Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 72: Buy a Phaeton!

With the strength of the Changhui Group, it was simply too easy to bring down a small Kangyang Group!

Even if Kang Yang Group had the Penglai Chamber of Commerce at its back, it would only take a little more trouble!

"No need, thank you Chairman Zhang for your kindness." Wen Ruyun shook her head, "A favor is a favor, a grudge is a grudge, I'm still confident that I can pay back the one billion dollars."

Zhang Wenchang's gaze showed a hint of appreciation, "Then Ms. Wen, let's sign the contract now?"

Receiving the contract, Wen Ruyun said with a firm gaze after a brief contemplation:

"Chairman Zhang, I want to work steadily step by step and work hard on the ground. This amount of 2.4 billion dollars is just too much, if you all can invest 50 million dollars in Rhyme Court Department Store, I would already be very grateful."

"But Ms. Wen ......"

Zhang Wenchang was still about to say something else, when Ning Tianlang on the side suddenly spoke coldly, "Fifty million dollars is just right, if it's not enough then I'll ask you guys for more."

"Yes yes yes ......" Zhang Wenchang hurriedly called for Changhui Group's legal counselor, "Quickly, change the contract to fifty million dollars, plus unlimited renewal!"

The others also signed contracts with Wen Ruyun to invest at any time, ensuring that Rhythm Court Department Store would never have any more problems with funding.

After everything was dealt with, Changhui Group's funds also went directly into Rhyming Court Department Store's account.

Wen Ruyun sent the group of bigwigs to the parking lot and gratefully said, "Chairman Zhang, this time, I'm really too grateful to you and all the chairmen. Don't worry, I will definitely not let your investment suffer any losses."

"Loss or gain is not very important." Zhang Wenchang laughed, "But Chairman Wen, regarding the image establishment of this shopping mall, I can give you a small suggestion."

Wen Ruyun's eyes glowed, "Please ask Chairman Zhang for guidance."

Zhang Wenchang pointed at the Santana parked next to a group of luxury cars and said:

"If you want to build up a high-end image, the first impression to the guests is important! It's best to avoid this kind of scrapped vehicle on the office building's parking lot."

"Eh ......"

Wen Ruyun glanced at Ning Tianlang and realized that his face was already dark ......

Ning Tianlang coldly said, "Zhang Wenchang, that's my car."

Zhang Wenchang: "......"

All the investment bigwigs: "......"

"Ms. Wen, we'll leave you alone, if you need help with anything in the future, feel free to call me ......"

Zhang Wenchang was so scared that his soul fell off, he hurriedly said hello to Wen Ruyun and got into the car and ran away.

Watching a dozen luxury cars worth more than a million dollars leave in turn, Ning Tianlang depressed: "Can't wait, I'm going to buy a car this afternoon!"

He had had enough of this broken Santana!

Every time he parked his car on the side of the road, he was worried whether it would be towed away as a scrap car.

Today is even more outrageous, Zhang Wenchang directly pointed out that this "scrap car" affects the image of the mall!

This is not a matter of face!

It's that he himself can't stand it anymore!

"Sister, I don't know much about cars, why don't you accompany me this afternoon?"

"Tian Lang, the company is not easy to come back from the dead, I still have a lot of things to deal with ...... Let's do it this way, I'll find someone who knows how to drive a car to accompany you, and when you come back, big sister will reimburse you."

"Someone who knows about cars? Who is it?"

"Gu Ningyu." Wen Ruyun smiled and said, "You don't know yet, right, Gu's family is in the used car business, she knows all kinds of cars!"

Ning Tian Lang also revealed a hint of a smile, "Fragrant car and beauty, it's settled!"

Undeniably, Gu Ningyu was indeed the most beautiful looking of all the women he had seen.

Completely living up to the title of one of the top five beauties in Qing'an City.

After making an appointment to meet at the Jiangxing Road Auto City, Ning Tianlang directly drove his car over there.

Jiangxing Road Auto City, covers an area of 300,000 square meters.

It integrates domestic and imported vehicle sales, auto parts and repairs, and is also equipped with a 5-kilometer-long special test track.

It is the largest and most complete automobile sales center in Qing'an City.

