Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 74 I will be your Daji, destroy the kingdom and you!

At night, at six o'clock, the lights came on.

The breeze ruffled the fine hair on the woman's cheeks, Song Zhi draped in the man's suit, boringly followed the man into 1986.

1986 is a high-class place for the upper class to gather for dinner and leisure entertainment in Huacheng.

In the corridor, the dim yellow light was filled with disorienting colors.

Song Zhi's hand was held by the man's fingers, holding his chest towards the box, there was a starburst of light flashed across the curtains.

Her eyes couldn't help but follow the light until they landed on the diamond ring, and her spine suddenly straightened.

The man was wearing a simple and casual white shirt, the black tie was casually removed, while the collar was unbuttoned two buttons, the protruding throat rolled twice, and the cuffs were pushed to the elbow.

Song Zhi's heart actually couldn't suppress some excitement.

It turned out that in being personally introduced by Huo Mou Shen to his own people, it actually made her feel exponentially more happy and sweet.

Song Zhi couldn't help but think that if she had unconditionally believed in him from the beginning, delivered her heart to him, and devoted herself to this love affair, her sweetness would have been even more intense and surging than this moment.

Thinking like this alone, Song Zhi's heart was already beating out of her heart.

Just as he stepped into the doorway of the box, he heard flirting sounds coming from inside.

"Third Brother, we've been waiting for you for half an hour before you brought someone over, are you afraid that we'll swallow your little petite flower." Bu Yan flirted.

"Lao San is not being polite, is he trying to muffle the person?" Jiang Jing Xing shed his police uniform and wore a simple t-shirt and black pants, just sitting on the balcony, smoking a cigarette.

Song Zhi raised his eyes and looked, there were four or five people sitting in the box, in all shapes and colors, while there was a girl doing it in the corner.

Song Zhi was familiar with a few of them, while the others were all unfamiliar faces.

Bu Yan takes off his white coat and wears a suit, walking up to her, "Third sister-in-law, you're blushing, are you shy?"

Huo Mushen frowns and shields the person back, "She's shy, don't tease her."

"Third brother, you're too protective." Buyan exclaimed nonchalantly, "I've never seen you so protective of me!"

"You want to be my wife?" Huo Mou Shen's gaze half narrowed as he lowered his voice, his intense cold air pressure approaching Bu Yan.

Buyan: "......"

Song Zhu: "......"

Three black lines slide out of her forehead, and she stands speechlessly for a few seconds before continuing to take steps, approaching the center of the box.

"Third sister-in-law, this is big brother, you've met him, old Jiang Tou." Bu Yan glanced at his chin to see Jiang Jing Xing still smoking.

Jiang Jing Xing glanced at him, his fingers clamped on his cigarette, and gave a faint 'En', even if he had greeted him.

Song Zhi tensed his legs and let Buyan introduce him.

"Sitting in the corner is fifth brother Xu Liangzhou."

"Third sister-in-law is good." Xu Liangzhou, wearing silver wire-framed glasses, got up from the sofa and pushed his glasses with his fingertips, nodding his head in a civilized manner.

Song Zhi looked and scrutinized for only a split second, there was always a sense of the ugly daughter-in-law wanting to meet her in-laws.

"Old five ...... five good."

God, she is fast stuttering?

Song Zhi take out your 'drama queen' spirit ah.

After Xu Liangzhou sat down, Bu Yan pointed again at the gloomy man in the corner who was putting down his papers and casting a scrutinizing gaze cast at Song Ru and said, "That's fourth brother, Jiang Jincheng."

Bu Yan said and then sneaked up next to Song Zhi's ear and whispered, "Next to that is Jiang Jincheng's younger sister, Jiang Wine. Recently, fourth brother is in a bad mood, and his most adorable sister has been fished away. It's a long story, you'll know later."

Song Zhi followed Bu Yan's voice and looked towards Jiang Jiu who was being controlled by her brother in the corner, suddenly a little envious.

