Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 9 Turns out to be a black bellied wolf

"His throat rolled and he dropped his eyes elsewhere.

Can't look any further or he'll have to take another cold shower.

Suddenly the bedside cell phone rings interrupting his thoughts, Huo Moushen frowns, quickly picks up the phone, puts on his treasure blue silk pajamas and walks to the study.

""What happened?""

The man asks.

""Lao San, your wife's young lover had a car accident, on the same road where she eloped, do you need me to check?"" The man on the other end of the phone flirted.

Huo Mou Shen's fists pinched and cackled, his body exuding a bloodthirsty hostility as he casually lit up a cigarette.

Only when the smoke filled the entire study did the man squeeze a word out of his throat, ""Yes!""

In Huacheng, those who dared to touch his wife, none of them would want to live!

""Okay, I'll go check."" The man seemed to have thought of something else and laughed coldly, ""Old Three, if this matter is known to your wife, do you think she will put another green hat on you? I really don't know how you can't even control a woman if you are so smart. Otherwise, if you come to Heavenly Paradise, I'll have someone find you a few more women, and you won't have to die hanging on to Song Zhi!""

Jiang Jingxing is Huo Muchen's brother who has experienced life and death together, and he has watched Huo Muchen's love path all the way to the end of the bumpy road.

The only thing that Huo Mou Shen has ever looked at is Song Ru's indisputable stuff!

Yesterday, the wedding made a big mess so that the old three in the city of China lost face, but also want to kill the old three, so angry that their brothers almost teamed up to get dead Song rhetoric, if not the old three stopped, Song rhetoric has long been on the extreme happiness!

Huo Mo Shen opened the window and leaned against the rail, letting the cold wind pour into his collar, the broken hair on his forehead covering the shade of his eyes.

""She's very well-behaved.""

""If she's really well-behaved, it's good, who knows what she's doing behind your back again?"" Jiang Jingxing reminded slyly.

Huo Mushen pondered for a moment and said, ""She's good, I'll watch her!""

After saying this, he directly hung up the phone.

Jiang Jing Xing listened to the 'beeping' sound of the phone, angry and happy, a foot directly kicked the nearby glass coffee table.

Really protective of shortcomings, still can not say?

As a matter of fact, this is the case.

Rumor has it that Huo Mou Shen, the newest powerful man in Huacheng, is ruthless and cruel, leaving no room for mercy, but those who know him know that he is very protective of his shortcomings, especially of his wife, who can't be allowed to say a word about her!

Huo Mu Shen half narrowed his eyes, until the bottom of his feet piled up a few cigarette butts, his heart has not been able to calm down, remembered Song Zhi just mysteriously fiddled with her cell phone, and directly drew out the records, looked at the questions she searched for, the corners of his lips curved up a touch of mockery.

Completely dead hearted?

He closed his eyes, vigorously flung the glass door shut, and dialed the phone.


In the middle of the night, Assistant Chu, who was asleep, suddenly received a call from his boss and was flustered.

""Huaibei, go change the answer to the link I sent you, change it to stick to him until he gets tired of it, delete all the rest of the comments, I don't want to wake up tomorrow morning and see any of the comments again!""

Chu Huaibei listened to his boss's words while operating the computer, and when he saw the question on it, he almost flashed his back, he didn't need to think that it must be the wife who had messed with the president again.

But he didn't say anything, just let it change.

He always felt that the president was suspicious after getting married, and completely became a ''boudoir complainer''.

But he didn't dare to say this, if the boss knew, he would definitely shed his skin.

Huo Mou Shen put down the phone, took out the marriage certificate with Song Zhi from the drawer, and stared at it without saying a word, letting the cigarette at his fingertips ignite sparks, forming a line in his eyes.

The night passed.

It wasn't until almost dawn that Huo Muchen took a cold shower and walked back to the master bedroom.

The person on the bed is curled up in a ball, making a self-defense posture, like she's making a habit of such disturbing movements.

He puts his hand on her cheek.

The extremely restless sleeper seems to feel the familiar scent, her eyebrows gradually stretching, leaning a little closer towards him.

