Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 65 - The Ning family is back!

"Don't be afraid, I don't even need to move my fingers to kill an ant like him!"

As soon as these words came out, the people around all rushed to point at Ning Tianlang:

"What's this guy's job? How dare he call Zhu San Shao a mole cricket? Isn't he a bit too wild?"

"Looks like he hasn't experienced the beatings of society! He's too young to know what he's capable of!"

Zhu Yingyi wiped a handful of blood from the corner of his mouth and looked at Ning Tianlang with a leathery smile:

"Hehehe, you kid is quite capable of bragging! If you're capable of reporting your name, let this young master see where you're the little trash that came out from!"

Guo Le knew that Ning Tian Lang's identity was special and couldn't be exposed, so he hurriedly took a step forward and said, "My name is Guo Le, I'm the manager under Boss Ning, you can talk to me directly!"

"Boss Ning?"

Zhu Yingyi's small, shadowy eyes turned slightly, then he snorted:

"Grass! How come I've never heard of a hanging hairy Boss Ning in Qing'an City?!"

As soon as the words fell, the scenic staff and tourists next to them all followed with disdainful snickers-

"These days, all cats and dogs dare to call themselves bosses!"

"That's right, do you think you're a bully just because you brought a few big cars? My great-aunt's family has several large vehicles, but still owes a lot of debt?"

"Tsk, youngsters nowadays just lack lessons! Dare to call yourself a boss manager before your hair is even grown, it simply makes people laugh!"

Zhu Ying Yi threw back his head and laughed, "Hahahahaha, an unknown little boss also dares to come to our Zhu family's territory to spread wildness, really don't know how to die!"

As he spoke, he pulled the wound on his cheek again, causing him to grimace in pain.

Zhu Ying Yi glared angrily at Guo Le and gritted his teeth, "Kid, this young master will remember this punch! I will definitely find someone to chop your hand alive!"

Guo Le's heart trembled, but he still clenched his fists tightly with unabated vigor, without the slightest weakness or retreat.

He secretly admonished himself, as Mr. Ning's subordinate, he couldn't wimp out anymore!

Definitely not to degrade Mr. Ning's face!

Just at this moment, someone inside the sheltering wall shouted loudly, "Manager Guo, there's a discovery!"

Hearing this, Ning Tianlang's expression moved, and his body couldn't help but tremble slightly.

The corpses of his own parents, have they finally been found?......

They could finally be free from the wind and rain on this mountain, and could finally return to their own land to rest in peace!

Guo Le was also shaken in spirit and immediately pushed down a simple coffin from the car and ran towards the sheltering wall.

Not long after, he respectfully pushed the coffin out with the cart and said excitedly, "Boss Ning, a pair has been found, look ......"

Before he could finish his words, Zhu Yingyi rushed over with a sinister expression on his face!

Flying up, he kicked Guo Le's stomach viciously!

Guo Le let out a muffled grunt and flew backwards to fall to the ground.

"Grass! I want to see what kind of shit you guys dug up!"

As he spoke, Zhu Yingyi kicked the cart and the coffin over with a loud bang!

Looking at the bones that fell out from inside, he was so angry that his face turned green, "Shit, are they really dead people's bones? What a fucking bad luck!"

While stomping madly on the bones, he kept cursing under his breath:

"I said why everything is not going well lately! So it's because these dog bones are contaminated with bad luck! Damn! I'll stomp on all of you!"

Ning Tianlang was too emotional, his mind was blank, and his reaction was half a beat slower.

However, it was such a few seconds of effort that Zhu Yingyi had already made a huge mess!

"Seek death!!!"

Ning Tianlang's pair of eyes almost dripped blood!

In an instant, he rushed directly behind Zhu Yingyi! The movement was so fast that a shadow had even appeared!


He grabbed the back of Zhu Yingyi's neck, like picking up a dead chicken, and violently lifted him up!

"Ah ah ah, what's going on? Put me down!"

Suddenly suspended in the air, Zhu Yingyi was so frightened that his hair stood upside down and he kept stomping his legs randomly, shouting in terror.

Chen Zhi Cai was even more alarmed, "Kid! Quickly release the third young master! You don't want to live, do you?!"

"It's him who doesn't want to live!!!"

Killing intent filled Ning Tianlang's eyes!

Roaring madly!

It's been seventeen years!

His parents' bones had been buried at the foot of this Cangwu Mountain for seventeen whole years!

No one knew about it!

No one to worship them!

Every day, they were trampled under the feet of countless tourists!

As long as he thought about this, his heart felt like a knife!

Now he is honored as the Kunlun God of War, commander of the millions of warriors of Da Xia!

He can finally bury his parents in peace!

But, this Zhu Yingyi dared to kick over the coffin and trample that poor corpse under his feet!

Only by cutting him into a thousand pieces could he quell the grief and rage in his heart!

"Release Zhu San Shao!"

"You dare to make a move against the young master of the Zhu family! Wait for death you!"

"Release the third young master now, and you can still keep your little life!"

The surrounding crowd was still clamoring!

Ning Tianlang's eyes were already bloodshot!


A violent killing intent erupted from his body!

Like a wildly dancing whirlwind, it directly swept across the entire foot of Cangwu Mountain!

For a moment, everyone all banned their voices!

There was one who counted!

All were silenced and closed their mouths, not daring to say another word!


The fear of having a guillotine blade on their necks spread like a maggot in the bottom of everyone's heart!


Ning Tianlang threw himself hard, slamming Zhu Yingyi's entire body onto the ground!

One could even hear the sound of his bones being shattered and broken by the fall!


Zhu Yingyi was sweating in pain and howled out in agony!

The voice was mournful to the extreme!

Ning Tianlang stepped forward and stomped on his head!

Stomping his head hard into the dirt of Cangwu Mountain!

"How dare you trample on the bones of your ancestors! I must let you taste the taste of ashes!"

Ning Tianlang clenched his teeth tightly, and the words he squeezed out from between his teeth directly pronounced Zhu Yingyi's final end!

Constantly applying force under his feet, Zhu Yingyi's entire face had already been stepped on and twisted out of shape!

"Save ...... life ......"

Zhu Ying Yi felt like his brain was about to explode!

The pain of his skin rubbing against the dirt drilled into his bone marrow, and it was as if he saw death coming!

"Let ...... me go ......"

Zhu Yingyi flailed hard, just like a dying fish.

But, no matter how much he struggled, it was nothing more than futile!

"Let go of you?" Ning Tianlang's voice seemed like it came from the valley of hell, filled with a bitterly cold killing intent...

"If you dare to trample on the bones of your ancestors, I will surely trample your head alive!"


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