Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 71: What a blessing!

Bu Yan shivered, and then saw Song Zhi looking straight at him, staring him down.

"Alright, everyone disperse, in the future if you have this kind of thing, go directly to report it, the hospital under the Bu family will absolutely not allow this kind of thing to happen!" Bu Yan's serious and taut face was a bit similar to his previous life.

Cold, chilling, lonely, and unfathomable.

His line of sight fell in front of Song Zhi, he stepped forward and lowered his voice: "Third sister-in-law, you can pick up the report tomorrow, I still have some data that I haven't measured yet, so I still need to wait a bit."

Song Zhi made an 'oh' sound and didn't care, instead, she touched the powder case that Gu Qingjia had given her and held it out to hand it to him, "I want to measure out what ingredients are in this box of cosmetics?"

Bu Yan took it, his eyes flickered, "Good, it will take a week, once I finish checking, I will immediately tell Third Sister-in-law. Gu Qing Jia's matter, how does Third Sister-in-law want to deal with it, her previous matter is not enough to constitute a criminal offense, and there is not enough evidence, do I need Third Brother to make a move!"

If Third Brother made a move, it would definitely be more than just to make Gu Qingjia unable to become a doctor, but to completely make Gu Qingjia unable to see the light of day for the rest of her life, or even ...... see tomorrow's sun!

"......" Song Ru licked his lips, revealing a meaningful smile, "There is no hurry, wait for you to check out the results and then give them to me, Mu Shen also asked me to go to the company for dinner, I will not talk to you, I will leave first. "

"Not sitting down for a chat?" Bu Yan had a hard time seeing someone he could talk to was about to leave, his heart was stuffed.

Song Zhi paused in his footsteps, his black and silky hair falling on both sides, like an elf who fell into the mortal world, but his eyes were like those of a judge from hell.

According to their investigation, Song Zhi was not of this temperament before, now suddenly his temperament has changed drastically, it is indeed very strange.

"No chatting, Mu Shen said to give me a surprise, I'm leaving first." Song Zhi refused without mercy, not even giving a corner of his eye.

Buyan lifted his long legs and followed Song Zhi into the elevator.

"Third sister-in-law, what kind of surprise is third brother going to give you? Third Sister-in-law, do you know that you were handsome just now, Third Brother and I haven't seen anyone who taught this dry lesson with their hands up before!

You're the first, really!

You even lied with a straight face!"

Song Zhi was embarrassed.

Nima, is this a compliment or an insult?

"Thank you for not exposing me." She whispered.

Bu Yan's upright figure stood at Song Zhu's side, appearing sunny, and seemed to be testing Song Zhu, "Third Sister-in-law, have you seen me before? I've seen that you're quite familiar with me every time, and you're more familiar with me than you are with third brother."

"......" Narcissism!

"Third sister-in-law!" Buyan was talking too much nonsense, chattering all the way from the sixteenth floor to the first floor, his mouth didn't stop: "Do you think Third Brother would be more upset if he knew? Don't worry I definitely won't say anything to Third Brother. Speaking of which, have you gone back to the Huo family yet? In a while it will be Elder Huo's big birthday, I've prepared congratulatory gifts."

"...... "Song Zhi wrinkled her eyebrows in doubt, in her last life, she rarely went back to the Huo family, she even felt as if Huo Mushan had detached himself from the Huo family, and didn't remember her going back a few times.

Elder Huo's birthday banquet, it's important, isn't it.

"Seeing as how you look like this isn't that you just don't know, so I'll popularize it for you?" The step words buzzed Song Zhi's brain, but he was tireless, always keeping the words firmly in his hands, "Third sister-in-law, third brother has been reluctant to introduce you to us, why don't you talk to third brother, a few of our brothers would like to meet you, to celebrate your new marriage."

"Any gifts?" Song Zhi raised her eyes, lifted her lips, and spoke softly.

