Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 74 - Military Bigwigs!


The moment these words came out, everyone around sprayed out!

Not to mention that this broken Santana is worth at most a thousand or eight hundred, they have never heard of, come here to buy a car and trade-in!

"Hahahahaha......" Tan Qiaoqiao laughed her ass off.

"Gu Ningyu, this boyfriend of yours is not sick in the head, right? Just finished bragging about buying a Phaeton, and now he wants to save these few hundred dollars, does he want to laugh us to death? Hahahahaha ......"

Peng Hai also laughed until he couldn't catch his breath: "I've been selling cars for more than ten years, this is the first time I've seen someone want to take Santana for Phaeton, it's really a genius ah genius ......"

He wiped tears out of laughter and said, "Old Wu ah, really can't you sell him a new Santana at a discount, this pussy is really too funny, hahahaha ......"

Wu Li Nian's face turned blue, but still said politely to Ning Tian Lang:

"This customer, our store doesn't offer trade-ins for the time being. If you really want to sell your car, I can ask around for you to see if anyone wants to collect it ......"

"Good." Ning Tianlang nodded, "Then you estimate a price."

"This ......"

Wu Linian's face looked odd.

Is there still a need to estimate the price for this?

It wouldn't be more than a thousand dollars at a glance!

But before he had time to speak, Peng Hai laughed loudly and said, "You can't refuse a customer's request for an estimate! If you people are too embarrassed to give a price, let us do it for you?"

With that, he waved his hand, "Go, check the condition of the car!"

With a command, a few Mercedes-Benz store employees ran over with a smile on their faces.

Where did they really want to check the condition of the car, they clearly wanted to use this excuse to mock Volkswagen some more.

A tall, thin young salesman casually rummaged around in the backseat and suddenly made a strange "eek" sound.

He took out a small, dark-red book from the backseat seat, and wondered, "What's this?"


The next second!

His eyes almost fell out!

Only to see three big words printed on top of that dark red little book - officer's license!

"This ...... this is ......"

He shivered and ran back to Peng Hai: "Manager Peng, look at this, it was found on that car ......"

"What a couple of things?" Peng Hai casually took it, unconcerned, "It's just a document?"

After saying this, he immediately noticed that something was wrong!

He carefully looked at the documents in his hand, and then steeply widened his eyes, "Military ...... officer's license?!"

The others came forward and curiously said:

"What officer's license? Is not Taobao bought spoof documents ah?"

"It looks like it's real, and it's printed on it with the Political Bureau of the Military Commission of the Grand Xia Empire supervising it!"

Tan Qiaoqiao also stretched her neck to take a look and said disdainfully, "Even if it's real, so what? I guess this little hanger-on is a retired hobo!"

Someone beside him said, "Open it and see what kind of inside?"

Peng Hai hurriedly opened the officer's license with a trembling hand.


Seeing that the picture inside wasn't Ning Tianlang, everyone let out a slight sigh of relief.

If the other party was really someone from the military, it wasn't really a good idea!

Looking at the already yellowed paper and fuzzy handwriting on the officer's license, someone said disdainfully:

"Che, the rank column says a sergeant, just an ordinary soldier!"

"Oh, not even a lieutenant, what's there to be afraid of!"

Peng Hai also said with a big mouth: "Kid, this is your friend who left you in the car, right? Gao Qingchun? Isn't that name too rural?"

Gao Qingchun?

At first, Ning Tianlang didn't know why he had an officer's license in his car.

Now that he heard Peng Hai read out the name on the ID, he remembered - the chief of staff of the Xifeng Military Region, wasn't his name Gao Qingchun?

Ning Tianlang hooked up one side of his mouth and said with a smile, "Why don't you take a look at the date of issuance?"

"Date of issuance?"

Peng Hai subconsciously looked down, "February 24, 1987?"

His heart trembled, this document was issued in the eight years.

Then this non-commissioned officer called Gao Qingchun, his current rank is ......

As if to answer his doubts, Ning Tianlang took out his cell phone and dialed Gao Qingchun's number.

"Hey, Gao Qingchun, someone picked up your officer's license."

Saying that, Ning Tianlang came to Peng Hai and passed the phone to his ear, "Speak for yourself."

Peng Hai was so scared by now that his heart was about to pop out of his throat!

He subconsciously said, "I ...... I picked up an officer's license that was issued in eighty seven years, and the name of the bearer is Gao, Gao Qingchun ......"

Gao Qingchun on the other side of the phone laughed loudly and said, "It's that officer's license ah, twenty years ago when I drove to send the head of the lost, now I can find it is really a surprise ah!

This way, you send the document to the staff department of the Xifeng Provincial Military Region, just say that it was handed over to Chief of Staff Gao Qingchun, I will ......"

Peng Hai couldn't hear a single word of the latter words!

It was as if ten thousand bees had flown into his ears, buzzing and roaring nonstop!

West Phoenix Provincial Military Region Staff Department?

Chief of Staff Gao Qingchun?

Peng Hai's legs went limp and he fell to the ground with a plop!

The people next to him didn't hear what was said on the phone, and they all looked puzzled: "What's going on here?"

"Manager Peng, what's wrong with you? Whose call is it?"

But Peng Hai had been completely stunned!

Not a single word could be said!

Ning Tianlang bent down to retrieve the cell phone from Peng Hai and said to Gao Qingchun on the other side of the phone, "Alright, it's fine, hang up."

After saying that, he directly hung up on Chief of Staff Gao.

"Manager Peng, how was it, did Gao Qingchun say he wanted to thank you?" Ning Tianlang looked at Peng Hai smilingly, "You've made a big achievement here!"

When Peng Hai saw that Ning Tianlang had even casually hung up on the Chief of Staff, his thighs trembled and he directly peed in fear!

A stream of fishy liquid flowed out of his uniform pants, dripping all over the floor.

He looked at Ning Tianlang in horror, his blood was about to congeal!

Where was the person in front of him any kind of hangman?

It was clearly a low-key military bigwig!

"Manager Peng, what's wrong with you?" Tan Qiaoqiao was surprised to see Peng Hai actually peeing all over the place, "Are you not feeling well?"

"If you're not feeling well, go home and rest first, wait for a while and I'll film this hangman making a fool of himself and send it to you, I guarantee I won't miss a ......"

Before her words were finished, Peng Hai violently jumped up from the ground!


An extremely loud slap hit Tan Qiaoqiao's face hard!

Peng Hai hissed, "Shut the fuck up! If you say another word, I'll pull your head off!"

Tan Qiaoqiao covered her face, looking dumbfounded to the core!

She and Peng Hai actually had that level of relationship.

Otherwise, Peng Hai wouldn't have distributed so many customer resources to her.

How could she not have expected that Peng Hai, who was incredibly gentle to her in bed, would have slapped her hard in public!

"Manager Peng ......"

She just opened her mouth to say three words.


Peng Hai swung his arm round to slap her again!

"I told you to shut up!!!"


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