Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 72 - Huo Mu Shen can go to heaven and earth with his wife.

Song Zhi was kissed to the point of losing his three souls and hearing footsteps outside the door from time to time, he became even more frightened.

If she lost face once in the hospital, it was just a matter of time.

In case she lost her face again at M&R, she would feel ashamed to stay in the future when she entered the company to work, so she opened her mouth and bit when he kissed her deeper and deeper.

"...... There's someone."

Huo Mou Shen tongue a pain, from the lip cavity spread a faint taste of blood, eyebrows knit up, looking at the embarrassment of the small face near at hand, long fingers stroking her smooth ebony hair, in her ear whispered: "Who dares to come?"

Song Zhi was speechless, desperately searching for a topic, and between her breaths was Huo Mu Shen's kisses, and could only say intermittently, "What's going on with this ...... couch ...... I came last time and haven't . ...not seen it."

"The last time you came, I had someone prepare it just to accommodate you." Huo Mu Shen said in a low voice.

He didn't hide his true thoughts in the slightest, and even felt unusually ...... taken for granted.

He now hated to make it known to the world that this tiny, soft, delectable human being was his wife!

In Huacheng, Song Zhi can walk horizontally with Huo Mou Shen, while Huo Mou Shen can go to heaven and earth with his wife!

Song Zhe was pressed against his lips, his eyes glaring at him, "Mr. Huo, the way you're acting right now makes me feel like you've come to call me for dinner to eat me."

"En." Huo Mushen's hot breath sprays into his ear, the corner of his lips hooking up, "I just felt that my Xiaozhu is a bit bigger."

"I've always been bigger." Song Zhi pushes her hands against his chest, her cheeks playfully red.

Huo Mou Shen's heart stirred, his gaze sweeping ghostly across the circle, "Big? I didn't feel it when I touched it."

Song Ru: "......" There's no way to carry on this topic!

After a two-second pause, she licked her tongue and her black and white eyes rolled, "I've seen on the internet, but I've read that the size of a woman's monthly ferociousness after she gets married is all about how well her husband's rubbing skills are?"

Huo Mushen raises an eyebrow, "Mrs. Huo is accusing me of not working hard enough? Then I'll work hard day in and day out in the future to try and get Mrs. Huo to the next level soon."

Song Zhi's face 'swishes' and bursts red, unable to speak to Huo Mushan.

She vaguely hears people passing by outside the door from time to time, and no matter how much she wants to pounce on Huo Mushan, she still has to be 'reserved' enough to stay up until she gets home, so she simply changes the topic, "Didn't you say you could give me a surprise? Surprise?"

"Mrs. Huo see is not enough surprise?" Huo Muchen spoke in a low voice.

Song Zhu died.

"Then you ask me if I can bear it!" It must be said that Song Zhi is arrogant!

"Does Mrs. Huo think that her small body can withstand me?" Huo Mou Shen easily picks up the person and pinches her thin waist with a handful of bones, "Starting tomorrow, eat with me, don't eat less than a bite of food, I'll have a nutritionist prepare your meals."

"...... I don't want to, I just can't eat fat anymore, what should I do?" Song Zhi's eyes are clear and crisp as she looks at Huo Mu Shen before she understands the meaning of his mouth.

Nima, the husband sets his wife up every day, there is no love left.

"Then I'll raise it and throw in more food."

"What about raising a pig?"

"Then I'll celebrate my success in raising pigs and can consider whether to put it on the pig raising market." Huo Mushen raked over Song Zhi's explosively red little face.

Song Zhi is like a cat that's been ruffled and fried, her eyes glaring at Huo Moushen as she rants, "Huo Moushen, you're just going to bully me, I'll fight you!"

She stretches out her arm, tugs on the man's tie, presses down on his shoulders, and violently rolls over, actually succeeding with ease.

He was pressed underneath her, with a lazy brow of indifference, gently looking askance at her, his hands pinching and stabilizing her waist.