"Third sister-in-law, what's the point of being so blunt? But there's definitely a gift, it's definitely not expensive, especially the gift from big brother is definitely quite a lot, aren't you looking forward to it?" Bu Yan revealed a look of curiosity.

"Oh." Song Zhi, however, had little interest, she had a husband on the line, she wanted a P gift!

"Third sister-in-law, are you not interested?" Bu Yan scratched his ears and began to give Song Ru a generalization of their brothers' tycoon big brother.

Although the surface is only a police captain, but in reality it is not as simple as it seems, as long as he is out, it is absolutely generous to death!

Song Zhi came to a bit of interest, and as he stepped out of the elevator, he lowered his eyes to cover his curtains and whispered, "Bu Yan, if you want to be this noisy all the time, it'll be fine?"

Bu Yan was stunned.

Nima, is this a compliment, or is it detrimental?

Song Zhi is really the person that Third Brother taught by hand, even undermining people is just as insidious, it's really completely different from the former Song Zhi!


Song Zhi left the hospital and went straight to M & R. She couldn't wait to see Huo Mo Shen.

On the 18th floor, the elevator rises a little bit, and Song Zhi's breath tightens a little bit.


A light sound twitched Song Zhi's nerves, she stood in the center of the elevator door, saw it open a little bit, her eyes were like the first sun on the horizon, gradually burning hot.

Suddenly, a long arm reached in and tugged on her arm, pressing her back into the elevator arm.

She didn't have time to cry out in shock, and she didn't even see the silhouette clearly before a kiss fell.

A man's kiss with a strong dose of punishment.

He lived around to the edge of her ear before the thumping heart in his left atrium soothed slightly, resting his chin on top of her head and panting slightly.

His five-foot-nine frame wrapped Song Zhi almost completely around her, impenetrable.

His arms nearly strangled her waist, hating to rub Song Zhi into the marrow of her bones, as if he was calming some emotion.

"Say, who is the most important person to you?"

Song Zhi was confused, not understanding where the man's sudden anger came from.

Without thinking, she said, "Of course it's you."


"Really, what's wrong with you?"

Song Zhi still doesn't know that what she said at the hospital made that heart in the man's chest lift up and inexplicably annoy him.

As soon as Huo Mou Shen remembered that she had once liked someone else, he couldn't wait to crush that person with his own hands.

But now that Song Zhi is in his arms, that heart slowly calms back down.

The corners of her lips curved up in a subtle arc, and she lowered her head and kissed again.

Song Zhi's body was so soft that he couldn't stand up at all, and could only firmly grasp the collar of his shirt.

More than ten seconds later, the man opened his voice.

Low mixed with magnetic breath fell, "Xiao Ru, you can really be my little lucky star."

Song Ru's red lips were slightly open, gasping for air.

She couldn't see the man's face, but she could feel Huo Mu Shen's pleasant mood.

"Didn't get it~" Song Zhi said softly.

"Take you to the office so you can understand a little better." Huo Mushan rubbed her red earlobes, and half of his arm exerted force, almost pinning Song Zhi and walking away.

Song Zhi was lifted up at the waist, her feet airborne as she came out of the elevator and headed straight for the office.

How did she feel like she was not entering an office, but a small dark room?

Song Zhi's eyebrows jumped and she almost felt like she was going to be taken off by Huo Mushen!

He was also in too much of a hurry!

As soon as she entered the office, the pupils of Song Zhi's eyes jumped, and the curtains were so closed that they almost made the room invisible.

The original desk is still there, just next to it is an extra sofa that is nearly one long enough for Huo Moushen to fall on it without overdoing it!

Push the door, close it, and lock it!

A 'click' came from the side of her ears, and Song Zhi saw the man 'throw' her onto the sofa, loosening the tie buttons and clasping the back of her head as he lowered his head to continue the unfinished kiss in the elevator.

A deep kiss, Song Zhi almost jumped out of his arms, busy grabbing his tie and whispering, "This is your office."

"So what if it's an office?"

He looked like he was taking it for granted ......


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