Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 8 Sleeping Well, I promise not to scratch you anymore

"Song Zhi put down half of the pants in his hands, picked up the black lace underwear that the man took out and casually picked up the man's shirt to put on, the whole person just plopped down on the quilt, when he heard the cell phone on the bedside table ringing.

Knock knock knock.

[Mu Shen, is your body better? Xiao Ru likes Lu Huai Ke, didn't mean to kill you, it was my idea for dad to mention the shares today, if you want to blame me, just blame me, I'm just worried that Xiao Ru will give the shares to the Lu family].

Song Ru snorted a laugh that spilled out from between her lips, she flipped through the past records again, each one was about Song Yanran smearing her and revealing words of concern intentionally or unintentionally.

If it wasn't for Huo Mou Shen being firm enough, a normal man would have changed his heart and fallen into a gentle place.

A wickedly playful smile played at the corners of Song Zhe's lips as her fingertips flipped over her cell phone to reply to Song Yanran.

[He's in the shower, just hugged me in bed, his body should be fine.]

Song Yanran who is full of anticipation to talk to Huo Mou Shen hears the text message alert sound, quickly picks up the phone, at a glance she sees the reply message, her face turns red with anger, senselessly grabbing the phone and smashing it directly towards the wall.

""Song rhetoric, it's you again!

Why is it that what I like, what I want, you have to rob with me!""

""This time, I won't let you go either!""

She had to rely on Song Ru every time to be able to say a few words to Huo Mushan, and this kind of stealing was almost torturing Song Yanran to death.

Over here, Song Ru sent the message over and then directly pulled the plug on Song Yanran.

She was in an extremely unhappy mood, Huo Mou Shen's cell phone would actually store up Song Yanran's contact information, although she trusted her own husband, she still pouted sourly.

Lying on the bed, Song Zhi searched for 'how to make someone die of heart, preferably the kind that dies completely.'

A bunch of comments popped up at the bottom of the screen, Song Zhi looked at them with interest, but none of them were more satisfying, and suddenly deflated.

Huo Mou Shen only wrapped a bath towel after his bath and came out, and with a glance, he swept Song Zhi bobbing his little head, his two straight and slender legs kicking the quilt, wearing his shirt, which was faded to his waist, revealing a hidden spring light ......


The man tensed his body, stoically exhaled.

""Song Ru, what are you looking at?""

""Ah!"" Song Zhi hears the man's low voice so frightened that his cell phone comes off, turning around just in time to see the man leaning down towards her in a towel, she swallows and her body keeps retreating, directly backing up to the corner of the wall, trapped in the crook of the man's arm.

Huo Mou Shen swept a flash of light under his eyes, his long arm reached out and fished out his cell phone, swept it motionless and placed it on the side of the bedside table.

""What have you done that's so bad that you're still not sleeping?""

Song Zhi looked at Huo Muchen's cold stare at herself, there was always a vestigial feeling of meat being stared at by wolves.

Her heart crossed, anyway, it's her husband, sleeping a few times is not sleeping.

She boldly hugged the man's neck and rubbed his forehead, ""Without you, I can't sleep.""


Huo Mu Shen hooked his lips, his voice couldn't hide the dullness, stretched out his arm and stuffed the person under the quilt, while he himself lifted the quilt and lay to one side, pressing out the bedside lamp.

Indoor into a silence.

The man's breathing from messy, slowly stretching, only still rough.

She rolled over and looked at the man who was inexplicably sleeping with his back to her, and raised the back of her hand to poke him in the back.

""Why do you have your back to me?"" She asks, her voice muffled, more or less hearing some dissatisfaction.

Huo Mou Shen didn't answer, furrowing his brows and catching her small hand to press it down.

""Sleep."" He said in a cold voice, his cool voice once again low, like sandpaper rolling off a sanding wheel.

It was crispy.

Song Ru can not want to share the same bed with her husband, there is so much pretense, directly towards him close, leaning on his back, hands and feet and hold his waist, half of the body as a koala hanging on him.

""You do not hold me to sleep, I will have nightmares.""

Huo Mu Shen: ""......""

""Hubby, I'm a good sleeper, promise not to tickle you anymore.""

Huo Mou Shen has a few red nail marks on his back, all from her resistance to scratching.


Song Zhi didn't seem to hear the man grinding his teeth and said to himself, ""You all promised to sleep with me just now, now you're turning your back on me, what does that count for?""

Huo Mou Shen rolled over as Song Zhi sighed, and as Song Zhi wished, directly carried her into his arms.

The force was so tight that he couldn't wait to rub the person into his bones and blood.

Is it too late to let him carry her over?

Huo Mou Shen can't see her eye sockets fluctuating with water zephyr to see since, tugging her, holding her down into his arms, his voice muffled: ""Are you sure that after last night you still have the strength to sleep with me?""

Song resigned instantly honest, in his arms rules a little did not move.

But now she can't sleep either, she put her hands against his chest, carefully caressing the wound she once stabbed, her fingertips are trembling.

Careful compassion makes the closed eyes of Huo Mou Shen heart surprised, he almost want to see through the woman, but can not see through her.

Song Zhi also feels the man's stiffness, she understands that her sudden transformation from rebirth has made him distrustful and even on the defensive.

Huo Mou Shen was her fiancé, even if he never said he loved her on his lips, he had always protected her and loved her in his actions, yet she had hurt him over and over again.

She used to be how much of an asshole to let the man who loved her deeply in love with her on this road to the gallows.

This time, it was her turn to take the initiative.

Song Zhi raised her head, and from her angle, she could see the man's impeccable chin.

""Do you think I'm lying?""

Huo Muchen didn't answer, but instead patted her on the back, like he was coaxing a sleepless child.

""I didn't realize I loved you until I was deceived before, and now that we're married, I realized that I do love you and I want to be a good wife."" Song Zhi rubbed against his chest, so well-behaved that his heart was softened to a mess, ""I don't want to emotionally give only to you, I want to be close to you, you trust me one more time, okay?""

Such a pitiful request hit the man's heart straight in the heart, heartache spread to all the limbs and bones.

The air fell into silence.

After a long time of waiting for Huo Mushen's response, Song Zhi was so anxious to get closer to the man, but was held down even tighter by the man, his chin resting on top of her head.

""Mrs. Huo.""

""...... Husband.""

""You're the one who provoked me, remember this time, if you dare to lie to me one more word, I promise to break your legs and make sure you can't get out of bed for the rest of your life!"" Huo Mo Shen's restrained and hoarse voice resounded overhead.

Song Zhi heard his response, and before she could be happy for two seconds, she heard the man say again with a vicious bite, ""But if you don't want your back to break tonight, just shut up and go to sleep.""

Song Zhi: ""......""

She runs away in tears.

Song Zhi also sensed that Huo Mu Shen was aroused to the extreme, and didn't dare to move any further, resting on the man's arm, sniffing Sinking Wood's cold breath to sleep at ease.

Waiting to hear her even long breathing sound, the original closed eyes eyes of the man abruptly opened his eyes, in the dark night as the wilderness beast.

A pair of shady and sharp eyes fell on her defenseless face, flashing a touch of strange sentiment."


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