Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 77: All the people are in your family's account book.

"Big brother, you know I don't like to joke around, if you want to know, you can go find a few women yourself." Huo Moushen nonchalantly pouted at Jiang Jingxing, stubbing out his cigarette and letting the cold wind blow through, letting the smell of smoke dissipate into the air.

"With my profession, you know there aren't many women who can keep their loneliness." Jiang Jing Xing pinched the cigarette with his fingertips and thought of a possibility, "Lao San, do you think it's possible that Song Zhi had been pretending before, after all, that little wife of yours doesn't seem to be a stupid one, shrewd as hell."

"Big brother you mean?"

"In the past, pretending to be stupid was the only way to survive in the Song family, and marrying you gives you a new backer. After all, Song Ru's junior college entrance exam results can be replaced by He Meiping's badgering, you say there's something else they can't do." Jiang Jing Xing suddenly admired Song Zhi a little.

If Song Ru heard Jiang Jing Xing speak, she wanted to tell him in a generally serious manner, "Big brother, you have a heart, but I'm really not enduring insults, I've died once and can't be stupid anymore."

Huo Mu Shen glances at him and opens his mouth gloomily, "Some people's hands reach out long enough to actually move under my eyes."

"What are you going to do next, the E-Star project has already been launched, and the new M&R department has been set up, right?" Jiang Jingxing took a deep drag on his cigarette.


"How are you going to deal with the Song family? The old fox won't sit still." Jiang Jingxing reminded slyly.

Huo Mushen's brows sank coldly, his eyes lowered, "Xiaozhu said that she would personally take back what belongs to her."

"Do you believe in Song Zhu Brain?"

"I will secretly escort her." Huo Mo Shen said word for word.

"But what Song Zhi did on the internet is quite a long face, when are you going to bring it back to the Huo family, sooner or later it's going to be in your Huo family's genealogy, it's hard to believe that you still want to set up your own business?"

Jiang Jingxing put out his cigarette and said resentfully.

Huo Muchen hooks his lips, "It's not without this possibility."

Jiang Jing Xing's right eyebrow raises, striding his long legs towards the box, "People have entered your family's account book, even if the Huo family is no longer willing, they won't do anything to Song Zhi, you have to know that the Huo family can't afford to give up on you, and even more so, they can't afford to let you stand against them."

"I know that the Huo family has a purpose for spending time cultivating me." Huo Mou Shen steps over the balcony to cross his long legs back over, then walks towards the box just in time to bump into Song Zhi and Jiang Jiu, who are coming back from the restroom.

"Why don't you eat in the box?" Huo Moushen naturally wraps his arm around her waist.

"Sixth Brother made Third Sister-in-law cry just now, so I brought Third Sister-in-law out to touch up her makeup." Jiang Jiu could find an opportunity to blacken Lu Ziyan, so naturally she couldn't miss the chance to badmouth Lu Ziyan.

"He bullied you?" Huo Mo Shen asked in a low, cold voice.

Song Zhe gently shook her head.

She cried because, she really fucking felt that her eyes were not generally blind, but very ...... blind.

"Just have it just have it." Jiang Wine fanned the flames, pinching her waist, completely watching the fun, "Third brother, sixth brother said a lot of things, directly exasperated third sister-in-law to cry, crying can be very powerful."

At these words, Song Zhi tugged at the corners of her lips.

She really felt that Jiang Wine's skill as a playwright was a bit more impressive than her.

Needless to say, Huo Mou Shen already knows how toxic Lu Zi Yan is, and being able to exasperate Song Zi to tears, he must be talking about him!

He lowers his head to see Song Zhi's stoically trembling shoulders, bends down and lowers his head, his thin lips grazing Song Zhi's cheeks, "Xiao Zhi, don't cry. I'll help you clean up Old Six."

When Song Zhi sniffed, her chest felt like it had been cut open, grabbed her heart, and threw it into a meat grinder.

It hurt.

She didn't want to let Huo Mou Shen all fight for her everywhere, and she was just a ...... waste!

Since she was reborn, she had always felt that she had done enough, loved Huo Mou Shen enough, but compared to the depth of Huo Mou Shen's love for her, it was just a drop in the bucket.

"It has nothing to do with Lu Ziyan, it's me who feels I've wronged you."

"Why do you feel that way?"

"Many, many things." Song Zhi's brain was like mush, and he didn't know what was said.

Huo Mou Shen doesn't try to make things difficult for Song Zhi either, but instead hugs Song Zhi horizontally and heads towards the door, favoring Jiang Jing Xing, "Big brother, you've all seen the people, so I'll take the people back first."

"Good, have a safe journey."

Jiang Jiu was a little reluctant to let go, looking in the direction Song Zhi was carried away, and also knew that according to Third Brother's temperament he would definitely not leave the person behind for Sixth Brother to bully again.

She shouted, "Third sister-in-law, next time I'll ask you out to play together."

Jiang Jing Xing pulled Jiang Jiu, who had reluctance written all over her face, back into the box.

The people in the room were a bit surprised to see only the two of them back, "Why are you two the ones who came back? Where are they?"

Jiang Wine grunted in anger: "Angered away by you. Just wait until you go to work tomorrow, how Third Brother will abuse you to death, hahaha ......"

Lu Ziyan lay on the table and suddenly wailed in alarm, "What did you say! It's over, it's over, Third Brother is going to send me to South Africa to dig for minerals."

"Serves you right!"

The crowd was all in a state of mind to watch what happened to Lu Ziyan.

Where was the brotherhood?


Huo Mou Shen carries Song Zhi down the stairs from 1986's elevator.

The elevator is 1986's private elevator.

In the cramped elevator, Huo Muchen bad lowered his eyes to the moody Song Zhi with some heartache.

"Don't cry."

Song Zhi as if she didn't hear, in addition to not crying out, tears are like through broken beads crackling into the man's neck.

"Cry again and I won't be able to resist kissing you, eh?"

At these words, Song Zhi forces herself to put her tears away, her shoulders twitching even more.

When Huo Mou Shen sees that she's still really good enough to put her tears away, his ink pupils thicken even more, and he lets out a long sigh, "You don't need to take to heart what Old Six says. If he bullies you next time, I'll clean him up!"

Such words are similar to coaxing a child.

Huo Mushen was extremely patient in calming Song Zhi's emotions.

He remembers that Song Zu didn't like to cry before, but now he's become a crybaby.

"No need." Song Zhe tilted her head, her eyes red, "Besides, he was right. It was my fault, I was too stupid to realize what he was saying, and I really feel sorry for you."

"Really feel sorry for me?" Huo Mu Shen sighed helplessly.

Song Zhe completely ignored the coaxing wolfish sharp light in the man's eyes, and just held her mouth and gave an 'en'.

"Since you're sorry to me, stay by my side, and stay by my side from now on, eh?" Huo Mu Shen's words were serious and cold, definitely not joking.

Song Zhe buried his head in the man's arms, "En, as long as you want me, I will always be by your side."

At the end, he added: "Even if you don't want me, I'm just pestering, but also pester you to death for the rest of your life!"

"How could I not want you?" Huo Muchen sighed lightly, his eyes filled with Song Zhe's insecure face.

Huo Mushen hugs Song Zu and walks from the elevator to the parking lot, personally driving back to Huo Garden.

The maids in Huo Garden are especially happy to see Mr. and Mrs. returning together.

After two days of sleeping in separate places, Mrs. Huo, who had just been in an extremely unattractive mood, suddenly becomes clear.

Because, Mrs. Huo finally welcomed sleeping in the same bed with Mr. Huo again ......



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