Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 7: Cannot sleep in separate rooms

"A delicate voice spilled out of his throat.

Song Zhi would never have imagined that it was her own voice.

When her realization returned, she hastily reached out to cover her lips, her eyes, which were damp from the bathroom, stared dully at Huo Mushan, but she hated to bury her head in the water, stuttering, ""I ...... will wash it myself.""

She was worried that if she let Huo Moushen wash her again, she would not be able to turn into a hungry wolf first and pounce on the person, right on the spot.

Huo Mou Shen line of sight along her delicate little face slid downward, there is a moment without a moment to sweep over her white skin speckled with red traces, leaned down towards her to lean over, his voice was dull and hoarse, with a sharp gasp: ""Good ...... you wash yourself, hands are not allowed to get the water, understand?""

The tone of favor is like coaxing a child.

Song Zhi nodded without any rules and regulations, and then saw the man's arms around his chest, his upright posture standing right next to the bathtub, watching with interest as she bathed with one hand.

Her face became even more embarrassed, tilting her head up to meet the man's smirking eyes and frowning, ""If you don't go out, then how am I supposed to wash?""

""You can't wash if I'm here, so who do you want here?"" The man asked back, his sharp eyes locking onto her, trapping her straight into his line of sight, tightening constantly, looking straight through her.

In an instant, four eyes met.

Song Zhi was said to be justified, there is no more bath mind, a closed eyes directly from the bathtub stood up, toward the bathtub outside step, anyway, have been disgraced, also not afraid of losing face twice more, not yet stepped out, but under the foot suddenly a slip, she can not help but let out a cry of surprise.

In the next second, her waist was steadily dragged by a pair of coarse and powerful hands, accompanied by a softly smiling and doting voice: ""Mrs. Huo is throwing herself into the arms?""

Song Zhi can't lift her head from the flirtation and seems to sense the man's bad taste, chagrined in her heart.

In his previous life, although Huo Mushan was on the verge of rage from time to time by her, he was also cool and ascetic, and this man who had molested her several times in front of her, was he still her husband?

She just frowned, Huo Mushan saw her thoughts, the corners of his lips lightly hooked out a little arc, in Song Zhi looked over, and disappeared.

Huo Moushen as if on purpose in general, pulled over the towel slowly and methodically for her to wipe the water droplets on the body, obviously five minutes can be done, he wiped the whole half an hour.

When he finally finished wiping and took the bathrobe, Song Zhi topped her red face and finally sighed in relief.

Huo Mushen hugs her back across the body to the bed, his gaze falling on her long, wet hair plastered to her forehead, he takes out the hair dryer in the cabinet and pats the side of the bed, ""Come here.""

Song Zhi obediently sits beside the man, letting the man's slender fingertips pass through her hair, a warm sensation spreading out, making her squint in comfort.

But after she couldn't notice Huo Mushan's movements of blowing her hair, she then slowly opened her eyes, but where in the empty room was Huo Mushan's figure.

She was so anxious that she immediately got up, not bothering to put on her shoes, she went towards the room with the bright light, and saw Huo Moushen standing straight on the edge of the bed and was about to take off his clothes, and when he saw her come in, his eyes with displeasure landed on her white feet, ""Why don't you put on your shoes, and want to wait to be sick and then make a scene back at Song's house saying that I'm treating you harshly?""

""Why don't you take a shower in the master bedroom, do you want to sleep in a separate room from me?"" Song Zhi's black and white eyes are tearful and questioning towards him with aggression.

At this moment, Huo Mushen's upper body clothes were taken off, revealing his well-defined eight-pack abs, he walked towards Song Zhi step by step, as if stepping on her heart, and suddenly bent down and leaned over her ear and said, ""Can't stay away from me anymore, or do you want to kill me again?""

Song Zhi shivered when she heard him say that.

She was quiet for a while.

