Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 66: Take the money or die!

The temperature of the surrounding air plummeted!

Everyone was shaking like sieves, fixed in place and not daring to move a muscle!

The gazes towards Ning Tianlang were filled with fear!

It was as if they were looking at a furious killing god!

Those tourists watching the spectacle felt both regret and fear in their hearts.

They cursed themselves for coming to this creepy scene!

Now it's neither right to leave nor right to stay!

The staff of the scenic spot was even more frightened to the point of trembling and turning white.

No one had expected this young man with a clean-cut appearance to make a killing move right out of the gate!

Chen Zhi Cai was directly scared to death!

His upper and lower teeth shivered and trembled.

If Zhu San Shao really died here, he would have to follow along!

"This ......"

He was just about to open his mouth to plead for mercy when he met Ning Tianlang's blood red gaze head on!

"Hiss ......"

He sucked in a mouthful of cool air and swallowed back his pleading words!

What kind of eyes are these!

Describing it as the God of Murder and the Devil was not an exaggeration at all!

At this moment, Guo Le had already carefully retrieved the bones back into the coffin.

And the progress within the sheltering wall had also come to an end.

The bones of Ning Zhixue and his wife had all been found.

Looking at the two pairs of thin coffins parked in front of him, Ning Tianlang's heart twinged.



From now on, I will destroy all my enemies!

I will avenge your deaths!

The Ning family will rise to the top!

No one will be able to bully anyone in the Ning Clan ever again!

He took a deep breath to calm his heart.

Slowly lifting his right foot, which was stepping on Zhu Yingyi's face, he faintly said, "Bring a shovel."

Guo Le hurriedly jogged to bring a shovel that was used for digging just now, and handed it to Ning Tian Lang with both hands.

"Chop off both of his feet!"

Zhu Yingyi, who was originally already dying, immediately stared back with wide eyes upon hearing this.

The eyes were horrified, and the voice was miserable, "You ...... you dare to touch me? I am the third young master of the Zhu family! The Zhu family will definitely not let you go!!!"

Ning Tianlang glanced at him coldly and said indifferently, "Don't worry, they'll be right there to accompany you."

After saying that, he looked at Guo Le, "Dare to make a move?"

"I ...... dare!"

Guo Le hesitated briefly before nodding his head fiercely!

He had been cowardly for a small half of his life!

It was time to be strong!

"Good." Ning Tianlang pointed at Zhu Yingyi and said, "Chop off his limbs!"

As soon as the words fell, there was no more sound from the entire foot of the mountain!

Obviously hundreds of people were standing around, but it was so quiet that even a pin falling to the ground could be heard.

The scene was extremely bizarre!

Zhu Ying Yi was first stunned, then he hissed at Guo Le, "You dare! If you dare to touch a single hair on my head, your entire family will be buried with you!"

Guo Le's body trembled, and his hand holding the shovel had tightened to the point of whiteness.


A sound of a shovel smashing on the ground suddenly came out, and the surrounding crowd immediately erupted into a low cry of horror!

"Oh my god!!!"

"It's horrible!!!

Some people's faces turned pale and kept dry-heaving.

There was even someone who peed his pants on the spot!

The next second!

Zhu Yingyi's mournful and miserable howl echoed suddenly throughout the entire Cangwu Mountain!


One of his lower legs was cut in half by a shovel!

"Not bad, just a little lacking in power." Ning Tianlang beckoned towards Guo Le, "Come over, let them do it next."

Guo Le's body was already drenched in sweat, once he heard this, he hurriedly put down the shovel and stood back behind Ning Tian Lang.

After this breakthrough, he was simply transformed, as if he was a different person!

No longer fearless!

Ning Tianlang ordered the soldiers with helmets, "Break his limbs!"


With an answer, the two of them stepped out of the queue ...... BOOM!



In just a few moments of effort, all of Zhu Yingyi's limbs were directly removed in three strokes!

Almost no effort at all!

Looking at Zhu Ying Yi, he was already bleeding all over the ground, all his limbs broken!

He died on the spot!

He didn't even have time to scream before he was sent to the underworld!

Seeing this bloody scene, all those people around were about to go crazy with fear!

