Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 69: The Investors Have Arrived!

Wen Ruyun covered her collar and was in a sorry state, but there was no one to speak for her.

Even her adoptive father, Wen Quansheng, was just indifferently watching from the sidelines with cold eyes.

Wen Guangyi sat down on Wen Ruyun's chair under the support of two Wen family juniors and said in a lofty manner:

"Ru Yun ah, the transfer contract has been prepared, if there is nothing wrong, you sign it."

Wen Ruyun took a deep breath, "Okay, I'll sign!"

The arrow was on the string, she was at the end of her rope.

She took the contract from Wen Zixu's hands and carefully flipped through it to read it.

Suddenly, her face abruptly changed.

"Grandpa, how come it's transferring one hundred percent of the shares to Kang Yang Group? Wasn't it agreed that I would be allowed to keep a small portion of the shares?"

Wen Ruyun's hand trembled slightly as she held the contract.

"Also, why is this transfer money going to Wen Quansheng? I won't get a penny? After all these years of my dedication to running the business, I'll just end up empty-handed?!"

Wen Guangyi stroked his white beard, "Ruyun ah, the transfer of all the shares is also for the good of the company, so don't get entangled anymore. As for the transfer money, you and Quan Sheng are father and daughter, what else can a family divide between you and me?"

This was said in a righteous manner, but directly put Wen Ruyun on the shelf!

As long as she signed this contract, she not only has no relationship with Rhyme Court Department Store from now on, but also can't get a dime!

"No, I can't sign such an overbearing clause!"

Wen Ru Yun shook her head with a resolute face.

The Wen family drawing up such an overbearing contract really made her too sad!

This was simply to kick her out completely, leaving no mercy at all!

Wen Ruyun bit her lip, sadness and despair written all over her face.

She couldn't understand!

Having been relatives with the Wen family for nine years!

How could they bear to kick themselves away like dogs!

Seeing Wen Ruyun about to back out, Wen Zixu's eyebrows rose then!

"Wen Ru Yun! Don't you give your face away! Hurry up and sign the contract, don't fucking delay!"

Wen Guangyi also slapped the desktop heavily, "This matter can't be left to your caprices! Sign it now!"

Wen Ruyun gritted her teeth and stubbornly said, "You guys are bullying people too much! Even if I have to watch Rhyme Court Department Store completely collapse, I won't sign this overbearing contract!"

"Eldest, how do you discipline your daughter? Do you want to see your father get angry?!"

Wen Kangsheng sank his face and sternly reprimanded Wen Quansheng.

Wen Quansheng's face turned a shade of red and a shade of white -

He himself was so old and still had to be reprimanded like a grandson!

This was all the fault of this bitch Wen Ruyun!

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got, and he hissed loudly at Wen Ruyun: "Wen Ruyun, if you don't sign this transfer contract today, you're out of the Wen family!"

Wen Ru Yun smiled miserably, "Oh, if I sign it, I'm afraid I'll be kicked out of the Wen family as well, right? Didn't you guys plan to unload the donkey long ago?"

"I grass mud horse!" Wen Zixu couldn't hold back any longer and pointed at Wen Ruyun's nose and cursed, saying

"Little cousin, hurry the fuck up and sign while we're still giving you face! Don't fucking force me to hit someone!"

He had dreamed of coming to Rhyme Court Department Store to become the chairman of the board, and now that he saw Wen Ruyun's delay in signing the papers, he was already in a hurry to go crazy.

Just then!

A loud voice came from the office door:

"Try moving your hand!"

Everyone turned around, only to see Ning Tian Lang standing upright with a cold face!

A few Wen family juniors whispered:

"Isn't this the little white boy from the family banquet? Why is he here?"

"I guess he's afraid that after Wen Ruyun signs the contract, he won't have the money to support him!"

"Hahahahaha ......"

One sentence drew laughter, and the laughter was full of mockery.

Ning Tian Lang's face was cold and stern as he walked in with large strides and stood straight in front of Wen Ru Yun.

Condescendingly, he said to Wen Zixu, "If you dare to touch my big sister, try it!"

Seeing Ning Tian Lang, Wen Zi Xu's face went white.

He had seen the other party strangle Gu Quan with one hand!

