Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 67 Five million, arrive!

Inside the truck compartment.

Zhu Yingyi's corpse was horribly disfigured!

The limbs are separated!

Blood flows all over the ground!

The entire carriage was filled with a bloodstained odor that made one's scalp numb!

"Vomit ......"

Someone directly vomited uncontrollably!

"Ying Yi!!!"

Zhu Yongfeng hissed as his eyes widened in anger!

Zhu Ying Yi was his favorite youngest son.

It was surprising that he died in such a miserable manner!

His heart was about to burst in agony!

"Ying Yi ......"

Zhu Yongfeng's feet stumbled for a moment, almost fainting.

"Dad." Zhu Yingjie stepped forward to support him, gritting his teeth, "Dad, don't be too sad, first ask who actually killed third brother!"

A single word woke up the dreamer!

Zhu Yongfeng snapped his eyes wide open and came in front of Chen Zhi Cai, grabbed his collar and roared:

"Who! Who killed my son!!!"

Chen Zhisai had basically slowed down at this point, he said in a trembling voice: "It's ...... a Boss Ning, I don't know exactly what he is ......"

"Boss Ning?" Zhu Yongfeng expression ferocious, "Why did he kill my son? The means are still so cruel?!"

Chen Zhi Cai shivered and said, "That Boss Ning dug out two corpse bones in Cangwu Mountain, and when the third, third young master stepped on one, that person just, just went crazy and had someone kill the third young master ......"

Corpse bones?

Boss Ning?

Hearing those two words, Zhu Yongfeng's mind exploded!

As he pushed Chen Zhi Cai away, he said to Zhu Yingjie:

"Send someone to temporarily place Ying Yi in En Ci Tang, and when you're done with it, come to my study."

"Got it dad."

After explaining everything, Zhu Yongfeng returned to his study with a hunched spine and sat back in his chair disheveledly.

In such a short while, it was as if he had aged a dozen years.

His gaze was somber as he looked out the window, but his heart was turning over in shocking waves--

Surprisingly, someone with the surname Ning had gone to dig up Ning Zhixue's bones?

Could it be that someone from the Ning family had returned?

Zhu Yongfeng frowned and muttered, "The matter of Xiang Gongguan wouldn't be related to the Ning family as well,...... this is troublesome,......"

At this time, the study door was pushed open and Zhu Yingjie walked in with reddened eyes.

"Dad, we've already had someone send Third Brother to En Ci Tang."

Zhu Yongfeng nodded with a mournful expression, "Tally up the list of funeral invitations, three days later, I'm going to give Ying Yi a grand funeral."

Taking a deep breath, he forcibly calmed his mood and continued, "The matter of the Xiang Gongfu Hall, are you sure that it was only the Xiang family who offended the Kunlun War God? Is there no other reason?"

"No." Zhu Yingyi shook his head, "I haven't heard any other rumors."

"That's right, the Xiang Gongfu's land has been bought by someone, it's ......"

Speaking of this, he gave a sharp start, his face horrified, "It's Boss Ning!"

Previously, he didn't take this matter to heart at all, and only thought that there was a tycoon who had bought the Xiang family's land.


At this moment, when the words Boss Ning were mentioned again, the hairs on his body exploded!

"Dad, this Boss Ning who suddenly appeared, is he aiming at our family?!"

Zhu Yongfeng nodded, and then said with gloomy eyes, "A mere junior, not enough to fear! If he dares to show up again, I'll definitely skin him! Avenge Ying Yi's death!"

At the same time.

Ning Tian Lang returned home.

Wen Ruyun was sitting on the sofa in a silky pajamas, fidgeting.

She was about to hand over Rhyming Court Department Store at noon the day after tomorrow, and her mood had fallen to the extreme.

"Big sister." Ning Tian Lang sat down beside her and softly said, "With your ability, there will definitely be people willing to invest in you, you don't have to worry too much."

Wen Ruyun shook her head, "I've begged everyone I can, and no one is willing to offend the Zhu Family ......."

She gathered her long curly hair to one side and slowly laid her head on Ning Tianlang's lap, painfully saying, "All my hard work over the years is going down the drain ......"

Ning Tianlang gently patted her arm, "Everything will be fine, trust me."

Just at this quiet moment, suddenly the doorbell rang suddenly. From outside came Wen Quansheng and Jiang Yan's shrill hissing, "Wen Ruyun! You fucking open the door! Open the door quickly!"

Hearing her adoptive father and mother's voices, Wen Ruyun sat bolt upright, "Why are they here?"

