Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 73: Do you really want to play that big?

"Old Six, why don't I know what you're talking about?" Song Zhi leaned on the door frame and smiled crookedly.

Lu Zi Yan's face darkened, he knew that Song Zhi wasn't that kind, behind his back he must be thinking of how to screw him over?

"Third Sister-in-Law, just give it a shot!"

Stretching one's head was a knife, shrinking one's head was also a knife, but Lu Zi Yan couldn't even deny that Song Ru's moves to teach the Song family a lesson these past few times were really enjoyable!

Song Zhi saw his eyes as if he was dying, her hands ringing the fierce, then look at the front to look at the back, the whole thing like an underground spy.

Her small hand made a move towards Lu Ziyan, and the corner of her lips even curled up in the small arc of the Devil's Awakening.

Lu Zi Yan jaws, always feel that Song Zhi this is to be whole to death his eyes, will be convinced to bend over, put his ear over, listening to what Song Zhi said.

A few minutes later, Lu Ziyan's face colorful, and finally more and more black, like spilled ink stone.

When he finished listening to Song Zhi, Lu Zi Yan's face was so hideous that it could be described as unable to look at him squarely.

He looked at Song Zhi's eyes that were clustered with two small flames with a 'look at the devil' look of horror, his facial muscles twitching continuously.

"Third Sister-in-law, do you really want to play that big?"

Song Zi laughed mysteriously, "Old Six, willing to gamble to lose oh."

Lu Zi Yan's forehead veins showed, and after struggling for up to a dozen seconds, he gritted his teeth and said, "Okay, I'll choose the second one."

"The first one is actually very simple, not considering it?" Song Zhe revealed a row of small white teeth and smiled 'heartlessly' at him.

"No, just pick the second one!" Lu Zi Yan emphasized once more, his temples throbbing incessantly and his lips twitching at the corners

He now looked at Third Brother's wife again and felt too skinny.

It was all because Third Brother was used to it, Song Zhi was almost too skinny!

Lu Zi Yan took a few deep breaths to make sure he suppressed his anger before asking, "Third Sister-in-law, your behavior at the hospital today was just fantastic."

Song Zhi wrinkled her eyebrows in confusion, gazing at his knowing face, and said somberly, "How did you know?"

"Someone has already filmed and posted your incident online." Seeing that she really didn't know, Lu Ziyan pulled out his cell phone and showed her.

After browsing up and down, Song Zhi pushed the phone back to Lu Ziyan, "So I'm already this famous!"

"Yeah, I really can't tell when Third Sister-in-law you've become so caring?" Lu Ziyan took the phone back into his pocket, a few pleasing notes in his tone, "Then can Third Sister-in-law share some of her love with me as well, in exchange for a condition."

Upon hearing this, Song Zhi raised her eyes and revealed a standard dignified fake smile, "You can."

Lu Ziyan immediately came over, "Then third sister-in-law, you quickly say, what do you want to say you want? As long as I have it all, I'll give it to you."

Anyway, just let him fulfill the second ghost condition as well!

Otherwise, he really felt that all of his reputation as the Lu Duke of Huacheng would be ruined!

"You tell me the answer to the first choice, and of course the second choice won't count." Song Zhi's pupils were filled with shallow ripples, and a seemingly smiling 'falling down the well' flowed out of his diffraction.

Lu Ziyan felt that Song Zhi's brain was poisonous, her mouth was poisonous, and she was poisonous all over.

"Third Sister-in-law, why don't we make another bet, and if we win this time, you can have whatever you want." Lu Ziyan peaked and deliberately digressed.

Song Zhi didn't fall for it, shaking her little head, she took a step back, pulling away from a safe distance, and intentionally spoke in a deep and serious voice: "Or don't, I'm afraid that you'll lose a bet with me and lose your pants, in case tomorrow's headline in Huacheng, a certain M&R big shot actually doesn't have any pants to wear, people will think that my husband's company treats people harshly."

Lu Ziyan almost spat out blood, feeling that a stream of blood was coming up in his throat.