In her mind, however, she flashed back to the scene in her last life when Huo Mushan was nearly stabbed in the heart by her knife and fell into a pool of blood.

Her face turns white inch by inch.

She reaches out and hugs his neck, burying her face into the nest of his shoulder, warm teardrops poking straight through the man's skin into his heart, ""Husband~ Don't leave me, without you, I'll have nightmares at night.""

As soon as the words fell, a silence fell into the air.

The window of the guest bedroom was left open and a cool breeze blew through.

Song Zhi was too frozen to speak, only wanting to hug Huo Moushen hard and listen to the beating of his heart to prove that he was alive.

Huo Mushen was held by her for a full ten minutes until a sneeze pulled back a trace of his trance.

If she wanted to play a trick to get a divorce, she didn't have to act so real, but the vulnerability and fear that came from Song Zhi at that moment just now couldn't be ignored past any means, as if she was truly afraid he would leave her.

He narrowed his eyes, and when he touched her cold body, he carried her into his arms with one hand and went straight to the master bedroom to tuck her under the covers.

Seeing this, Song Zhi smiles even more brightly, full of dependence and cumbersome in his arms, tightly hooked around his neck, with a tendency not to let go, her eyes so bright that they seem to only be able to hold him alone.

Huo Mou Shen was rubbed by her breathing gradually rough, frowned, reached out to yank her hand, but was hooked more tightly by her, the appearance of arrogance is somewhat cute.

He laughed lightly, ""Loosen up.""

""Do you still want to go?""

The voice is as aggrieved as it needs to be.

Huo Mou Shen looks deeply at her pitifully looking at him, angry and laughing: ""Not loosening up, want to accompany me to take a bath again?""

Song resigned to hear the embarrassment to let go of his neck, but also afraid that he wants to sleep in a separate room with himself, small hand in his turn reflexively tugged at a corner of his pants: ""You're still coming back, right?""

Seeing that his pants were pulled halfway down, the man's face sank: ""Mrs. Huo, is this a must for me? I don't think Mrs. Huo can go from killing me to loving me in one night?""

""You're my husband, of course I can't live without you in my life."" Song Zhi sweetly speaks smoothly, ""Hubby yesterday's incident was a misunderstanding, they say beating is kissing and scolding is loving, I was too much in love with you and completely fell under my husband's beauty.""

Huo Mou Shen reached out and clasped his small hand to avoid touching her wound, and opened his mouth in a low voice: ""My beauty?""

""Not only beauty, but also body."" Song Zhi tugs on his pants with one hand, unknowingly almost yanking them down, and her pajamas completely spread out under the covers as she brushes against Huo Muchen.

The snow-white skin is flushed with purple-red hickeys, and the long black hair sets off the delicate collarbones with white light.

Huo Muchen held back so much that his veins rippled and he slapped her on the buttocks, ""Song Zhe, when did you get so bold that you actually dared to flirt with me?""

""I'm telling the truth.""

Huo Mou Shen hooks his lips, and when Song Zhi's innocent eyes meet his, he slaps her buttocks with a slap that isn't too light but not too heavy, directly tickling Song Zhi's little nature.

Seeing her puffing out her cheeks, about to lose her temper, he opens his mouth without haste, ""Don't say that hitting is kissing and scolding is loving, so what's the point of hiding?""


You're my husband, you call the shots.

I'll let you have it this time.

Song Zhi is like a blown up balloon, the air that had been spanked was drained cleanly at once, she pouts and mutters, ""Husband, you have to believe me.""

Huo Mushan was stared at by her innocent eyes and couldn't help but want to break her waist, the veins under his skin throbbing fiercely, wild and sexy.

He reaches out and touches her hot cheeks, so he simply follows her hand and directly removes his pants, wearing shorts, and walks towards the bathroom.

He was, right now, in desperate need of a cold shower.

Song Zhi also knew that Huo Mu Shen might not believe herself for a while.

She was in no hurry.

Her husband was hers and only hers!"


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