It always feels like the world owes me a brother!

"Third sister-in-law."

"Third sister-in-law~"

Song Zhe smiles so much that the corners of her mouth stiffen and returns two good words.

Huo Moushen clutches her fingers and lowers his head to her ear, "Call out brother to listen?"

At these words, Song Zhi's face burns a little, glaring at him with her eyes.

Huo Mushan pinched her cheeks and helped her take off her suit, hanging it in the crook of his arm.

"You didn't call me brother much when you were an hour."

"I just remember I scolded you when I was a kid?" Song Zhi quietly glared at him, her face turning even redder.

Bu Yan laughed out loud, "Third sister-in-law, I'm the seventh in line, and there are a few people abroad who didn't make it back in time, but they should have all finished delivering their gifts."

Song Ru is filled with black question marks, she didn't receive any gifts, she didn't even see the Huo family bride price.

Seeing her confusion, Huo Muchen raises his hand and rubs her head, a smile sweeping across his eyes, "You're still young, I'll help you collect it and give it to you when you grow up."


Song Zhi felt a pot of black lines coming out of the back of her head.

She thought of a proverb, "Child, the pressure money, mom help you to collect it, and give it to you in the future when you grow up." Then it didn't go away.

"You two think we're dead?"

A voice with suppressed anger slashed over, knife-like, as if it had slashed into Huo Muchen's kiss on Song Zhe's forehead.

Her forehead jumped, and Song Zhi drew in a breath of cool air.

Huo Mou Shen pinched her shoulders and steadily dropped his kiss without changing his face.

As it turns out, Huo Moushen really thinks they're dead.

"Huh?" Buyan gave a puzzled cry, "Third Brother, Sixth Brother isn't with you? Usually at this time of the day he should have arrived long ago."

Song Zhi's pupils jumped at her words, smiling like a little devil.

Anyway, it didn't matter about her, it was Lu Ziyan himself who lost the bet and chose the second option.

"...... I came, long ago."

Lu Ziyan's shadowy, low-cold voice came from the doorway.

"Sixth brother, since you're here, then hurry up and come out, don't make all of us wait for you." Bu Yan said that he was going to pull open the door, but realized that the door was not moving, curiously picking his mouth, "Sixth brother, when are you so shy?1986 Don't you come here often?"

Song Zhi didn't stay at the door for too long before he was brought by Huo Mu Shen to sit in the center of the sofa, eyeing the doorway.

One second, two seconds ......

It was only after struggling for dozens of seconds that the door was slowly pushed open, and from the moment a figure was reflected in them, a sky-breaking laughter then erupted.

"Hahaha ...... Sixth Brother, what are you doing!" The person who laughed the most was Bu Yan.

"Old Six, your taste is truly elusive." The corners of Jiang Jincheng's lips were slightly hooked with a bit of mockery.

Jiang Jingxing snuffed out the cigarette in his hand and threw it into the trash can, tutting and shaking his head, "Old Six, in the future, don't say that you know me.Don't allocate 1986's bill to my name, I'm too ashamed of you!"

Xu Liangzhou pushed up his glasses in a gentlemanly manner, hiding the fact that he wanted to laugh.

Even Huo Mu Shen, who has always been cold and ascetic, swept a hint of laughter under his eyes, and then saw Song Zhi, who was lying on his shoulder and holding back his laughter, sighing softly, but in his heart, he said, "Betting with Old Six, you have to ask for such a request, what a silly girl!"

Everyone is looking at Lu Ziyan in the doorway, only Huo Mushen is alone, and he only has Song Zhe in his eyes.

"Don't say it."

Lu Ziyan is wearing an ancient sultry Daji hanbok, his face is covered in delicate and thick makeup, his inch head is coiled with a wig and a vermillion hairpin, crashing down to his neck pain.

Women's clothing big brother!

Simply more feminine than a woman!

More bewitching than Daji!


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