Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 6: No matter who wrongs you, you can't do it!

"As time passes by, Huo Mushan doesn't even open his mouth, and Song Zhi's heart cools down inch by inch... has she maneuvered too quickly to make Huo Mushan disgusted with himself?

She twists her wrist, wanting to pull it out, but right at this moment, the man's long arms nestle her into his hot chest, and his low, muffled voice falls from above his head.

""All of the Huo family's bride price has been given directly to Mrs. Huo, including the shares.""

""What?"" At these words, Song Yuancheng's face collapses, the knuckles of his bones holding the water cup whitening, ""Xiaozhu is still young, if you give her the shares, she has no way to take care of them, so why don't you hand them over to the Song family!""

""Dad, you underestimate me too much, and I'm married now, I can give the funds to my husband to take care of ah, we're all family anyway, aren't we?"" Song Zhi listened to Song Yuancheng's words, knowing that her father is still not dead set on utilizing her, fiercely pivoted her little head out of Huo Mu Shen's arms, and said in an extraordinarily beautiful mood.

""Song Ru, how could you!""

""What does father-in-law mean, does he not trust me, or does he not trust the Huo family?""

Huo Mushen patted Song Zhi's trembling hand and said conspiratorially.

Song Yuancheng gulped and suppressed his anger, ""Of course not, of course I trust the Huo family, it's just that for outsiders to hear it they would think that we have no one in the Song family and laugh at the fact that Xiao Ru doesn't have a mother's family.""

""Song Ru is now crowned with my Huo Mu Shen's surname, who would dare to laugh at her in Huacheng?""

""Dad, didn't you also say at first that I could do whatever I wanted with the bride price the Huo family gave me, didn't you?""

Song Yuancheng was completely exasperated and spat out blood!

He glared fiercely at Song Zhi, Song Zhi had always been a beautiful person but extremely stupid in the head, and now his arm was still turned outwards, how could he not be angry!

Song Yuancheng looked at Song Yanyan, thinking to start directly from Huo Mushan: ''Of course. Since they are all family, Mu Shen's company is also on the rise, Xiao Ru's face is injured, so let Yanran help take care of Mu Shen in the company.""

Song Ru narrowed her eyes, her heart flooded with coldness, wanting Song Yanyan to be near the water and get the moon first?

She suddenly straightens up and hugs Huo Mou Shen's neck, sticking up next to him, feeling Song Yanran's overriding gaze, as if she were careless, ""Dad, my husband or I'll take care of him personally, he doesn't like other women to be close to him, don't you think so, husband?""

Huo Muchen looks to the expectant gaze under her eyes, the soft spot in his heart is ruffled, and he says with a smile or not, ""Of course, Mrs. Huo takes care of him very well.""

Song Zhi was stared at with her eyes fluttering around, her heart filled with guilt, after all, she almost killed Huo Mou Shen yesterday when she messed up the wedding, her heart palpitates now when she thinks about it.

This claw of hers, how could she be so indebted?

Seeing the two of them interacting intimately, Song Yanran pressed down the urge to rip them apart and said with concern: ''Brother-in-law, are you still better from your injuries? Xiao Ru was also too impulsive because he ran away from the wedding and almost hurt you!""

Song rhetoric listening to Song Yanran which pot not mention which pot, she cold face, originally did not want to take care of her, but she will not give any woman the opportunity to leave them husband and wife, so she straightened up the body, eyes with anger: ""Sister, where I am fleeing from the wedding, is that my face do not know who let who got allergic to the ugly, I am afraid that my husband dislike it, and only panicked want to dodge, and I love my husband, I so much! I love my husband so much, how could I ever want to run away from the wedding!""

Song Zhi, while smiling to please Huo Mou Shen, looked at Song Yanran grimly, gritted her teeth and said, ""If I know who made me allergic to my face, and intentionally made me ugly, I will definitely not let her go!""

Song Yanran's neck went cold, feeling that Song Zhi's words were deliberately said against her.

What had Song Zhi found out?

When did she become smart?

Obviously the one who ate the mango was her, and now she can actually lie without changing her face and push the blame away, she's really underestimated!

