Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 75: Kneel and Apologize!

Two slaps, directly hitting Tan Qiaoqiao with blood spilling from the corners of her mouth, her head in a daze.

Even the employees of the Volkswagen store looked puzzled-

What kind of evil wind did Peng Hai draw?

Why is he beating up his own people?

In the crowd's astonished gaze, Peng Hai crawled to Ning Tianlang's feet with his ass in the air, "This gentleman, just now I have no eyes, I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry ......"

While apologizing, he kowtowed repeatedly!

"Hiss ......"

Among the onlookers next to them, there were quite a few employees and managers of other car brands.

As soon as they saw Peng Hai actually kneeling and kowtowing to someone, they couldn't help but all suck in a breath of cool air!

An employee of the Dongfeng brand store said with his jaw dropping, "Crap, I'm not blinking, am I? Is that kowtowing person the Mercedes Benz manager Peng?"

The Volvo saleswoman next to him nodded woodenly, "I doubt my eyes too!"

"Oh my god, what the hell is that young man? How did he scare the general manager of the Mercedes-Benz store into such a state?"

"It must be the young master of some big family ......"

Listening to the crowd talking, Peng Hai only felt a pang of bitterness in his mouth-

This person is obviously so awesome, why does he have to drive such a broken Santana?

He also wanted to trade in his old one for a new one!

He is so low-key, even the gods can't guess that he is a big shot in the military!

Ning Tianlang looked at Peng Hai coldly: "Your staff insulted me and my friends, how about this?"

Hearing Ning Tianlang speak, Peng Hai was jolted.

Immediately afterward, he immediately turned back to Tan Qiaoqiao and the others with a blessed heart and shouted angrily:

"All fucking kneel down and apologize to this gentleman and this young lady!"

The employees of the Mercedes-Benz store looked at each other, and their faces all turned pale.

They all realized that something had happened!

These people of their own had truly kicked an iron plate today!

At that instant, those four or five Mercedes employees all tremblingly stepped forward, "Yes, I'm sorry, it's because we have eyes and don't recognize Mt. Tai ......"

"Kneel down!!!"

Peng Hai let out a furious shout!


"Poutong! Poof!"

In an instant, all the Mercedes-Benz employees all fell to their knees!

Shaking like sieves on the ground, they didn't even dare to raise their heads!

And Tan Qiaoqiao was still covering her red and swollen cheeks, standing stagnantly in place.

She was completely dumbfounded.

What in the world was going on here?

One second she was still complacent that she was finally mixing better than Gu Ningyu.

How come the next second her own manager was kneeling for the other party?

Before she had time to figure it out, Peng Hai's angry roar had already traveled over!

"Tan Qiaoqiao! What the hell are you still thinking about? Why don't you hurry over here and kowtow and apologize?!"

Tan Qiaoqiao's eyes were full of disbelief, "You want me to apologize to this poor hanger-on and smelly cousin?"

The moment these words came out, Peng Hai almost pissed himself again!

This woman simply had big boobs and no brain!

It's already at this point, can't you see an eyebrow high or low? He fiercely stood up, rushed to Tan Qiaoqiao's side, grabbed her coiled hair and hissed:

"If you fucking want to find death, don't drag Laozi into it! Laozi is really fucking victimized by you!!!"

As he spoke, he threw Tan Qiaoqiao at Ning Tian Lang's feet, "Quickly fucking apologize to these two!"

Tan Qiaoqiao was torn into a cloak of disarray!

She slowly raised her head and looked at Gu Ningyu standing in front of her, her expression was worse than eating shit!

Gu Ningyu's heart burst with pleasure as she said to Ning Tianlang, "Tianlang, let them kneel here, let's go buy a car first!"


Ning Tian Lang said to Volkswagen General Manager Wu Linian, "Let's go, let's go in and look at the car."

"Yes, yes, yes ...... your side please, let me introduce you to the various models under our brand ......"

Wu Linian didn't dare to be slow, directly leading Ning Tianlang towards the vip reception room.

Only after watching them go inside did Tan Qiaoqiao resentfully say, "Manager Peng, what do you mean by this? Why are you making me apologize to them?!"

While saying this, she braced herself on the ground and was about to stand up.


Peng Hai gritted his teeth, "No one is allowed to stand up until that one gives the word!"

"Manager Peng ......," Tan Qiaoqiao's mouth opened wide, and a frightening thought suddenly floated to her mind, "Could it be, could it be that that person just now is actually not a hangman?"

"More than not a hangman!" Peng Hai said in awe, "He is the highest status person I have ever seen in my generation!"

Tan Qiaoqiao: "......"

Crowd: "......"

"But we've even received the chief of the city's General Mansion, he ...... his status wouldn't be higher than even the city's chief, right?"

When asking this, Tan Qiaoqiao's two red lips were already so white that there wasn't a trace of blood color!

Peng Hai skimmed his mouth, thinking that this one even dared to hang up the phone of the Provincial Military Region's Chief of Staff casually, and what does the city's Generalissimo count for?

Looking at Peng Hai's expression, Tan Qiaoqiao had completely understood!

She sat down on the ground disheveled, her face ashen!

She thought that she was finally better than Gu Ningyu, but she didn't realize that the other party wasn't even in the same class as herself!

She was nothing more than a self-righteous clown!

Not a moment later, Wu Linian sent Ning Tianlang and Gu Ningyu out with a glowing smile on his face, shouting to the crowd of onlookers:

"This Mr. Ning, needs to buy two hundred cars above half a million! We have sixty Volkswagen cars in stock now, and the remaining one hundred and forty can be purchased from other brands!

In addition, we also need fifty high-end branded cars above one million dollars, so please make your own recommendations!"


As soon as these words came out, the surrounding Auto Mall staff all went crazy!

One by one, their faces reddened with excitement, and they shouted with their hearts torn out:

"We have BMW in stock!"

"Half a million dollars and a Volvo!"

"Audi! Audi! We're also owned by Volkswagen!"

"Mr. Ning! Support the new energy Tesla!!!"

For a time, the entire entrance of the Volkswagen sale rioted!

Nearly two hundred cars were sold at one time, making everyone's eyes turn bloodshot!


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