Where had they ever seen such a creepy and horrifying scene?

Those who had taunted Ning Tian Lang just now were so scared that their souls left their bodies and they sat on the ground incontinent!

The manager, Chen Zhi Cai, fell to his knees with a thud and kowtowed to Ning Tian Lang:

"Boss Ning, Boss Ning, please spare me ......."

He was so scared that his body was convulsing, and he was about to have a nervous breakdown!

Ning Tianlang looked at him coldly, "I'll leave you alive, go back and tell the Zhu family head to wash his neck and wait for me, Mr. Ning, to come to your door to settle the debt!"

Upon hearing that he could live, Chen Zhi Cai didn't know whether it was fear or joy, he kowtowed to Ning Tian Lang "bang bang" and kept chanting:

"Thank you Boss Ning, thank you Boss Ning for not killing me. ......"

Ning Tianlang waved his hand, "Take Zhu San Young Master's body and send it back to the Zhu Family!"


A dozen or so soldiers neatly collected all the construction equipment, and threw Zhu Yingyi's body onto a truck along with Chen Zhi Cai, and quickly evacuated from the Cangwu Mountain Scenic Area!

In the blink of an eye, the foot of Cangwu Mountain is already empty ......


Zhu family.

It is considered a first-class family in Qing'an City.

The strength is only stronger than the Xiang family.

Since the fall of the Xiang family, Zhu Yongfeng, the head of the Zhu family, has been in a state of distraction.

As the Xiang family was uprooted by the military overnight, he couldn't help but feel a little fearful of the death of his lips and teeth.

The news that the Xiang Family had offended the Kunlun War God had scared him so much that he hadn't slept for two nights.

He was afraid of being implicated by the Xiang family!

It was only until today, when he didn't hear any other movements from the military, that he slightly let go of his heart.

At this time.

Zhu Yongfeng is sitting in his study, opposite to him sits his eldest son, Zhu Yingjie.

"Yingjie ah, are you keeping an eye on the Rhyming Court Department Store side?"

Zhu Yingjie nodded, "Dad, don't worry, no company dares to invest in Wen Ruyun, there's absolutely no chance of her turning over this time!"

"However, it seems that Wen Zixu of Kang Yang Group is planning to intervene and take over Rhythm Court Department Store. Should we use some tactics?"

Zhu Yongfeng pondered slightly, "Kang Yang Group belongs to the Penglai Chamber of Commerce, so it's better not to mess with it. Anyway, Xiang Zhongyuan asked me to deal with Wen Ruyun, as long as Wen Ruyun collapses, it will be considered an explanation to him."

"Dad, then let's not rhyme court hundred ......"

Zhu Yingjie's words were not finished, the old housekeeper knocked on the door and came in to say in a hurry, "Master of the house, young master, it's not good, something has happened!"

Zhu family's father and son's face changed at the same time, "What happened?"

"Just now, there was a construction team that parked a truck in front of our mansion, the people left, the car stayed! Chen Zhi Cai, who is in charge of the Cangwu Mountain scenic spot, came down from the car, covered in blood, and the person has gone crazy with fear!"


Zhu Yongfeng violently stood up from his chair, "Go! Go out and take a look!"

Zhu family mansion entrance.

A box truck was parked horizontally in the center, blocking the entire gate tightly.

Next to it, Chen Zhi Cai sat in the corner covered in blood, clutching his knees and shivering.

This whole way back, he had been staying with Zhu Yingyi's broken body in the darkened compartment.

At this point, he was already scared to the point that his spirit was a bit unhinged.

Zhu Yongfeng and Zhu Yingjie came out from the doorway and said in a loud voice, "What's going on here?"

Chen Zhi Cai's eyes were in a trance, shivering and pointing at the carriage, "The third ...... third young master ......"

Upon hearing this, Zhu Yingjie took a big step forward, and with one hand, he opened the hidden door of the wagon all the way!

"Stomp, stomp, stomp ......"

As if he was hit by a bullet, Zhu Yingjie took several steps back in a row, the blood color on his face completely gone!

Seeing him react like this, the crowd all sensed that something was not right.

They all probed inside to watch ......


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