Huo Mushen listened to her say that she was being framed angry look, seems to really want to marry him, the ink color in the bottom of the eyes is getting more and more dense, hold down her hand constantly hard to tighten, the chest cavity flooded with shocking waves, for a long time can not be calm.

Song Zhi was pinched by Huo Mou Shen's wounds, his face turned white with pain, and he couldn't help but let out a cry of pain.

""How did you get it!""

The man lowers his eyes to see the burned wound on the back of her hand, his eyes instantly becoming sinister, his long slender fingers gripping her wrist, exuding a cold severity that no one should approach.

People who know Huo Mou Shen know that he is on the verge of rage and cannot be approached easily, but Song Ru is bold, and even more so, she knows that Huo Mou Shen is worried about her, and she will not be afraid to back down, but instead, she goes up and coaxes the man in a resigned manner, ""I was burned accidentally.""

""Song Zhi, do you have no eyes or no brain!""

Although Huo Muchen speaks harshly, he helps Song Zhi apply the medicine so gently that he's afraid of breaking her.

The housekeeper sees that his wife is being reprimanded to the point where she doesn't dare to say a word in rebuttal, and is so aggrieved that she is about to cry, so he can't help but open his mouth to explain, ""Sir, just now, my wife was kindly helping Lin Ma to serve the soup, and Miss Song suddenly ran over to tug at my wife and made her get scalded by the soup.""

Song Yanran heard that what happened just now was poked and prodded by the housekeeper, her face was almost clouded into a pig's liver color, she could only innocently say, ""Xiao Zhi, sister was just too worried about you just now, so ......""

""Butler, see off the guests!""

Huo Mou Shen coldly interrupted her words, directly bending down to hit the horizontal princess carry away, striding up the long legs towards the second floor, the extra one eyes are not divided to Song Yanran.

Song Yanran was directly ignored, tears came out of her eyes, and wanted to say something.

The butler called two bodyguards, and sent them away, regardless of the circumstances.

Song Yu Yu light to see the housekeeper's thunderous style of action quietly in the bottom of the heart gave a thumbs up, I knew that Huo Mou Shen side of the people are all outstanding ability, last life, if not because of her death, Huo Mou Shen would have long established the most powerful business empire in the city of China, rather than delayed a few years.

Waiting for the bedroom, the man directly threw her onto the bed, obviously angry but can only tense the veins, stoicism to squeeze out a sentence from the throat: ""and I married the arrogance of making a scene where to go! Why didn't you say it just now and start to act aggrieved, is it because you think I can't protect you?""

Song Zhi rolled over and sat on the bed, hearing the reason for the man's anger, she let out a 'pfft' of a laugh and her face flushed red as a result.

""Song Zhe, you're my wife, no matter who gives you grief, it won't work!"" Huo Mou Shen hears her heartless laughter and gets so angry that his heart, liver, spleen, stomach and kidneys all hurt, turning around and taking out complete clothes from the cabinet, he quickly walks into the bathroom to put hot water on for her, saving himself from feeling like he's going to strangle Song Zhi with both hands if he looks at her one more time.

After putting on the water, he then came out and reached out to undo the buttons on Song Zhi's body, but his bony hand only just touched Song Zhi's collar, and saw Song Zhi reach out and grab the collar with an unnatural look, ""No, no, I'll do it myself.""

Huo Mou Shen did not care how shy she was, he directly stripped the person naked and quickly carried her into the bathroom, saw her struggling to come down, and warned with a cold face, ""Don't move if you don't want your hand to get infected!""

Song Zhi really no longer move, obediently let the man hold her into the water, an arm hanging on his neck.

The bathroom is steaming hot, the yellow light shrouded a charming atmosphere, Song Zhi's face was smoked red, in her last life plus this life, she has only rolled in bed with Huo Muchen, although she is the heart of the want to live a good life with him, and even the body does not exclude and he went to bed.

However, without clothes on her body or naked with him, Song Zhi felt that she couldn't accept it for the time being, and just thinking about it made her blush more and more hot.

Song Zhi quietly used her afterglow to look at the man, Huo Mushan was seriously focused on rubbing her body, his long and slender fingertips with warmth roaming all over her body, causing her to shudder, and she couldn't help but let a wooing sound spill out from her throat.




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