Huo Moushen sighed helplessly, hugged her, and closed his eyes.


Early the next morning, Song Zhi slept until past nine because she had Huo Mou Shen to hold her.

When she woke up, there was no longer a man's figure on her side, so she should have gone to work.

Song Zhi tiptoed inside the closet and picked out a white dress that fit perfectly.

She also saw a bunch of non-mainstream, old-fashioned clothes hanging in the corner and hooked her lips into a smile.

These clothes were all chosen by Song Yanran with her, of course, there was also her good girlfriend Gu Qingjia's credit, if not for the two of them singing together, how could she be fooled?

Song Zhi's head hurts when she sees these clothes, and she calls out to the housekeeper to directly dispose of all the 'black history', and personally move Huo Mou Shen's things to the master bedroom.

Before she was reborn, she didn't think that the two would live under the same roof, so she smashed a lot of things yesterday, and this will all have to be moved back obediently.

The housekeeper sees her doing it herself and busily stops, ""Ma'am, we'll do these.""

""No need, I want to do Mu Shen's things myself."" The corner of Song Zhe's mouth lifted up with a touch of sweetness.

The housekeeper was in a happy mood when she saw their two couples' relationship getting better and better.

""Mistress, you have an allergy on your face, should we go get the family doctor to come over?""

After all, girls love beauty, and Song Zhi was no exception.

She wants to present all of her best sides to Huo Mu Shen.

Song Zhi nodded and the two of them worked for a few hours, and when they packed up their things and just went downstairs, they heard someone come to the door looking for her.

Gu Qing Jia is introduced by the maid and her eyes are filled with envy and jealousy when she sees the low-key luxurious Huo Garden.

When she saw that Song Zhi's face was indeed nearly disfigured as Yanran had said, her words revealed excitement: ''Song Zhi, why is your face allergic like this? I specially brought medicine for you.""

""Oh, really? Song Zhi looked at the hand holding his arm, lazily pushed it away and swept the ointment in her hand, ""Wasn't yesterday's matter blocked by the media, how did you know about this matter, Qing Jia?""

Gu Qingjia was speechless, yesterday's incident was such a big deal, who didn't know about it?

Song Zhe hung his head low, took the ointment in her hand and rubbed it carefully.

Gu Qing Jia was a half-assed doctor, she remembered that this bottle of ointment was the handiwork of Song Yanran and her, almost causing her to be completely disfigured, causing her to make a fool of herself at the Huo family banquet and almost being forced into a divorce by the Huo family, and she was especially thankful for the two men's idea at the time.

Now, she wants to see the two disfigured!

Gu Qing Jia sees that she doesn't say anything, so she changes the topic and says, ""Song Ru, I know you don't want to marry Huo Mou Shen, so don't be upset, we'll go out shopping in a while, some new products have recently been added to the counter.""

Song Zhi hooked up the corner of her lips, Gu Qing Jia's favorite thing was to go out shopping with her.

The reason was simple, Song rhetorics was simple minded, a few words to coax a coax can be selfless as her ATM, and then finally be kicked away.

""Song Ru, what's wrong? Let me help you apply the ointment, this ointment is something I specially formulated for you, it can also beautify and nourish your skin, guaranteeing that your skin will be as smooth as it was before, so that Huai Ke will love you even when she sees you."" Gu Qing Jia's tone revealed concern, but Song Zhi knew that her purpose was actually to get herself disfigured in a hurry.

Her eyes flashed as she dodged her claws, her eyes revealing a kind of disgust.

She directly took the ointment in Gu Qingjia's hand, scooped out a large chunk, and smiled heartlessly as she wiped it towards Gu Qingjia's face, ""We're good sisters, and since we want to be beautiful, of course we have to be together!""

Gu Qingjia couldn't dodge in time and was huffed in the face, immediately screaming out.

""Song Zhi, what are you doing!""

""What do you think I'm doing?"" Song Zhi said grimly.

Can't you see, I want to get you killed?

One she wouldn't spare."


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