Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 77 Awards for Loyal Employees

The next day.

The entire Rhyme Court Department Store was in an uproar!

Twenty large double-decker sedans were parked one by one on the parking lot in front of the office building.

Each of them was towing a dozen new cars!

All of them were high-end branded luxury models!

Looking at these cars, all the employees were talking:

"What are so many cars for? Is our company going to sell cars?"

"Will they be given to us as year-end prizes?"

"Oh, you're dreaming, there's a three million dollar Lincoln in there!"

Wen Ruyun was also very excited!

She had just received a call from Zhang Wenchang, the chairman of Changhui Group.

Zhang Wenchang told him that the cars were given to Rhyme Ting Department Store by a Boss Ning, in order to honor the employees who hadn't defected before.

For a moment, Wen Ruyun speculated whether this mysterious Boss Ning could be Ning Tian Lang.

But she immediately dismissed the thought.

It was still reasonable for her own brother to have a little money.

These cars added up to hundreds of millions of dollars, how could he possibly afford them!

Wen Ruyun came outside the office building and said loudly to the curious employees, "Everyone doesn't need to be curious anymore! These cars are a commendation for you!"

Everyone was abuzz at these words!

Even Zhao Binghua and the others who had to frisk Wen Ruyun earlier looked at these cars with excited faces, secretly swearing to live as a Rhyme Court Department Store's man and die as a Rhyme Court Department Store's ghost!


Wen Ruyun swept her eyes over the crowd and faintly said, "Not everyone is qualified to receive this commendation!"

"What? Not everyone is given?"

"Is it only given to those above the managerial level?"

The crowd looked at me and you, all speculating.

Zhao Binghua and the others were all smug.

They were confident that they were the pillars of the company, and Wen Ruyun must be trying to enlist them in this way so that they would not defect to Wen Zixu again.

"Manager Zhao, congratulations, congratulations, it looks like you'll be able to share a Jaguar XJ at the very least!"

"Yeah, it's really enviable ......"

Being hailed by his men like clouds, Zhao Binghua laughed out loud, "When I get my car, I'll let you guys drive around a bit as well to get over it!"

Wen Ruyun coldly glanced at them and continued, "Now, the person whose name I read can come over to receive the car keys."

"Xu Hong, the BMW x5 on the number one transportation vehicle is yours." "Thank you, Chairman, thank you, Chairman!"

A woman walked forward, her face red with excitement.

Two days ago during the company's crisis, she was directly thrown out by Wen Zixu's people because she refused to betray Wen Ruyun.

At that time, she thought she was going to lose her job.

Never thought that not only did she not lose her job, but she also got a car worth more than eight hundred thousand dollars!

"Liu Yuming, the Lexus rx on car number one is yours."

"Cai Song, the red Volvo s90 is yours."


Wen Ru Yun gave away more than sixty cars in one breath, but he had yet to mention Zhao Binghua.

Zhao Binghua's heart drummed, could it be that the best ones are published at the end?

But, after Wen Ru Yun gave a Volkswagen cc to the security guard Xiao Zhang who was guarding her floor, she summarized:

"This is the first time that this commendation for loyal employees will be handed out! The rest of the cars are your motivation! Whoever performs well, I definitely won't be stingy!"

For a while, the group was inspired, and all the employees were eager to sacrifice their lives for the company right away!

Only Zhao Binghua's face was horribly ugly.

Even the security guards got the car, but he didn't even get a hair!

Looking at the crowd's strange gazes, he only felt that he had no face at all, and left with a flutter of his sleeve!

While the Rhyme Garden department store was in full swing distributing rewards, Ning Tian Lang drove his new car to Xiang Gong Mansion.

Today, Guo Le was going to sign a construction contract with a construction company to build the Ning Family Mausoleum, and he planned to come over to take a look.

Seeing Ning Tian Lang, Guo Le hurriedly walked up respectfully, "Mr. Ning, the people from Cheng Liang Construction Company have already arrived."

"Let's go, it's still mainly up to you to deal with them, I'll watch from the side."

Guo Le smiles nervously, "Mr. Ning you can come, my heart is very solid now."

The front hall of the Xiang Gongfu Mansion.

A man in a floral shirt was sitting on a chair with a big horse and spinning two cultural walnuts in his hand.

Behind him stood a dozen youths in black suits, all swarthy, not bodyguards from a formal security company at a glance.

Guo Le sat down opposite the man and placed a document on the table between the two:

"Manager Zhou Xinghua, this is the construction contract we drew up for the building project, if you look at it if there are no problems, both sides will sign it and start construction this afternoon."

Zhou Xinghua squinted his eyes at the contract, without even touching it, he directly said, "No need to look at it, according to the rules of our Cheng Liang construction, first triple the price!"


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