Song Zhi looked down at the man's brows and eyes confusing, adrenaline are followed by rubbing up to the brain.

What did she do?

She recoiled from Huo Mushan.

"So Mrs. Huo wants to sit on top." Huo Mushan's cool and ascetic face added a hint of sultriness, reaching out to pinch the delicate flesh of her waist.

It seems to have touched one of Song Zhi's sensitive points, her body can't help but tremble, and when she looks down, she sees Huo Moushen's flirtatious doting frown, angry and annoyed, and suddenly remembers something.

"Mr. Huo don't you think you're acting like a dimwitted ruler by not going to handle thousands of people right now?"

Huo Mushen says without a care in the world, "The hibiscus tent is warm at night, and from now on the king doesn't have a morning court."


Song Zhi bites her lower lip with her shell teeth and deliberately learns from Huo Muk Shen's lazy and wanton brow, stretching out a finger and picking up the man's chin, slowly saying, "I want to be your Daji, wreaking havoc on the country and the people, destroying the people, ruining your kingdom and the mountain, and also destroying you~"

Upon hearing this, Huo Mo Shen suddenly exerted himself and rolled over and kissed him lowly.

Song Zhi instantly sensed that something wasn't quite right, really pissed off.

She immediately spread her hands and surrendered her posture, "Husband, I'm hungry, I'm really hungry ...... You just said that you called me to come and eat, I'll eat I'll definitely eat!"

"Too late ......"

Knock knock knock!

"Third brother, what are you locking the door for?"

Outside the door as timely rain like voice came: "Opposite sent documents need you to sign in time, third brother you quickly come out."


"Third brother, you don't say third sister-in-law is here, where is she? Do you want me to go and welcome the driver in person?" Lu Ziyan flirted.

"No need!" Huo Mou Shen squeezes out two words from the hollows of his throat before touching her parched stomach, picking the person up, and arranging Song Zhi's hair before pulling open the door!

Lu Zi Yan stood in the doorway and was just about to raise his hand to knock when he saw the door abruptly open.

Immediately afterward, he saw Huo Mushan with a gloomy face, messy hair, and a crooked tie.

He was staring at himself with hawk-like eyes, squeezing out a sentence through his teeth, "You better really have something important."


Lu Ziyan crossed over to see the peach blossom-faced Song Zhi, then saw Huo Mushan's face full of valley owed to begging for dissatisfaction, and instantly understood.

He tentatively asks, "Third brother, is it okay if I turn around now and say that I don't have anything important to do and you guys continue?"

He said that Third Brother has always been obsessive-compulsive to the point that even the office sofa moved a centimeter, all asked to be moved back, how suddenly he had to change the sofa in the office?

"Old Six, didn't you say you wanted to welcome me personally?" Song Zhi where willing to let Lu Ziyan go, she felt her face lose to the sky right now.


Lu Ziyan looked at the couple standing opposite him, and instantly felt how the two were looking at him as if they were looking at a wailing pig waiting to be slaughtered.

He skimmed his mouth and immediately looked at Huo Mushen, "Third Brother, you'd better hurry up and go over the contract. The other party's project has already entered into a partnership with us, but the requirement is that all future products will be designed by this designer."

After speaking, Lu Ziyan's gaze glanced at Song Zhi from time to time.

He let out a long breath, finally realizing what it meant to hit his face!

"En, this task is responsible to you, no matter what method you use, you must 'invite' the person to the company." Huo Mu Shen finishes with an expressionless face and walks towards the conference room.

"Okay, Third Brother." Lu Ziyan tugged at the corner of his lips.

Third Brother clearly knew that the designer was Song Zhi, having learned of it from the very beginning of the design drawings, and had purposely launched an online campaign to brightly whitewash Song Zhi and prove her strength.

And he had really planted a pit as Third Brother had said, 'words are not to be spoken too fully'.

He lowered his eyes in front of Song Ru and slightly lowered his voice: "Third sister-in-law, go ahead, what are the conditions you want to ask?"


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