Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 80: It's a mistake for you to be alive

"Yo, isn't this Song Zhi?"

I don't know who in the crowd picked up a sentence, instantly caused the crowd to react, also pulled back the trance Song Zi.

They looked at Song Zi's jealous eyes, and saw that the clothes she was wearing were worth a lot of money at a glance, and even the diamond rings on her hands were all globally exclusive, and they all hated her with itching teeth.

Huo family, so rich and generous!

Someone in the crowd was immediately dissatisfied and let out a cold snort: "Even if Song Ru is Mrs. Huo, sooner or later, she will be swept off her feet!"

"Song Zhi, how dare you have the face to come here?"

The one who was most dissatisfied was Liu Chan, the follower behind Song Yanran during the school year.

She was red-eyed and jealous as she watched Song Zhi own everything, and very rightfully felt that everything Song Zhi owned was actually snatched from Song Yanran's hands.

"Why can't I come? Didn't you guys invite me?" Song Zhi stared obliquely at the row of people standing opposite her.

These were all her former classmates, but all of them had positions.

Seeing that Song Zhi still dared to talk back, Liu Chan directly fought for Song Yanran, rushing over and pointing at Song Zhi and cursing, "I order you, apologize to Yanran now!"

"Yes, apologize!"

"Song Zhi, quickly apologize to Yanyan, or else I'll make you eat your words!"

"Song Zhi, what happened online, don't think you're covering up the truth just because you found someone to wipe it down! We all here know how you came into Huacheng No. 1 High School in the first place!" Liu Chan unforgivingly took out a red wine glass and spilled it at Song Zhi.

Song Zhi dodged it extremely quickly, narrowed his eyes, and deliberately tilted his head and pulled out his ears, "Are you a dog beside my sister? My sister stood there and didn't even say anything, and you came out to bite?"

Liu Chan was so angry that her face turned green and white, gritting her teeth, "Song Zhi, if you say that again, I'll tear your mouth apart!"

"A dog actually speaks human words? Sister, don't you care about the dogs around you?" Song Ru spoke without haste.

"Song Ru, I have to teach you a lesson!" Liu Chan made every effort to curry favor with Song Yanran, raising his arm to fling Song Zhi a slap.

Only Song Ru wasn't stupid, coldly looking at Liu Chan, one hand took advantage of her coming over to clasp it fiercely, the three years of practicing her skills in prison hadn't been forgotten either, and another hand drew back with a backhand!


Liu Chan was directly knocked off her head, her tongue cavity was hot and painful, and a thick taste of blood gushed out from her throat.

"Song Ru!"

"You still want to scream, my slap won't be long!" Song Zhi loosened the palm of his hand that was clasping her.

Caught off guard, Liu Chan directly couldn't step on the ten centimeter high heels and fell to the ground!

She was still climbing up again when she heard Song Yanran gently speak, "Liu Chan forget it, I haven't blamed Xiao Zhi for this matter, let's all disperse!"

"Yanyan, you are just too kind to be bullied by Song Zhe again and again!" Liu Chan glared at Song Zhu unwillingly, she couldn't wait for the fire to get bigger and bigger so that Song Yanran and Zhao Li could clean up Song Zhu.

"Liu Chan, Xiao Ru didn't mean it, everyone disperse, your dress is also dirty go change it." Song Yanran didn't want useless trash to disturb her plans.

Upon hearing this, Liu Chan then looked down at her carefully prepared gown dirty, glared at Song Ru and ran out.

The scene returned to being calm just now.

The people around them didn't dare to speak out.

With the Zhao family's son and the Song family's sisters, the two bigwigs in Huacheng City, there was no room for them to speak!

Song Yanran put up a smile, mixed with the flavor of a calculated success, "Xiao Ru, everyone welcomes you if you can come to the class reunion."

"Sister, where can you tell that everyone welcomes me?"

Song Zhi didn't want to coexist peacefully with Song Yanran, and didn't even bother to maintain the basic courtesy.

Song Yanran held back the anger that was pressing in her throat, "Xiao Ru, you're too hostile to people."

"So sister is here to try to teach me a lesson?"

Zhao Li spat and cursed when he heard Song Ru's tone, "Song Ru, keep your mouth clean! Otherwise I'll be rude to you!"

Song Zhe glanced at him and quickly dropped his gaze on Song Yanran again, as if they were a pair of 'lycanthropes'.

"I'm talking to my sister, none of your business! Zhao Li you're really nosy with a dog!"

"Song Zhe, don't be arrogant to me, I'll see if you can still be arrogant in a while!" Zhao Li glared fiercely at Song Zhi, he still didn't know when Song Zhi had become so venomous.

Song Ru didn't intend to give Zhao Li a good face, for the tian dog beside Song Yanyan, who also came up with the idea of letting her be fucked by a man lun girl, she became even more ruthless.

"Zhao Li forget it, my sister doesn't know any better, so don't blame her." Song Yanran loosened her hold on Zhao Li's wrist, maintaining a standard 'white lotus flower' face no matter when or where she was, and walked towards Song Zhe.

"Sister, why don't you tell me where I'm unintelligent?"

A faint fragrance emanated from Song Yanran, piercing Song Ru's nerves.

She didn't move to take two or three steps back, furrowed her brows, and raised her voice: "Song Yanran, I'm your sister! What have I done wrong to you? You actually want to use my design to enter the competition, everyone present knows about it, right? How about letting everyone comment on whether I'm unintelligent or whether I think I'm too good-tempered and allow others to pinch me like a soft persimmon!"


The crowd smacked their lips.

Song Yanran's throat choked, and she immediately felt a wave of humiliation sweep through her heart.

She deliberately whispered, using only a voice that the two could hear, and spoke in a low, cold voice: "What did you treat me wrong? You snatched away the Song family's daughter, and snatched away Huo Mou Shen is wrong! Huo Mou Shen should have been my man!

Perhaps, you living is a mistake!"

Song Zhe's gaze was somber, and she immediately felt an inexplicable heat rising from within her body, even to the point of draining her sanity.

Song Zhi dug her nails into her palm, pulling back a sliver of sanity, "You actually drugged me in plain sight!"

She had blundered.

She hadn't touched a single thing, and she was still being counted on by Song Yanran, she had really underestimated them!

"So what?

It's you who are stupid enough to show up here on your own and take the initiative to send the door for me to abuse, I see how stupid you are, so why don't I fulfill you?"

Song Yanyan saw Song Zhi strong scarlet eyes, coldly laughed: "Song Zhi, you think you can avoid it by not moving anything, I didn't think that there is also a medicine with a smell, right, this medicine only works on people who are allergic to mango.

Oh ...... can only say that you are too stupid, as stupid as your brain before!"

Song Zhi was wrapped in a heat wave, his breath was forced to hold back the dryness, "You're not afraid of being found out, and all of your carefully maintained image is gone?"

"With Zhao Li here, who here would say anything?

How many people are jealous of you, and they're all more than willing to help me.

And from tomorrow onwards, you will appear to be sleeping with three or four men, appear in front of the media, and who will believe what you say?

As for me, of course I will logically replace you as your new Young Mrs. Huo.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, even if I take your designs so what, the Song family will only defend me.

Because your design is what dad gave me and agreed to take to the competition, so Song Zhu, let's see what else you can win from me."

Song Yanran had forgotten that what she had was originally taken from Song Zhe!


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