She quickly stepped to the front door and opened it, and before she could say anything, Jiang Yan violently pushed her into a stagger and barged in sideways!

"Where's that little yakuza? Tell him to get his ass out here!"

Behind her, Wen Quansheng also walked in with an iron face.

As soon as he entered, he went straight to Ning Tianlang, who was sitting on the sofa.

"You murderer, quickly get out of here!" Wen Quansheng pointed at Ning Tianlang's nose and roared.

"You went so far as to kill Gu Quan from the Legal Affairs Department, do you know that we've all let you get us into trouble!"

Jiang Yan sat on her butt on the carpet, slapping her thighs and crying out shrilly, "I can't live anymore! You've screwed us over!!!"

Looking at the messy scene, Wen Ruyun frowned, "Mom and Dad, make yourselves clear, what's going on? What does Gu Quan's death have to do with you guys?!"

"Gu Quan's family came to the door! Demanding five million dollars in compensation!" Wen Quansheng looked at Wen Ruyun angrily, and

"Your grandfather has already put down the word that the reputation of the Wen family cannot be affected by this matter! He said that he can either hand over this kid's life for a life, or let our family pay out the five million dollars!"

Hearing five million dollars, Jiang Yan began to sit on the ground again, "I have never earned so much money in my life! If he wants five million dollars, he's not asking for my life!!!"

Hearing this, Wen Ruyun also had a bit of a headache.

If it was before, it wouldn't be difficult for her to borrow five million dollars from the company first.

But now that Rhyming Court Department Store was already struggling to protect itself, it was as difficult as hell to take out five million dollars from it!

"Dad, mom. I'll figure this out." Wen Ruyun bit her lower lip, "I'll see if I can manage to borrow some money from my friends, plus I still have more than two million dollars in my savings, so I should be able to scrape it together."

Upon hearing this, Jiang Yan finally stopped crying.

She got up from the ground, "Borrow now! Immediately! I must get that five million dollars today!"

"Mom, five million, not fifty thousand dollars! How can I get it all together in one night?" Wen Ruyun looked embarrassed.

"This way, you give me two days, I will definitely give you the money."

"No way!" Wen Quansheng categorically said, "We can't trust you! I've heard all about the end of Rhyme Court Department Store! If you run off with this kid, who will I ask for the money?"

He glared at Wen Ruyun with a fierce face, "If I had known that you couldn't even figure out a department store, I shouldn't have subsidized you or adopted you in the first place! Damn, I thought I picked up a business wizard, but it turned out to be a fucking money-loser!"

"Exactly! He even said that he would return 100 million dollars to us in the first place!" Jiang Yan said in a sarcastic manner, "Now you come up with five million dollars first!"

Wen Ruyun's eyes turned red as they scolded her, clenching her fists tightly and gritting her teeth:

"Don't worry guys, I, Wen Ru Yun, never owe anyone! If I say I'll give you a hundred million dollars, I will! At that time, even if you guys beg me to stay in the Wen family, I won't stay even for a second longer!"

Jiang Yan rolled her eyes, "Alright, alright, stop fucking bragging and hurry up and give us the five million dollars! Or else let this kid pay for his life!"

"Okay, I'll borrow it now!"

Wen Ruyun picked up the cell phone on the sofa and prepared to call Gu Ningyu.

Gu Ningyu was the eldest Miss of the Gu Family, and should be able to have a couple million dollars in her savings.

It wasn't really difficult to gather five million dollars.

But the problem was, even if she was her best friend, Wen Ruyun couldn't ask the other party to lend all her savings to her.

Just as Wen Ruyun was struggling, Ning Tianlang grabbed the cell phone and said in a deep voice, "Big sister, I killed the man, I'll take care of the money!"

"Where do you have so much money?" Wen Ruyun wanted to take back the phone, "It's better for big sister to figure it out."

Ning Tian Lang smiled faintly, "Big sister, I've been a soldier outside for so many years, I can still take out a mere five million dollars."

Upon hearing this, Wen Ruyun's red lips slightly opened in surprise, "Tian Lang you have five million dollars in savings?"

Before Ning Tianlang could answer, Jiang Yan mocked, "A mere five million? Listen to him bragging! I've never heard of a soldier earning five million dollars!"

"That's right, my old classmate Liu Daben's son is a platoon leader in the military region of Xifeng Province, and he only earns about two hundred thousand dollars a year!"

Wen Quansheng looked contemptuous, "You don't even have a rank, and you dare to brag that you take advantage of five million dollars?"

"Who said I don't have a rank?!"


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