He felt that Song Zhi's brain circuits were not quite the same as normal people, but if he said that Song Zhi was stupid, nothing he did was stupid, but if he wasn't stupid, the original Song Zhi was really stupid to the point of explosion!

He took a step forward, wanting to take a closer look at Song Zhi's 'skin' to see if it was real, and reached out his hand towards Song Zhi's neck. ......


A harsh and sinister voice came from the distance, carrying a heavy threatening warning that penetrated Lu Ziyan's spine in an instant.

"Put your claws and stay away from my wife!"

Lu Ziyan's hand froze in mid-air in fear, and when he saw Huo Mushan step in front of him, he was so frightened that he immediately retracted his dog's paw.

"Don't want your hand anymore?"

"Hubby, you've finally come."

Song Zhi turned around and pounced again before the man became angry, head buried, hand hooked, and began to pout.

"Third brother, this is purely a misunderstanding misunderstanding misunderstanding, I like people with a material figure, I don't like Third Sister-in-Law's kind of front and back are the same are quite flat." Lu Zi Derivative was afraid that his claws would be chopped off, panicked and opened his mouth to explain.

The corners of Song Zhi's mouth twitched viciously, the small fire in her heart burned brighter and brighter, and she clenched her fists.

She began to soar, and her eyes reddened, and with a sob, she said extremely aggrieved: ''Husband, you didn't see it just now. Vice President Lu has been saying that I'm not good and not worthy of you, and he even told me to just pack my bags and get lost."

Lu Ziyan jawed, it was clearly third sister-in-law bullying him, and now he didn't even dare to touch half of third sister-in-law's fingers!

Huo Muchen sank his eyes, and in a cold voice, "Old Six, next week, the South African project to dig up the diamond project, you will be in charge of it."

Lu Ziyan was dumbfounded, shooting his praying eyes to Song Zhi who was showing half of his side face in in Huo Mou Shen's arms, seeing Song Zhi was raising his lips to reveal a small smart, he nervously said, "Third sister-in-law, I ...... am sorry."

Seeing Lu Zi Yan was scared off half of his soul, his face was red because he was in a hurry to defend himself, his words were stuck in his throat, his half-open mouth just couldn't send out a single word, Song Zhi's heart was comfortable.

"Mu Shen, forget it, Lao Liu didn't do it on purpose, not to mention he just promised to brush the toilet for my family for half a month." Song Zhi's breath is uneven, and his voice, mixed with a hint of stealing, comes out in Huo Muk Shen's arms.

Huo Moushen pauses, his line of sight on Song Zhi lifts slightly, landing on Lu Ziyan's entire body, and in the middle of the day, he despises and dislikes it, "Don't need him to brush our house, it'll be dirty."

Lu Ziyan's lips twitched twice, but also relieved.

But, the next second ......

"Brush the company toilet."

Song Zhi's cheeks flushed, pulling Huo Mushan to lower his head, his soft little mouth coming up to Huo Mushan's ear, his voice very small, "Husband-sama, so nice."

Huo Mou Shen lowered his head to see the little girl in his arms budding human behavior made to cry and laugh, cooperating with her to lower his voice: "Then there is a reward?"

"No. ......"

Song Ru said delicately, her black and white eyes gurgling and turning, continuing in his ear, "I still want to hear my husband say Daji Niangiang again."

Huo Mou Shen's brows flinched as he lifted her waist, "Don't even think about it, unless Mrs. Huo exchanges it with something!"

The stunning image of evil and confusing people crashing into her eyes at that second directly made Song Zhi forget all reactions for the next several seconds.

"Cheap bastard."

"Heh." Pleasure can't help but be heard in the voice that exits.

Huo Mou Shen lowered his head, looked at Song Zhi who only reached his heart, and then opened his voice subconsciously softened: "I'll take you out for dinner tonight, they made a wedding banquet for us, and I want to see you."

SongZhu's eye contour abruptly lax, shocked to contain the chest, the next second ear tip hot: "They will hate me?"


Lu Ziyan, who was catching up, was terrified by Huo Mushen's two words and couldn't walk.

They won't, they don't dare!


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