He came to Guo Le in a furious manner and said angrily:

"Kid! I don't care what kind of people you are! Zhu San Shao will be here in person soon! If you don't want to die, hurry up and take your people and get lost!"

Guo Le didn't pay any attention to him at all, but instead respectfully said to Ning Tianlang, "When do we start?"

Ning Tianlang looked towards the dozen or so burly men with helmets and said in a loud voice:

"Before you came, I'm sure your leaders have already told you what your mission is today!

Even if it's to dig three feet into the ground! I'll still dig up what I'm looking for!"

What he was talking about was naturally the bones of Mr. and Mrs. Ning Zhixue.

As soon as Ning Tianlang's words fell, all the construction workers stood upright and shouted in unison, "Yes!"

The voices were loud and imposing!

Chen Zhi Cai trembled in fear.

He thought to himself which construction company's employees this is, how come it's a military style?

Just at this time, suddenly from the distance hooting and hollering ran thirty to forty scenic staff.

There are tour guides, security guards, restaurant waiters, and even cleaners.

Almost the manpower that can come from the scenic spot, all put down their work and rushed here.

Once these people saw the scene in front of them, they were surprised:

"What happened to Manager Chen?"

"What are these construction vehicles for? To cause trouble?"

With people under his hand, Chen Zhi Cai's back stiffened by three points.

He pointed at those with helmets and said in a loud voice, "Go! Beat them all down for me! I'll see who dares to touch a single blade of grass here!"

The manager gave the order, and the forty or so scenic area staff members all went forward with their fists in their hands!

They all wanted to show their faces in front of Manager Chen by virtue of the fact that there were so many of them.

Seeing this side of the commotion, around a lot of mountaineering tourists also surrounded over.

They have discussed: "What's going on here? How did the scenic spot get into a fight with the construction team?"

"I don't know ah, but four dozen people fighting ten people, this shall not be a life ah ......"

Surrounded by more and more people, Chen Zhi Cai lest regenerate what happened, waved his hand and roared:

"Do it! All give me beat down!!!"

As soon as the words fell, the more than forty staff members shouted, and rushed up in a swarm!


"Boom! Boom!"

A muffled sound came out!

The people who had just rushed over were all sent flying back in the blink of an eye!

Immediately afterward, one by one, they fell to the ground and screamed in pain!

The dozen or so construction workers with helmets were still standing upright!

There wasn't even a bit of dust on their bodies!


Chen Zhi Cai rubbed his eyes vigorously-

Is this a construction team or a boxing team?

With a body like that, he's still driving an excavator?

The surrounding crowd also all sucked in a breath of cool air in surprise.

These workers are also too able to fight it ......

What they didn't know was that these dozen or so people with helmets were all elite soldiers from Kunlun Island!

It was about the bones of Ning Tianlang's parents, so Tiankui didn't dare to slack off!

He could only rest assured if he let the insiders do it themselves!

Therefore, he directly sent out a dozen elite soldiers disguised as construction workers to accomplish this mission!

Chen Zhi Cai took two steps backward in shock, and forced himself to act tough, ''Kid! You're wasted! You dare to cause trouble in Cangwu Mountain! The Zhu Family will never let you go!"

Ning Tianlang glanced at him coldly, "If the Zhu Family really dares to come, I'll settle old scores with new ones!"

He had already figured it out-

He had beaten Xiang Chen into a cripple on the front foot, and the Zhu Family had withdrawn their investment from the Rhyme Court Department Store on the back foot.

And the place where Xiang Zhongyuan buried his parents happened to be the Cangwu Mountain managed by the Zhu Family.

When the two are connected, the truth is already out!

The Zhu Family and the Xiang Family are working together!

The Zhu Family was definitely involved in what happened seventeen years ago!

Thinking of this, Ning Tianlang's face was already ice-cold!

"Do it!"

With a command, those Kunlun Island elite soldiers immediately entered the sheltering wall and began to dig up the bones of Ning Zhixue and his wife.

"You ...... guys wait for me! Wait for Zhu San Shao to arrive ......"

Before Chen Zhi Cai could finish a sentence, a Maserati coupe roared and sped from the distance!

"It's Third Young Master's car!"

Chen Zhi Cai waved his fists in excitement!

The others were also astonished, "The Zhu Family's Third Young Master is here in person?"

"Heavens, this is really making a big deal out of it ......"

Zhu Ying Yi wobbled out of the car and arrogantly said with a big mouth, "What the fuck happened? Still have to let this young master personally come to deal with it?!"

With one mouth, he reeked of alcohol!

He pointed at the construction vehicles and angrily asked, "Who the fuck got all this?"

Chen Zhi Cai hurriedly trotted closer and nodded his head:

"Third Young Master, those vehicles were brought by those two youngsters! They say they're for construction, but it sounds to me like they're digging for something!"

"Digging something? What kind of stuff?"

Zhu Yingyi hiccuped, spat a mouthful of spit onto the ground, and cursed:

"This is my territory! Even if your ancestors' graves are buried here, it's still under my control! Without my permission, no fucking ghosts are allowed to reincarnate!"

Hearing Zhu Yingyi insulting Ning Tianlang's parents in such a way, Guo Le's simple face was filled with rage!

Ning Tian Lang was his benefactor!

He would never allow anyone to disrespect Ning Tianlang!


He took a big stride forward and swung out a fist, slamming it straight into Zhu Yingyi's face!

"I don't care what kind of great young master or third young master you are, if you dare to speak out of turn again, I'll go out of my way to squat in prison and kill you!"

Guo Le's forehead veins popped out as he clenched a pair of fists and stared at Zhu Ying Yi in death!

The crop farmer's son was already full of brute strength, and in a rage he blasted out, this punch directly knocked Zhu Ying Yi's jaw askew!

Zhu Ying Yi's eyes rolled white, a mouth of white teeth lost very little, spitting blood in the mouth!

His appearance was miserable!

Directly sobered up!

"I grass ...... pain dead old me ......"

After slowing down for a while, Zhu Yingyi spat out blood and foam to get up from the ground.

"I grass mud horse! You fucking dare to hit me with your hands!" Zhu Ying Yi covered his red and swollen face and roared.

"Do you have any fucking idea what kind of person Lao Zi is? Do you know that if I want to kill an ant like you, it's just a matter of moving my fingers!"

Hearing Zhu San Shao's hissing, Guo Le also gradually regained his senses.

His heart began to thump wildly, and subconsciously, his body tensed up all over.

He had lived at the lowest level of society since he was a child and feared a rich second generation like Zhu Yingyi from the bottom of his heart.

Just as his tightly clenched fists slowly loosened, and he was even trembling slightly, Ning Tianlang walked up to his back!

Ning Tianlang stretched out a hand, steadily propping up his back, and faintly said:

"Don't be afraid, I don't even need to move my fingers when I kill an ant like him!"


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