Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 10: The Wife of a Big Boss

"Gu Qingjia's spine chilled from her stare, and the words she wanted to curse out could only be swallowed back.

Her chest heaving, she pulled out a tissue and wiped her face fiercely, her fire collected a bit, and reluctantly accused, ""Song Zhi, I can understand that you're in a bad mood, but this is the ointment I worked so hard to formulate for you, and it cost a lot of money, and it's just going to be ruined by you like this.""

""Ruined it is ruined, I won't use it anyway."" Song Zhe said.

""Song Ru, what do you mean by that? We're the best of sisters, you think I'm harming you?"" Anger flashed under Gu Qing Jia's eyes, she was expecting Song Ru to apologize to her with a large sum of money to eyeball her and please her.

Song Ru didn't have many friends, she was pretty and all the girls became companions around her.

If it wasn't for the fact that she had money and a fiancé in Huo Mushen, she wouldn't be talking to Song Zhe.

""What I mean is that you don't even need to send them in the future."" Song Zhe said.

Gu Qingjia was stunned, like a pot of cold water poured over her head, and immediately questioned nervously, ""Why?""

Without Song Ru taking money for her, how was she going to jack up the price and take kickbacks from it.

""I'm Mrs. Huo now."" Song Ru picks up her glass of water, the refracted light from the ring on her finger pierces into Gu Qing Jia's eyes, making her even more jealous, ""The Huo family has their own family doctor, so of course I don't need you to go through the trouble of dispensing medication to me, so of course this kind of good stuff should be reserved for you to use. By the way, you can also send it to my sister, she should like it very much.""

""Good."" Gu Qingjia gritted her teeth, only feeling that the cozy smile at the corner of Song Zhi's mouth was particularly harsh.

She narrowed her eyes and walked over to sit beside Song Zhi, ""Song Zhi, why don't we go shopping, don't you still need to buy a gift when you return a few days later, I'll accompany you to pick one out.""

Song Zhi sipped her plain water, only feeling that living was a blessing.

When she heard Gu Qing Jia's words, her eyes darkened, and then she saw the butler letting the servants carry her clothes out, her eyes turned: ""Good, I have this intention, you wait for me outside the door, I will order the butler to do something and then I will go to find you.""

Gu Qingjia was relieved to see that she had taken the bait. She had her eye on several sets of clothes and was waiting for Song Zhi to pay for them, as well as the ring on her hand, which Huo Muxin, the richest bachelor in Huacheng, had bought for her, and it would have looked even better if she could have worn it on her finger!

Song Zhi watched Gu Qing Jia walk outside with her eyes high above her head, as if she was Mrs. Huo, and snorted, then called the housekeeper to carry all the clothes to the car Gu Qing Jia drove outside the door.

The housekeeper doesn't quite understand Song Zhi's actions and is a bit worried that Song Zhi is being deceived, saying in a serious tone beside her, ""Ma'am, the injuries on your face aren't healed yet, if you go out now in case the media catches a picture of it, Mr. will be worried.""

She is now Mrs. Huo, and even if she doesn't care about her own image, she still has to take care of her husband's face.

""I'll put on a silk scarf and sunglasses, I won't let the media capture me."" When Song Zhi sees Gu Qingjia, who has been sunburned to the point of makeup blurring and impatience, the little devil inside her is suddenly awakened, and the corners of her lips curl up playfully as she takes the things and puts them on.

The housekeeper was a bit speechless when she saw her wrapping herself in such a way that she could only surely not see who she was.

""Are you still going out, ma'am?""

""Of course I'm going out, I can't spend money on so many clothes for nothing, and now that I'm not earning money, I can't spend it as I please."" Song Zhi had her own plans, then carried her bag out the door, ""Don't worry, I'll definitely be back before dinner, I won't disgrace Mu Shen.""

After saying that, he even hugged the housekeeper.

Song Zhi knew that this old man genuinely wanted the best for her.

The housekeeper looked at Song Zhi's back, still uneasy, turned around and dialed Huo Mushan's number.

In the solemn hall of the conference room, an emergency meeting is being held, and the cell phone in the man's hand suddenly rings, and the crowd can't help but hold their breath.

