Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 79: Haters Meet, Haters Turn Red

"If you don't want your head to explode, you'd better be honest with me!"

Ning Tianlang's icy voice entered Zhou Xinghua's ears, causing goosebumps to rise all over his body!

A cold sweat flowed out of Zhou Xinghua's forehead as he slowly raised his hands and said in shock, "Don't move ...... I won't move ......"

As for his men, they had only just rushed to Guo Le's side, and before they could make a move, they were all immobilized!

They are just a group of punks, once they see the real guns and bullets souls are scared flying!

"Big ...... brother, you said you are also on the road to mix ah, we are not a big water washed the Dragon King Temple, from the family do not recognize their own family!"

Zhou Xinghua held up his arm, a move do not dare to move, for fear of a gun to fire their own life is not guaranteed.

"Who the hell is family with you?" Ning Tian Lang's voice was ice cold, "You guys deserve it too?"

Upon hearing this, Zhou Xinghua was so scared that both of his eyes were unfocused, "Could ...... it be that you are from the police department?"

In his heart, there are no more than two kinds of people with guns in their hands - big brother of the jianghu, or people from the police department.

"Big, big brother, our Liang Peng big male son and your police department's captain is a good buddy, you ...... you can never shoot ah ...... have something to say... ..."

Zhou Xinghua was about to be scared out of his wits, his voice shivering like a sheep.

Ning Tianlang pointed the muzzle of his gun at his head, "Aren't you a bully? Keep getting your men to do it!"

"No, no, no, no ...... don't dare to be bullish don't dare to be bullish ......" Zhou Xinghua's face was bloodless, "Big brother you're the most bullish ......"

At this time, next to a dyed yellow hair young man spoke out: "Zhou manager, I almost every week into the police station once or twice, that inside the people I am familiar with, but I have never seen this person ah!"

"Yeah, I've never seen this person either." Someone else chimed in, "And there's definitely not such a big shot on the Western Phoenix Province's roads!"

That yellow hair frowned, "This gun can't be a fake, right?"

A single word woke up the dreamer!

Zhou Xinghua's face turned green!

This thing called a gun was not something that anyone could just have!

There was no reason why he would be so unlucky as to run into someone who was neither a cop nor a big shot, but had a gun in his hand, right?

This probability was simply lower than winning the lottery!

"Kid! If you dare to bluff me with a toy gun, believe it or not, I will really kill you today!"

Zhou Xinghua's mouth was fierce, but his body did not move at all.

"Toy gun?" Ning Tian Lang hooked up the corner of his mouth, "If you're not afraid to die you can give it a try."

The yellow hair next to him was eager to make a success of it, so he shouted in disbelief, "Just try it!"

As he spoke, he violently lunged towards Ning Tianlang!

Ning Tianlang's muzzle moved slightly, and the firelight flashed!


The sound of a gunshot rose abruptly!

The next second!

A shocking red dot appeared in the center of that yellow hair's eyebrow!

A shot, right in the center of the eyebrow!

"Hiss ......"

Everyone present was stunned!

Frozenly looking at Yellow Hair's corpse, almost forgot to breathe!

Zhou Xinghua was even directly scared to the point of incontinence!

If it wasn't for his hands holding the table, he would have collapsed on the floor!

His heart a burst of fear, cursing this yellow hair really fucking deserved to die!

He almost got himself trapped by him!

Ning Tianlang repositioned the warm muzzle of his gun against Zhou Xinghua's temple and said faintly, "Do you want to try it too?"

"No, no, don't want to ......" Zhou Xinghua's two legs trembled madly.

"Big, big brother, this rule of tripling the contract price is really set by young master Liang Peng, it's really none of my business ah, I'm just a part-time worker ......"

"Call, call Liang Peng here!" Ning Tian Lang's voice was icy cold, "Looks like he's going to have to eat that shit even if he doesn't eat it!" Zhou Xinghua didn't understand what Ning Tianlang meant, but still hurriedly called Liang Peng.

"Liang ...... Liang young master, this is Zhou Xinghua. There's a problem on the Ning family mausoleum side ......"

Before he could finish his words, Liang Peng impatiently said, "Is it that the other party refuses to change the price of the contract? Do it directly! No need to spoil the girl!"

"Moving, hands on ...... have not fought ......"

"Crap? Still touched a tough guy? You wait, I happen to be in the neighborhood, immediately arrived!"

Said, directly hung up the phone.

Zhou Xinghua shivered and raised his cell phone, "Big brother, Young Master Liang will be here soon, just let me go ......"

Ning Tianlang retrieved his pistol and pointed at the yellow hair's body on the ground, "Carry him away, don't pollute my Ning family's land!"

"Yes yes yes ......"

Zhou Xinghua nodded his head.

He instructed the two scared and dumbfounded henchmen next to him, "Go, carry the body back to the company and dispose of it!"

Those two henchmen were like amnesties and hurriedly lifted up Yellow Hair's body and left in a hurry!

Not a moment later, a rush of brakes could be heard coming from the main entrance.

Five or six Mercedes Benz business parked in front of the Xiang Gong Gong, from the top of the hooting and hollering down more than twenty tattooed big men.

The person in the lead was Liang Peng!

Behind him, there was also a man who had a face full of cross-flesh and ferociousness.

This man was Wang Sanheng, whom Ning Tianlang had met on the bus on his first day back!

Liang Peng arrogantly shouted, "Where is the person? Let this young master see, which one who doesn't have eyes dares to make a move against my Liang family?!"

As he spoke, he had already stepped into the front hall.

"It's you?!"

Upon seeing Ning Tian Lang, his pupils shrunk violently!

That day in the parking lot, he had been kicked by Ning Tianlang to the point of spitting blood from his mouth, and he had been lying in bed for half a month before recovering!

At this moment, enemies were red in the face!

He turned back to Wang Sanheng and said, "Third Brother, this kid has a grudge against me, help me teach him a good lesson!"

"I have a fucking grudge against him too!"

The horizontal flesh on Wang Sanheng's face trembled, itching to kill Ning Tianlang on the spot to relieve his hatred!

That day on the bus, he had knelt the entire way!

It was simply the most humiliating moment in his life!

"Kid! It's really a narrow road! You've fallen into my hands!"

Ning Tianlang didn't pay any attention to him at all, and instead said to Liang Peng:

"Duke Liang, last time I remember I made it very clear that I limited you to live-streaming shit-eating by the end of the month, but it seems like I didn't see you eating shit on any live-streaming platform, huh?"

The moment these words came out, the entire room fell silent.

Even the furious Wang Sanheng looked at Liang Peng in surprise.

The youngest master of the Liang family eating shit live?

This image was simply unimaginable!

Liang Peng's face changed instantly as he gritted his teeth and said, "Kid, don't be arrogant, now that you don't have Second Miss Tu on your side but you no longer have Second Miss Tu to back you up, it's easy for me to mess you up!"

He pointed at Wang Sanheng, "This is the first military commander under Master Cao Si's command, Master Song Jinshan Song's favorable war general! You brat will surely die today!"

Once they heard Liang Peng's introduction, Zhou Xinghua and the others, who were originally scared half to death, recovered a few shades of blood on their faces.

All of Military Master Song's men had arrived, even if Ning Tianlang had a gun in his hand, he wasn't enough to fear!

With a pistol, could it still kill more than thirty people at the scene?

What's more, Military Master Song was also a Jianghu big shot with a weapon in his hand!

"Delightful war general?"

Ning Tianlang coldly smiled disdainfully, "Even if Song Jinshan himself came, he'd have to obediently kneel down for me!"


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