Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 75 - Flirting with Jiang Jing Xing

Song Zhi looked at Lu Zi Yan's face that was tensed and somewhat distorted, pursed her lips, and with a 'pfft', burst out laughing.

"Sixth brother, is this cosplay? Or do you think that Third Brother's company can put in the comic book industry, and you want to be the contributing ego, the mannequin?" Bu Yan couldn't stop spouting words, directly ruffling Lu Zi Yan's temper, he grabbed the tangerine on the coffee table and ruthlessly smashed it at Bu Yan.

Buyan's newly bought white suit was coldly smashed with orange marks by the half-opened orange, and his voice suddenly became harsh: "Sixth brother, this is my newly bought suit!"

"Serves you right, who made you mouth!

Besides, I'll beat you to shut up!"

Lu Ziyan was slightly more comfortable after getting out of this breath.

He searches in the crowd to find Song Zhi who is being protected by third brother's arms, his face looks even colder and harder with raw dials, his brows knit even more tightly, "Third sister-in-law ......"

Before he could finish his words, he was stopped by Huo Mu Shen's stern and threatening gaze.

Lu Ziyan thought, he can't hide.

His handsome face reveals a 'forced on the mountain' look, and he suddenly takes a heavy breath, then crosses his orchid fingers and takes small steps to Jiang Jingxing's side, learning from the internet, but also trying to be as 100% restored as possible.

Pinching his voice, sharp and thin as a woman, Lu Zi Yan said, "I want to be your Daji, wreaking havoc on the country and the people, destroying the people, destroying the river and the mountain, and also destroying you!"


The scene was suddenly quiet.

Lao Liu was bewitched and ruffled Jiang Jing Xing!

Jiang Jing Xing was the most hot-tempered of the few, and at this moment, he was radiating a ghostly cold hostility!

Under the dim light, his face was as dark as an overturned ink stone, and the corners of his eyes twitched, revealing a look of extreme disdain: "Lao Liu, your skin is tight, it seems that you haven't been drilled in this period of time, so that you don't even know what your last name is!"

Jiang Jing Xing's eyes darkened, his fist winded up and swung towards Lu Zi Yan.

Lu Zi Yan couldn't dodge in time, and his chin was viciously whacked: "Big brother, I was wrong, you let me go!"

"Wasn't it great when you made a mistake just now?" Jiang Jing Xing was 'molested' by a man, was already hot-tempered, see Lu Zi Yan sissy twisted towards him is not good, this moment will be just now all the anger vented out!

"Unhappy ......"

"Still not happy, I see your eyes can go out directly when the princess, tonight's dancer is not you!" Jiang Jing Xing's back teeth grooves ground to a crunch, like an angry cheetah.

A left hook, a right hook!

Jiang Jing Xing is specially trained in the army, in the wood forest bullet rain, shuttle battlefield survived, can be completely different from Lu Zi Yan in the city of China's tender skin raised out.

His fist is filled with strong muscle power, ruthlessly smashed in Lu Ziyan sinews, pain Lu Ziyan wailed.

Lu Ziyan had no ability to fight back and was only beaten up.

Song Zhi looked happy at first, but at the end of the fight, some worry, bit Huo Mou Shen's ear and said, "Mou Shen, big brother won't cripple the old six."

"It's fine, Lao Liu has been resistant to beatings since he was a child." Huo Moushen faintly said.

"En? How come I didn't recognize him as a child?" Song Zhi doesn't understand.

Huo Mushen explains in her ear in a low voice, "Zi Yan and his mother grew up in the theater hall, and then after his mother passed away, he did a lot of bad things and was beaten all over the place, resisting beatings. Later on, Zi Yan happened to steal from me and I beat him up, allowing the Huo family to adopt Zi Yan, but Zi Yan still maintains his original surname."

Song Zhe fell silent.

She understood why Lu Ziyan was always prickly and protective of Huo Mushan.

For Lu Ziyan, Huo Mushan was the most important person in his life now.

Song Zhi's eyes turned sour and red as she muttered, "Is it any wonder that Lu Ziyan hated to kill me once upon a time?"

The not-so-small and not-so-small sound falls into Huo Mou Shen's ears, Huo Mou Shen's eyes sink, "What did you just say?"

Song Zhi shakes her head, "I just feel that I'm a bit sorry for Old Six, if it wasn't for the fact that I had to make a bet with him, I wouldn't have been beaten up by Big Brother."

She's lying.

Huo Mou Shen's lips slightly hooked, not wanting to put too much pressure on Song Zhi, what he wanted to know he only needed to find out himself.

As for other people who had hurt her, he ...... would not let go!

Because of the short time they saw 'their own family', Song Zhi and Huo Mou Shen tried each other's hearts further.

The two of them, one careful, one desperately trying to make up for it, like people at the two ends of a balance beam, relying on one side to give alone will only make love become tired, but rather, they have to go with each other.

They were warm and affectionate, and that side was screaming so much that it was about to lift the roof off the room.

Lu Ziyan finally finished being beaten by Jiang Jingxing, the whole person lying on the ground, nose blue and swollen is not too much!

"Still pretending to be a woman?"

"No more pretending, no more pretending." Pretend again, the image is completely gone.

Lu Zi Yan grimaced as he climbed up from the ground, drew a breath of cold air, and ran into the restroom.

"What is he doing?" Song Zhi asked in disbelief.

"Wife, you care about other men in front of me, okay?" Huo Muchen wrapped his arms around Song Zhi's thin waist and said in a low voice.

Song Zhi smiled and bent her eyebrows, "......"

"What did you bet with Lao Liu?" Huo Mou Shen suddenly lowers his head and asks.

"...... Just bet on a condition, nothing much." Song Zhi hadn't thought about telling Huo Mou Shen about the design drawings, and as she slightly organized her thoughts, she saw a knock on the door.

"Sir, it's all ready, can you come in?"


Huo Mou Shen responds.

The waiters fishtail in, carrying fine dishes, and walk in, arranging them one by one.

As they poured wine for the men, their cheeks all smoked red coincidentally.

One of the small waiters looked at the two women, Song Zhi and Jiang Wine, who were wrapped up in the center by the men, and gave them a jealous look, thinking, these two must have been wrapped up by them as well.

There were all kinds of people coming to 1986, and the princesses accompanying them could leave 1986 if they could find a backer.

The little waitress took a glance at the man beside Song Zhi, and she quietly approached, gently pouring wine for Huo Muchen.

Song Zhi narrowed her eyes at the waitress whose eyes were about to fall on her husband, and not caring who was present, she directly got up and sat in Huo Muchen's arms, looking at the little waitress as if she was provocative.

"What are you looking at, never seen a man?"

Song Zhi clasped her hands around Huo Mushan's neck.

The bold action makes a few other people's jaws drop, just a moment ago, she was shy like a little daughter-in-law, this will be full of fighting power!

Lu Zi Yan, who had just come out, favored them with a glance, and snorted in his heart: "Song Zi's fighting strength is even stronger than you've ever seen! This is nothing, that waiter is cannon fodder at best! Maybe Song Zhi doesn't need to do it himself, Third Brother will take care of it himself!"

And the little waitress was embarrassed not to look at first being read through her mind.

She glared at Song Ru, turned her head and saw the man's expressionless face again, her heart beating faster.

If she could be brought out of 1986 by this man, then she would have countless hours of glory and wealth in the future.

With a cross in her heart, she immediately half-squatted in front of Huo Mushan and delicately opened her mouth, "Sir, don't you think that I'm better and more suitable for you than the woman in your arms?"


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