Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

78. Threats of violence


The moment he heard Zhou Xinghua say that he wanted to triple the original offer, Guo Le's face instantly changed.

"The price our Boss Ning gave has already exceeded the market price! You don't want to get ahead of yourself!"

"Then I don't care!" Zhou Xinghua crossed his legs and raised his chin, "This is the rule of our Cheng Liang Construction Company!"

He threw the contract in front of Guo Le, "Hurry up and change the price, sign the contract and start construction immediately!"

Guo Le's face changed again and again, "Manager Zhou, we've clearly negotiated before, how can you change the contract on the spot?"

Zhou Xinghua raised his eyebrows, "You're not a kid, are you? Negotiating a price and signing a contract are two different things, right?"

"You're clearly sitting on the fence!" Guo Le shot up and said angrily, "Even if our Boss Ning is rich, he can't be blackmailed by you like this!"

"Extortion?" Zhou Xinghua's face sank, "We, Cheng Liang Construction, are the industry leader in Qing'an City, don't slander us!"

Guo Le was so angry that his face turned blue as he reached out towards the gate, "Manager Zhou, please! The construction of our Ning Family Mausoleum won't work with your company anymore!"

"Heh heh heh ......"

Instead of getting up and walking away, Zhou Xinghua laughed coldly.

"Manager Guo looks like you're really a fledgling, do you know that every industry has rules for every industry? How can anyone dare to take over a project that we, Cheng Liang Construction, have our eyes on?!"

The construction of the Ning Family Mausoleum was a huge project, and that Boss Ning was very willing to spend money, requiring materials and construction standards that were above industry standards.

When this order was completed, the profit could be said to be astronomical!

How could Cheng Liang Construction give up such a big piece of fat meat?

If they couldn't sign this contract, they definitely wouldn't allow other companies to cut them off!

Hearing Zhou Xinghua's words, Guo Le frowned, ''What do you mean by that? There are so many construction companies in Qing'an City, can you monopolize all the contracts?"

He knew that Cheng Liang Construction Company was strong and powerful, otherwise he wouldn't have chosen to cooperate with them.

But what he hadn't expected was that this company would be such a bully!

Zhou Xinghua leaned forward, his arm placed on the table, his fingers crossed, and he stared at Guo Le sorrowfully, "I'm afraid you still don't know which family's industry our Cheng Liang Construction is, right?"

"Which ...... which family?"

"The Qingan Liang family!" Zhou Xinghua's voice raised violently, "May I ask, does anyone dare to steal business from the Liang family?!"

Hearing the words Qingan Liang Family, Guo Le's face suddenly turned pale!

The Liang family, with their feet in black and white, made their fortune in the clash of swords and blood, and had a very close relationship with all the bigwigs in the Jianghu!

The reputation was so great that even he, a poor boy from the ravine, had heard about it!

If Cheng Liang Construction was really the property of the Liang family, then no one would really dare to take the order for the Ning family mausoleum!

Guo Le couldn't wait to smack himself in the mouth, how did he choose to cooperate with this family?

He looked back at Ning Tianlang in fear that the other party would blame him.

However, Ning Tian Lang patted his shoulder and comforted him, "It's okay, Cheng Liang Construction's reputation is really big, if it were me, I would definitely prefer their family as well."

After saying this, he turned his icy gaze towards Zhou Xinghua and faintly said, "This rule of tripling the price before signing the contract, was it you who made it?"

Zhou Xinghua glanced at him, "I'm having a conversation with your manager, there's no room for you to interrupt!"

He treated Ning Tianlang as an employee under Guo Le.

Ning Tianlang revealed a warm smile, but there was a coldness in his eyes, "I'm only asking you who made up this rule!"

Zhou Xinghua was a little hairy from the look in Ning Tianlang's eyes, and subconsciously replied, "Yes, it was our company's vice chairman, Young Master Liang, who set it."

"Young Master Liang? It's Liang Peng?"

