Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 70: Shameless Man!

Underneath the building, one luxury car after another slowly and orderly drove into the parking lot of Rhyme Court Department Store.

It was almost like a car show!

Rolls Royce Cullinan, Bentley Mulsanne Plus, Ferrari f8......

The topmost luxury cars in the entire Qing'an City were almost all gathered together!

"This ...... this this ......"

Wen Zixu was so shocked that his jaw trembled and he couldn't even speak clearly.

"What the hell is going on?"

"What happened?"

Wen Kangsheng and Wen Quansheng both took steps to the window.

"Cough cough cough ......"

Upon seeing the luxurious "car show" downstairs, Wen Quansheng choked and coughed violently.

His face rose purple in horror, "What is this ...... situation?"

Wen Kangsheng pointed to a gray Porsche McKay, a pair of eyes staring round:

"I recognize that car! That's the car of Chairman Gao of Qing'an Xinchuang Investment Company!"

Once he heard the words Qing'an Xinchuang, even Wen Guangyi couldn't sit still!

He stood up holding the table and said in shock, "Chairman Gao has come to Rhyme Court Department Store?"

As he spoke, he trembled and came to the window, stretching his neck to look down.

"Hiss ......"

In the next second, all of them sucked in a breath of cool air.

Only to see that the chairman of the board of directors of Qingan Xinchuang was respectfully following behind a middle-aged man, nodding his head.

"Who is that ...... person?"

Wen Guangyi's father and son glanced at each other in horror, none of them recognizing what exactly the identity of that big man was!

In the blink of an eye, a dozen or so valuable luxury cars had been parked under the building.

The people who came down from each car were all dressed in gorgeous clothes, exuding a noble aura!

Wen Zixu rubbed his eyes vigorously, "Are they ...... this coming to Rhyme Court Department Store to shop?"

"Impossible!" Wen Kangsheng directly denied.

"Qingan Xinchuang alone has several shopping buildings under its hands, how could they come to this tiny Rhyme Ting Department Store to shop?"

As soon as his words fell, the men and women in suits all walked over in the direction of the office building.

"They're really coming towards us!"

"It can't be that they're here to acquire Rhyme Court Department Store, right?!"

The Wen family was both surprised and terrified.

Wen Ruyun was also puzzled.

These people were basically all old directors of large investment companies!

Just two days ago, she had gone door to door asking them to invest in Rhyme Court Department Store.

Only they all turned her away!

At this time, when she saw these big men gathered downstairs in her own company, Wen Ru Yun's brain went blank!

Looking at her puzzled look, Ning Tian Lang smiled faintly, "Big sister, look, the investors have all arrived!"

At these words, the Wen family members all froze at once!

Wen Quansheng's cheekbones twitched, "You, you said that these are the investors you found?"

"How could that be?" Wen Zixu immediately snorted, "He's just a little yakuza, how could he possibly know so many bigwigs?"

Wen Kangsheng also nodded his head and said, "That's right, even I only recognize a few of them, how could he, an orphan in his early twenties, invite these great gods?"

Not a moment later, a sound of footsteps came from outside the door.

Those bigwigs had already come up in the elevator.

Wen Guangyi immediately said excitedly, "Quickly! Go greet them quickly!"

With a word from the head of the family, all of the Wen family members immediately hooted and hollered and stood at the door, respectfully welcoming the bosses who were worth a lot of money.

The first one to walk in was Gao Xinyang from Qing'an Xinchuang Investment Company.

Wen Kangsheng immediately bent his spine and stretched his hands to welcome up, respectfully said: "High chairman of the board of directors how are you ...... how are you ......" His words have not finished, Gao Xinyang directly from his side step Crossed over, didn't even look at him squarely!

Wen Kangsheng: "......"

A burst of green and white on his face, he was hung out to dry like a salted fish.

Immediately behind Gao Xinyang, a dozen brightly dressed middle-aged men and women walked in one after another.

Without exception, all of them regarded the Wen family crowd as nothing!

The last person to come in was none other than Chang Hui Group's chairman, Zhang Wenchang.

As soon as he saw Ning Tianlang, his muscles instantly tightened, and he piled up a pleasing smile on his face, wanting to go forward to greet him.

However, Ning Tian Lang shook his head, signaling that he didn't want to expose his identity.

Zhang Wenchang was extremely shrewd, and immediately slightly adjusted his direction and walked over to Wen Ruyun.

"Hello Ms. Wen, I'm Zhang Wenchang, the chairman of the Changhui Group."

The moment they heard the words Changhui Group, everyone in the Wen family was shocked!

That was the topmost investment company in Qing'an City!

Chairman Zhang Wenchang was worth at least ten billion dollars!

Wen Ruyun looked flattered and immediately shook his hand back, "Good day, Chairman Zhang. ......"

Wen Guangyi also hurriedly came forward and introduced himself, "Hello Chairman Zhang, I am Wen Guangyi, the head of the Wen family, our Wen family's Kang Yang Group ......"

Before he could finish his words, Zhang Wenchang coldly interrupted him, "Wen family head? Not worthy to speak directly with me yet!"

Wen Guangyi: "......"

Wen Family's crowd: "......"

Wen Guangyi's face turned green!

However, not a single word could be said to refute it!

Zhang Wenchang was right!

The market capitalization of the Wen Family's Kangyang Group was only twenty million dollars, so in front of the Changhui Group, it was indeed unworthy to speak!

Immediately afterward, the other bigwigs introduced themselves to Wen Ruyun-

"Hello Miss Wen, I'm Song Shengnian from Shengmao Investment Company."

"Hello, Miss Wen, I'm Zhao Chunyu from Hongxin Investment Company."

"Hello Miss Wen, I'm Xu Shengliu from Yunhua Fusion Enterprise."


All of these imposing bigwigs wore pleasing smiles as they made their identities known to Wen Ruyun.

Hearing one thunderous name after another, the Wen family was stunned!

Wen Zixu vigorously smacked himself in the mouth and said incredulously, ''What is this situation? They're all coming for Wen Ruyun?!"

Wen Kangsheng was also dumbfounded, "They, they can't really be here to invest in Rhyme Court Department Store?!"

As if in response to his words, Song Shengnian, the chairman of Shengmao Investment, was the first to speak:

"Miss Wen, our company has already read the investment application you sent us, we are very optimistic about the prospects of Rhyme Ting Department Store and can invest 100 million yuan."


One hundred million dollars?

All of the people in the Wen family froze on the spot as if they were struck by lightning!

Wen Guangyi's old face was even twitching!

This Rhyme Court Department Store was just an extremely small scale shopping mall.

One hundred million dollars was enough to buy a dozen or more Rhythm Court department stores!

Wen Ruyun was also extremely surprised, her heart almost jumping out of her towering chest!


It wasn't over yet!

Song Shengnian's words had just fallen, and the others spoke up, unwilling to lag behind:

"We, Hongxin Investment Company, are also investing one hundred million dollars!"

"We, Yun Hua Rong Enterprise, will also invest 100 million dollars!"

"We, Ming Yang International, are also investing one hundred million dollars!"



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