Huo Mushen's thin lips pursed slightly, not avoiding the call.

""Sir, the wife was taken out by Gu Qingjia.""

The butler uses the words 'taken away' to pray that Mr. doesn't fight with Mrs. again, seeing as Mrs. is making a new life, he, as an old man in the Huo family, also hopes that the young couple will be happy every day.

Huo Mo Shen's cold face instantly covered with a layer of haze, coldly questioned, ""When did it happen?""

""Just now."" The housekeeper explains the causes and consequences to Huo Moushen one by one.

The man's long fingernails knocked on the desktop with a cold, temperatureless voice: ""Find someone to follow the wife, if something happens to her, you know the consequences.""

""What, is your little wife acting up again?"" Lu Zi Yan paddled the swivel chair to his side, lowered his eyes and whispered.

""For the South African land development project, Vice President Lu is a good fit."" Huo Mushen spoke out indifferently.

Lu Ziyan's face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

He sees the signing pen in Huo Moushen's hand being folded into two pieces and silently moves his chair back.

A certain big brother's wife is not to be messed with, much less talked about!

The housekeeper hung up the phone and immediately had someone quietly follow behind Song Zhi.

Gu Qingjia is unaware that there is a car following behind her, thinking that Song Zhe, this idiot, will not only have to pay her in a while, but will also be caught by the media cheating on Lu Huaike. The Huo family will not allow this kind of bitch to be tied up with Huo Muchen no matter what, and by then her good days will come to an end.

""Qing Jia, you seem happy?"" Song Zhi asked in a cool tone when he saw her park her car in front of the specialty store.

""My good sister is shopping with me, of course I'm happy."" Gu Qingjia couldn't restrain the smile at the corners of her lips at the thought that she was about to be disgraced.

The two of them walked hand in hand towards the luxury store they frequented, Gu Qingjia walking ahead, arrogantly pointing at the clerk to bring out the high-fashion models.

She quickly picked out a few sets and flung them over to wait for Song Zhi to obediently go check out for her.

""Song Zhi, I've picked out a few sets, I've picked out a few sets for you as well, a total of five hundred and thirty thousand dollars, let's check out together and I'll pay for it when it comes out next time."" Gu Qingjia pushed Song Zhi's back.

Song Zhe's eyelids jumped when he heard the price.

In his heart, he cursed Gu Qingjia to death, why should she give someone else money to spend when her husband gave it to her?

It was hers, hers, or hers!

Gu Qing Jia saw Song Ru not moving, and felt the contempt of the clerk, immediately anxious, she most can not see others see that she has no money, open hand snatched Song Ru's wallet, rummage through the pocket, but did not find a card, not even a dime!

""Song Ru, you don't have any money?"" Gu Qingjia pulled up her voice.

Song Ru wasn't angry at being accused, and the clerk looked at her as if she was looking at an ingrate.

Gu Qingjia was going to treat her like an ATM, how could she not let her spit it back out?

And it had to be all of it.

""Qingjia, I've run out of money, I brought those clothes today to return them, just now the clerk and I said that the clothes are all untouched hangtags and can be returned, I still remember when you first took the card from me to help me scratch the money for the clothes, and the clerk here has a record of it, and a moment later to return a part of the money, and I'll buy it for you again and it's fine.""

Song Zhi's voice was low and aggrieved.

The people around them could just about hear it, and many of them threw contemptuous gazes.

Gu Qing Jia was so angry in her heart that she could not wait to tear Song Zhi apart, but her spine was inexplicably cold, she could not let Song Zhi find out that she was overstating the price every time and then quietly transferring the money from her card to her own account.

Her tone softened, but she was not dead set on being looked down upon: ''Isn't your husband Huo Mu Shen? You put it on your account, and when you come back to pay next time it won't be over.""

Song Ru's red lips slightly opened, and aggrieved, ""My husband said that none of the money is for me to use, but after these clothes are returned, all the money in my bank card can all come back, don't you think so?""

Gu Qing Jia was flustered by Song Ru's stare, but by the time she regained her senses Song Ru had already told the clerk to do it."


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