Arriving at the parking lot on Jiangxing Road, Ning Tianlang saw Gu Ningyu, who was leaning next to a red Ferrari and taking selfies with her cell phone, at a glance.

Today, she was dressed casually, wearing only a long white t-shirt that covered her hips, with a pair of long slender legs visible. Since she drove here, she didn't wear high heels, but a pair of pure white shoes, looking very clean and pure.

Ning Tian Lang walked up and greeted her with a smile, "Miss Gu, long time no see."

Hearing the voice, Gu Ningyu hurriedly put down her cell phone and waved at him, "Come on, been waiting for you for a long time."

Only after she moved like this did Ning Tianlang notice that underneath her wide t-shirt, she was only wearing a pair of small shorts ......

This ...... is also too open, right?

Gu Ningyu's unrivaledly beautiful face was filled with smiles, "I'm your big sister's best friend, so don't call Miss Gu so out of the ordinary, just call me Ningyu directly."

"Good, Ning Yu."

Ning Tianlang wouldn't refuse a beauty's offer, and immediately changed his name.

"Then ...... I'll call you Tian Lang just like Ru Yun, okay?"

Gu Ningyu's pretty face reddened a little.

"Of course."

"That ...... Tian Lang, what kind of car are you planning to buy?"

"Haven't thought about it, Gu Ningyu do you have any suggestions?"

Over and over, Ning Tian Lang called more and more smoothly.

Gu Ningyu glanced at the Santana behind him, "Your taste is a bit unique, Cadillac has a model that's quite retro, you can take a look ......"

"It's not my taste ......" Ning Tianlang had a black line on his face, "It's a car someone gave me, I want to buy a good car that's a bit more low-key."

Gu Ningyu drifted off, "I think the Phaeton is pretty good, with you this Santana is under Volkswagen, the high end price is around one and a half million dollars, but the appearance is very low key, very similar to the Passat."

"Yes!" Ning Tianlang returned to the car and said to Gu Ningyu, "Let's park your car here, and we'll both drive one car in. They're both Volkswagen cars, so maybe I can deduct a few hundred dollars for this old car!"

Gu Ningyu: "......"

She was speechless for a while, this Lord who was willing to spend fifty million dollars on a diamond ring, buying a car and wanting to trade it in for a new one?

Is he rich or is he broke ......

Sitting on the co-pilot, Gu Ningyu surveyed the car's interior decorations, "When this car of yours was first listed around 1993, it was priced at around two hundred thousand dollars, not something that the average person could afford to drive."

Then she turned her words around:

"But now, unless it's an antique car collection enthusiast acquiring it, it really doesn't sell for five hundred ...... dollars."

Driving to the front of the Volkswagen 4s store, Gu Ningyu and Ning Tianlang had just gotten out of the car when they heard a surprised voice from the side:

"My goodness, isn't this Miss Gu?"

Ning Tian Lang looked back, and the person who spoke was a heavily made-up woman wearing a suit uniform.

She had a Mercedes Benz logo on her chest, and was a saleswoman from the Mercedes Benz store next to her.

Gu Ningyu frowned slightly, "Tan Qiaoqiao?"

Tan Qiaoqiao was her college roommate, and she was sarcastic and small-minded.

When they first lived together, Tan Qiaoqiao was jealous of Gu Ningyu's good looks and popularity, and she often picked fights over trivial matters.

Later, knowing Gu Ningyu's family history, she only laid down her flag, did not dare to clash with her head-on.

However, she has been pouring dirty water on her in the dark.

She went around telling people that Gu Ningyu was adopted by several rich old men.

She said it as if she had seen it with her own eyes.

Because of this rumor, wherever she went, Gu Ningyu was met with strange stares and accusations.

She even suffered from depression at one point, and took a full year off before returning to school.

When she saw Tan Qiaoqiao at this time, Gu Ningyu recalled the painful memories of that year, and her pretty face was so pale that it was heartbreaking.

She took Ning Tianlang's hand, "Let's go, let's go in!"

She didn't want to have anything to do with people like Tan Qiaoqiao anymore.

If you can't afford to mess with them, you can't afford to hide from them?

However, Tan Qiaoqiao was not letting her go, directly blocking in front of her and mocking:

"Back then, weren't you quite rich? How did you become this kind of behavior?"


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