Zhou Xinghua was surprised, "You know our young master?"

"There was a meeting."

"Che!" Hearing Ning Tian Lang's words, Zhou Xing Hua let out a sigh of relief, "There are many people who have met our young master, don't you little trash think of climbing up the ladder!" Ning Tian Lang said in a cold voice, "I'm giving you two choices now, one, sign this original contract right away and start construction, two, declare that you're giving up and let other companies take over!"

"I don't even fucking choose!" Zhou Xinghua waved his big hand and rampantly said.

"Try it if you can, and see who fucking dares to take over!"

"Even if there's really someone who doesn't have the eyes to sign a contract with you, I won't let you construct the project smoothly! You wouldn't have never heard of the Liang family's power in the jianghu, right?!"

"My friend, spending three times more bills can buy peace and prosperity, this business is cost-effective!"

Looking at Zhou Xinghua's arrogant demeanor, Guo Le clenched his fists until they clicked!

He gritted his teeth and said, "You guys are just asking for a lot of money!"

"That's right, I'm asking for more, how about it?"

Zhou Xinghua lit a cigarette and spat a mouthful of smoke in Guo Le's face.

"This Ning Family Mausoleum is going to bury your boss's own father, right? I can tell you this, if you don't sign a contract with us, Cheng Liang Construction, do you believe that even if this mausoleum is completed, they won't be able to find peace under the ground!"


Guo Le was so angry that his forehead veins popped out, itching to tear Zhou Xinghua's arrogant face to shreds!

"Say what you just said again."

Ning Tian Lang looked at Zhou Xing Hua with an icy cold face, his voice as cold as three-nine frost!

"So what if I say it again?" Zhou Xinghua skimmed his big mouth.

"If you guys don't let us, Cheng Liang Construction, make this money, I can guarantee that even if that dead man's bones have been buried into the ground, we'll all be able to fucking dig them up for you again!"

His words just fell.


Ning Tian Lang slammed his fist on the table, "I'm afraid that you have the life to take the money, but not the life to spend it!"

Zhou Xinghua was first shocked by him, then he laughed out loud, "Hahahahaha ...... I've been in this line of work for so many years, but this is the first time I've come across someone who dares to threaten me!"

Laughing maniacally a few times, he fiercely put away his laughter, waved his hand towards behind him and shouted loudly, "Brothers, give these two boys a little color to see!"

Previously, there were also people who were unwilling to change their high-priced contracts, but under the threat of his violence, all of them would honestly resign themselves to their fate.

So this time he was playing the same game!

Thinking that after both Ning Tian Lang and Guo Le were beaten into submission, they would definitely sign the contract obediently!

Hearing Zhou Xinghua's order, the young men in black suits all came forward with their fists pumping.

Guo Le's face turned pale as he said to Ning Tian Lang, "You go first! I'll take care of them!"

It was just a beating!

He believed he could handle it!

Ning Tian Lang looked at Zhou Xing Hua indifferently, "I can give you one last chance."

"Chance your mom ah chance! You're still pretending when you're on the verge of fucking death? Brothers! Give me a fight!"

Zhou Xinghua didn't even bother wasting any more words, directly waving his hand, ordering his men to hit him!

The next moment--

Without saying a word, those youngsters immediately wrinkled their brows and rushed forward!

Guo Le's eyes erupted with fire, his fists clenched tightly in preparation for battle!

Zhou Xinghua slowly exhaled a mouthful of smoke rings, a face of victory!

At this very moment!

Ning Tianlang supported the table with one hand and leapt up!

Immediately after that!


He landed lightly on both feet and stood directly to Zhou Xinghua's side.

Zhou Xinghua's eyelids jumped, and his hand holding the cigarette shook slightly!

In a split second!

Sweat hairs exploded all over his body!

Frozen stiff on the spot!

A black hole in the muzzle of a gun!

Was steadily pressed against his temple!!!!


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