Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 68: Bullying Contracts

"What's your rank?" Wen Quansheng clasped his shoulders, "Mouth says nothing, bring me your military uniform shoulder badge!"

"My uniform is guarded by a special person sent by the Military Region Headquarters' Confidential Division, and will not be easily utilized for non-major occasions."

After Ning Tianlang finished this sentence, Jiang Yan directly snorted out a laugh:

"Pfft! You can be too pretentious, I've never heard of a broken uniform that needs to be guarded, could it be that it's encrusted with gold?"

Ning Tianlang nodded his head once: "That's right, more than just gold, on the star emblem of my military cap, it's inlaid with the highest grade Diamond of Light."

"Heh heh heh ......," Jiang Yan scoffed coldly.

"Diamond of Light? Only three of them have been unearthed in the whole world! How dare you say you have one on your hat?!"

"Alright!" Wen Quansheng was filled with impatience, "I don't want to listen to this little yakuza continue bragging! Wen Ruyun you hurry up and call five million dollars to my bank account! Otherwise we'll just stay at your house and not leave!"

Saying that, he pulled Jiang Yan to sit on the sofa with his butt, looking like a scoundrel who wouldn't stop until he reached his goal.

Ning Tianlang didn't bother to continue explaining to them and directly said, "Give me your bank account number."

Wen Quansheng raised his eyelids in contempt, "70128975......"

After he reported a string of numbers, he sneered, "Little yakuza, if you can come up with five million dollars, I'll pull my head off and kick it for you as a ball!"

"That's what you said."

Ning Tianlang picked up his cell phone and sent a message to Zhuang Yucheng, "Transfer five million to this account as Boss Ning."

After sending the message, he coldly looked at Wen Quansheng, "Don't forget what you just said, if I can get five million dollars, this head of yours will be mine."

As soon as his words fell, Wen Quansheng's cell phone dinged.

Wen Quansheng thought it was a trash advertisement and just swept it casually.


It didn't matter if he didn't look at it!

A look, almost put his eyes out of shock!

The text message clearly wrote--

Your bank card account 1027, on June 23rd his bank came to the account amount of 5,000,000 yuan, the balance after the transaction 5,205,000 [West Phoenix Bank]

Five million dollars, to the account!

"Hiss ......"

Wen Quansheng sucked in a breath of cool air in surprise, "You ...... you really took out five million dollars?!"

How could he not expect that an orphan in his early twenties could come up with such a huge sum of money?

Jiang Yan stretched her neck to look at the cell phone, and was also so shocked that her pupils shook.

But she immediately crossed her arms and scolded Wen Ruyun:

"Good for you, you little bitch who eats out of the house! You've diverted all the money from the company to feed the hanky-panky, haven't you? I said that the Rhyme Court Department Store collapsed just like that, so it was you who was behind it!"

When she said that, Wen Quansheng also reacted.

"Damn! It's true that you're a white-eyed wolf that can't be raised! How dare you give all the money to this little yakuza who eats soft food! He doesn't know how to honor us!"

Saying that, his eyes rolled, "You've stolen a lot of public money, haven't you? Quickly! Give it all to me! I won't bring this to the family's attention!"

The Rhyming Court Department Store would soon be returned to the old big family's Kang Yang Group, and he intended to rake in as much as he could.

Wen Ruyun was so angry that her body trembled, "I didn't! I've never privately taken a single penny from the company! On the contrary, the Wen family has been siphoning off money from it, making it extremely difficult for the entire company to develop!" "What? Not willing?" Wen Quansheng put his hand under her eyes and pointed fiercely, "You're eating out of your own mouth, but you didn't give us a single cent?"

"I haven't taken a single penny! What am I going to give you guys!"

Wen Ru Yun was about to collapse!

"Good you Wen Ru Yun!"

Wen Quansheng's face was filled with a sinister look.

"When we hand over the Rhyme Court Department Store the day after tomorrow, we'll check the accounts on the spot! If I find out that you've stolen a penny from our family, you're going to jail!"

Anyway, after the handover of the Rhyme Court Department Store to the Boss family, Wen Ruyun had no use for it, and since he couldn't get the money, he simply tore his face off and killed the fish!

Wen Quansheng threatened fiercely, directly "bang" slammed the door and left.

Looking at the closed door, Wen Ruyun slowly squatted down, holding his knees "whimpering" and crying.

She has always treated them as family.

Grateful and thankful.

No matter how they used her, she had never had any complaints.

But she didn't expect that all these years of hard work and complaining would end up with such an ending. ......

Ning Tianlang bent down and picked up Wen Ruyun horizontally, slowly placing her on the sofa.

Wen Ruyun's face was a little red, organized her messy pajamas, wiped her tears and said:

"Tian Lang, where did you get that money? If it was borrowed from loan sharks, big sister will find a way to help you pay it back in a hurry."

Even at the most painful and desperate time, her first worry was still Ning Tianlang's matter.

"Big sister, that's all my savings, just don't worry, there won't be any problems."

Ning Tian Lang quietly gazed into Wen Ru Yun's eyes.

"Believe me, the Rhyolite Department Store will never be taken away! The Wen family members who bullied you will all get the lesson they deserve as well!"


In the blink of an eye, two days later.

Early in the morning, Wen Guangyi brought Wen Kangsheng and Wen Quansheng and the others to Rhyme Ting Department Store.

Rhyme Court Department Store was the Wen Family's second largest pillar industry, second only to Kang Yang Group.

Therefore, the Wen family attached great importance to this transfer.

Arriving at the topmost floor chairman's office area, Wen Zixu had a greedy and expectant face.

After today, the chairman here would be him!

Without any effort, he had earned such a big company while lying down.

Simply dreaming and waking up with a smile!

A group of people entered the office, Wen Ru Yun hurriedly stood up from her chair, "Grandpa, elder uncle, father."

Wen Zixu strides forward, tugging on her clothes and dragging her out from behind the chairman's desk, arrogantly saying:

"Grandpa is here, and you still dare to stand inside the desk? Simply no respect!"

"There was a sound.

Wen Ru Yun's lace collar was torn open by a large opening.

"Wen Zixu, let go!" Wen Ru Yun shook off his hand with all her might, covering her chest angrily, "Don't go too far!!!"

Wen Zi Xu cast his big mouth away, "So what if it's excessive? Immediately you're going to get out of here! The Wen family no longer has a place for you!"


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