Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 71 - Luxury Cars and Beauty

Listening to these big men one by one scrambling to invest in Rhyme Court Department Store, everyone present was shocked beyond words!

Wen Zixu gulped hard and said with a dumbfounded face, "I ...... didn't hear it wrong, did I? This, this adds up to 1.2 billion, right?"

1.2 billion, for a second-rate family like the Wen family, it was simply a shocking figure!

Wen Guangyi was dumbfounded!

Wen Kangsheng and Wen Quansheng were dumbfounded!

Everyone present was dumbfounded!

They couldn't understand how Rhyming Court Department Store, which was clearly at the end of its rope, could suddenly receive investment from so many bigwigs!

Just then!

Another heavy bomb was thrown!

Zhang Wenchang stepped forward and said to Wen Ruyun, "Now that the chairmen have invested a total of 1.2 billion dollars, then I, Changhui Group, will invest another 1.2 billion dollars! Doubling the entire investment!"


The moment these words came out, the entire room exploded!

This Changhui Group was too rich and generous!

It actually doubled the other people's investment?


Wen Guangyi sprayed out a mouthful of blood, his spirit was greatly impacted!

Two billion four hundred million dollars!

This money was enough to start up several more mega malls!

Why bother investing in a Rhyming Court Department Store that even leased its premises?

Wen Ruyun was also shocked.

She waved her hands repeatedly, "Chairman Zhang, twenty-four billion is too much ...... I only need twenty million dollars to revitalize the entire Rhyme Ting Department Store ......"

Good fellow!

Up came one hundred and twenty times the required capital!

Wen Ruyun was like a dream, she couldn't believe the facts in front of her!

Zhang Wenchang laughed, "Ms. Wen, revitalization is not the goal! Your ability is obvious to all of us! With this money, I believe you can build Rhyme Court Department Store into the largest branded shopping mall in the entire Xifeng Province!"

"But ......"

Wen Ruyun was just about to say something else when Wen Zixu spoke, "Wen Ruyun are you stupid? You don't want to give you money?"

With that, he came to Zhang Wenchang's side with a fawning face, "Chairman Zhang, soon Wen Ruyun is going to transfer all of the shares of Rhyme Ting Department Store to our Kang Yang Group.

This 2.4 billion, why don't you just directly invest it in our Kang Yang Group, the guaranteed return is much greater than investing it in Rhyme Ting Department Store ......"

Wen Kangsheng and Wen Guangyi also looked at Zhang Wenchang with a longing face.

However, he did not expect that Zhang Wenchang just glanced coldly at Wen Zixu:

"This money, has nothing to do with Kang Yang Group! If the shares of Rhyme Court Department Store are not in Ms. Wen's hands, then we won't invest a single cent of this money!"

Joking aside, all this money was invested on the face of Ning Tian Lang!

Otherwise, they wouldn't bother with a second-rate family like the Wen family.

Looking at Wen Zixu's expression as if he had eaten a dead fly, Zhang Wenchang's voice was icy cold:

"Let me tell you clearly, this two hundred and forty thousand dollars is invested in Miss Wen! If your Wen family tries to pull any tricks to take away the shares, then we will collectively pursue legal responsibility from the Wen family!"

Upon hearing these words, the faces of Wen Guangyi, Wen Kangsheng and Wen Zixu all turned pale!

Regardless of which of these bigwigs wanted to deal with the Wen Family, the Wen Family would only have to wait for death in place! Not to mention the fact that so many people had come together to make trouble!

This sentence directly and completely cut off the Wen Family's desire to seize the Rhyme Court Department Store!

Wen Guangyi nodded his head, "Don't worry, Chairman Zhang, we won't touch a single share of the Rhythm Garden Department Store!"

"Yes yes yes ......," Wen Kangsheng pointed to the contract on the ground that was torn apart by Ning Tianlang and said.

"Look, the contract has been torn, this Rhythm Garden Department Store will always be Wen Ruyun's, always ......"

Seeing that the situation had taken a sharp turn for the worse, Wen Quansheng's intestines were all green with remorse!

Early to know that Wen Ruyun not only not finished, but also the Yun Ting department store clutched in the hands of death, he did not tear the face before!

Wen Quansheng tried to curry favor with Wen Ruyun, "That ...... Ruyun ah, let your mom make a table of good food today, you come home to eat it?"

"Sorry, I'm busy!"

Wen Ru Yun's voice was extremely cold.

She was already completely chilled!


Wen Quansheng directly knelt at Wen Ruyun's feet on the spot and cried bitterly, "Ruyun ah, it's father who was wrong! Just look at the fact that I pulled you through back then and forgive dad this time ......"

Wen Ruyun's face changed.

Bringing up the favor of that year again, this Wen Quansheng really ate at her soft underbelly!

"Don't worry, before returning 100 million dollars to the Wen family, I won't leave you alone."

Upon hearing this, Wen Quansheng immediately smiled with joy and climbed up from the ground.

Next to him, Wen Zixu, however, spoke out:

"Wen Ruyun, you're now clutching 2.4 billion dollars in your hand, and you're just going to return a measly 100 million to our Wen Family? You have to know, if it wasn't for the Wen Family, you wouldn't even have been able to go to university, and now you probably wouldn't know where you died long ago!"

Wen Guangyi also nodded his head and said, "That's right, at least give us back a billion dollars! As long as you give our Wen family ten billion dollars, we won't interfere with anything you do anymore!"

Looking at the ugly face of the Wen family as they stomped their noses, Wen Ruyun was on the verge of exploding with anger!

How could there be such brazen people in the world?

Ning Tianlang frowned slightly, his voice icy cold, "There's no more business for you Wen family members here! Get lost before I get angry!"

"You little yakuza ......"

Before Wen Zixu could finish cursing, Zhang Wenchang bellowed, "We want to sign a contract with Ms. Wen, unrelated people get out of here quickly!"

Gao Xinyang, the chairman of Qing'an Xinchuang, also snapped, "Whoever continues to linger, I will immediately prosecute him for the crime of snooping on business secrets!"

As soon as the words fell, the Wen family members all turned pale with fear.

Wen Ru Yun coldly looked at Wen Guang Yi, "Grandpa, you've heard it all, you won't be able to get the Rhyming Court Department Store. If you don't want to cause trouble, take these trash and leave from my office immediately!"

Being satirized by Wen Ruyun, Wen Guangyi's anger was so intense that he directly passed out with a hiccup!

The Wen family didn't dare to delay even for a second, and hurriedly carried Wen Guangyi and ran towards the door in a hurry.

Before leaving, Wen Zixu turned back and said viciously: "Wen Ruyun you remember, you owe the Wen family ten billion! Before you pay it off again, you will always be a dog of my Wen family!"


"With a bang, he slammed the door and left!

Zhang Wenchang frowned tightly, "Ms. Wen, do you want me to make a move to bring down Kang Yang Group?"


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