Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 76: Get Out Now!

The people who had just mocked Ning Tianlang's trade-in were all dumbfounded!

They didn't realize that the person they despised was actually a super rich man!

Someone shouted, "Our Lexus is able to trade-in! A Santana is worth a million dollars!"

As soon as this was shouted, everyone spat, "Bah! Shameless!"

Ning Tianlang also didn't expect the situation to get so out of control, so he said to Wu Linian:

"Manager Wu, I believe in your vision, after you help me pick them out, uniformly send them to Rhyme Court Department Store. I'll give you ten percent commission for each car."

"Don't worry, Mr. Ning! I will definitely pick the most cost-effective car for you!"

Hearing the ten percent commission, Wu Linian's blood boiled all over!

Grateful beyond words, he was almost about to kneel down and call Ning Tianlang a landlord father!

Watching all this, Peng Hai directly cried out!

If he hadn't offended Ning Tianlang, if he hadn't offended the people at the Volkswagen store, they could have bought all of these 200 cars!

But now, he can only kneel here and watch others' crazy income!

It's all Tan Qiaoqiao's fault!

Peng Hai gritted his teeth and glared at Tan Qiaoqiao, wishing to chop her head off on the spot!

Leaving everything to Wu Linian to handle, Ning Tian Lang brought Gu Ningyu to Peng Hai and the others.

"Manager Peng, I think it's better to dismiss an employee like Tan Qiaoqiao, what do you think?"

Hearing Ning Tian Lang's words, Peng Hai didn't dare to hesitate and immediately turned to Tan Qiaoqiao, "You're dismissed! Pack up and get out immediately! Never let me see you again!"

"Sacked ......?"

Tan Qiaoqiao's face instantly went pale!

She now had to pay tens of thousands of dollars a month in mortgage and car payments, if she lost this job, she would have no way to live!

"Don't ah ...... Peng Hai, you can't be so heartless!"

Tan Qiaoqiao cried out in pain, "You promised me to make me a sales manager! You can't just put on your pants and deny it!"

"You shut up! If you say one more word, believe it or not I'll tear your mouth apart!"

Peng Hai's face turned green!

If Tan Qiaoqiao told the truth about the two of them, how could he continue to work in this Auto City in the future?

Tan Qiaoqiao was stunned and immediately changed direction, crawling to Gu Ningyu's feet and pleading, "Ningyu! For the sake of the two of us being classmates, please spare me this time! I really can't lose this job!"

Gu Ningyu looked at her condescendingly and said indifferently, "I've said it before, I have nothing to say to you. As for whether or not to dismiss you, it's your leader's business, it has nothing to do with me."

"Ning Yu ...... please ...... talk to your boyfriend, please ......"

Tan Qiaoqiao completely panicked, and kept kowtowing to Gu Ningyu "bang bang".

Ning Tianlang took his cell phone and filmed all of her wretched appearance, smilingly said, "Ningyu, I'll send you the video, just as she just said, pass it to your class group."

Upon hearing this, Tan Qiaoqiao instantly turned ashen!

With her job gone and no way to mix in her classmates' circle, Tan Qiaoqiao wanted to die!

Looking at her humble appearance as she begged for mercy, Gu Ningyu's heart was extremely happy!

She had finally gotten rid of the resentment that had been building up for many years!

The haze that she had once felt was also dispersed by the clouds!

At this moment, her gaze toward Ning Tianlang was no longer just curious and worshipful, but also added a point of gratitude. ......

However, she wasn't the kind of character that could not be spared, she pulled the corner of Ning Tianlang's coat, "Tianlang, let's go, I don't want to see this kind of person anymore."

"Okay, let's go."

Ning Tian Lang didn't look at Peng Hai and Tan Qiaoqiao again and directly led Gu Ningyu away.

After the two of them left, without saying a word, Peng Hai directly had people throw Tan Qiaoqiao out of the front door of the Mercedes Benz store, along with all her belongings!

He even had the heart to kill Tan Qiaoqiao, and refused to let her stay for even a second!

Tan Qiaoqiao stood outside in a sorry state, and everyone was pointing at her.

"This saleswoman's eye for people is so bad, she can't even tell the difference between a tycoon and a hanger-on, how can such a person sell cars?"

"That's right, just now I could tell at a glance that the woman beside that tycoon was Miss Gu Family, Gu Ningyu."

"Miss Gu family? Didn't I hear that she's engaged to Young Master Shangguan Qing of the Shangguan family? Why is she out with another man again?"

Hearing the crowd's comments, Tan Qiaoqiao's complexion moved and she hurriedly took out her cell phone to call one of the bosses she had served.

"Hey, Boss Zhao, do you know Young Master Shangguan Qing? I saw his fiancée cheating on him with a man ......"


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