Seeing that his son couldn't get off the stage, Wen Kangsheng coldly spoke out, "This is an internal matter of our Wen family, it has nothing to do with you, an outsider!" Ning Tianlang ignored him and instead looked at Wen Guangyi, "Master Wen, I'm sure you still remember the bet between you and I, don't you?"

"You mean the project cooperation with the Kunlun Group?" Wen Guangyi revealed a hint of disdain

"I don't know if you've heard about it, but the invitation letter of the hallowed Qing'an Liang family was all taken back! Now that Rhyme Court Department Store's capital chain is broken, they can't even enter the door of the bidding conference! The bet between you and I, does it still have any meaning?!"

Wen Zixu immediately stretched his neck and said, "That's right, do you know what size family the Liang family is? Even they couldn't get an invitation, let alone your little department store!"

Ning Tian Lang hooked up the corners of his mouth, "I know about the Liang family's invitation being withdrawn because, well, that was my decision."


"Pfft! Pfft!"

When these words came out, many people directly spewed out in laughter.

"Hahahahaha...... you're not sick, are you?" Wen Zixu covered his stomach and laughed out loud.

"It was your decision to withdraw the Liang family's invitation? Don't brag about it, will you? Hahaha laughed my ass off ......"

Wen Kangsheng also snorted, "A little trash, I guess he doesn't even know what kind of existence the Liang Family is, and he still dares to speak out of turn!"

Ning Tianlang spread his hands, "I can't help it if you guys don't believe me. But saying that reminds me, there's still a kid in the Liang family who owes me something."

Liang Peng's promise to eat shit live on air had yet to be fulfilled!

Amidst the jeers of the crowd, Wen Guangyi droned in a deep voice, "Alright, stop listening to this ignorant brat's nonsense and hurry up to finish signing the contract!"

"I am not going to sign this kind of unequal ......"

Before Wen Ru Yun could finish her words, Wen Quansheng interrupted with a grim face:

"Wen Ru Yun, do you want to check the accounts in front of so many people? If there are really problems with the company's accounts, not only you, but even this brat will have to be sent to jail!"

"I'm doing the right thing! If you guys want to check the accounts, go ahead!"

"Good! It just so happens that I've brought the Kang Yang Group's finances here!" Wen Zixu smiled sinisterly.

"It couldn't be easier to do something when checking the accounts! Wen Ruyun, you have to think carefully!"

"You ......"

Wen Ru Yun did not expect Wen Zi Xu to go to this extent!

If it was just her, she would never bow her head and admit defeat.

But Wen Quansheng recognized that she had given all the money to Ning Tianlang, and if they planted evidence to frame her, Ning Tianlang wouldn't be able to escape ......

Wen Ruyun's hands trembled slightly, "Okay ...... I'll sign ......"

For Ning Tianlang, she could give up everything!

"Sign what?"

Ning Tianlang snatched the contract from her hand.

Baring his teeth, he tore it all into shredded paper.

"Immediately the investors will arrive, this contract is no different from scrap paper!"

Wen Guangyi's face turned iron blue, "Investors? What investor? Can't it be that there are still people who are willing to invest money in Wen Ruyun?"

"Grandpa, don't be angry, they are just dying!" Wen Zixu had a mocking look on his face.

"I've asked around, Wen Ru Yun has run through almost every investment company in Qing'an, and not a single one of them is willing to take her on!"

The people of the Wen family chimed in:

"Oh, the Zhu family has spoken, if someone is really willing to invest in her, then that's a hell of a thing!"

"I have a friend who works at Changhui Group, he said that Wen Ruyun was kicked in the face by the security guards, not to mention how lousy she was!"

"Yes, I heard that too, everyone is avoiding her like the plague!"

The Wen Family crowd said one thing to each other, and Wen Ruyun's pretty face was already pale without a trace of blood color.


Just at this moment!

"Buzz... buzz... buzz..."

A supercar's roar suddenly came from downstairs, violently interrupting the crowd's taunts!

Immediately after that!

The sound of thunderous engines came from far and near, one wave after another, reaching the clouds!

They could hear it clearly and deafeningly from the ninth floor through the window!

Wen Zixu curiously ran to the window to take a look down, and immediately opened his mouth wide, so shocked that his eyes were about to fall out!


"How did so many luxury cars come?!"


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