Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 80 - Invite Military Counselor Song!

"Even if Song Jinshan himself came, he would have to obediently kneel down for me!"

The moment these words were uttered, the entire room fell silent!

Everyone looked at him with the eyes of a mental patient.

The corners of Wang Sanheng's mouth twitched, "Kid, do you know what kind of character Armsmaster Song is? How dare you speak so boldly?

Military Master Song is the number one person under Master Cao Si! As long as his old man stomps his foot, the entire underground jianghu of Xifeng Province would have to tremble!"

The juniors behind him chimed in:

"That's right, looking at the underground jianghu of the entire Xifeng Province, the status of Army Master Song can be ranked in the top three!"

"Other than Fourth Master Cao and the Seven Old Monsters, it's inevitable that Military Master Song's power is the strongest!"

Listening to the crowd frantically touting Song Jinshan, Ning Tianlang couldn't even bear to interrupt them.

The top three in the underground jianghu?

Earlier in Zhang Wenchang's office, Song Jinshan had kowtowed to him with an earth-shattering sound!

In terms of kowtowing, he could indeed be ranked in the top three!

Seeing Ning Tianlang with a faintly disdainful smile on his face, the veins on Wang Sanhong's forehead popped out!

After he got out of prison, he relied on Master Song's promotion to gain a foothold under Master Cao.

At this moment, when he saw Ning Tianlang disdaining his boss, he was so angry that his eyes erupted with fire!

Wang San angrily glared with a pair of cow egg-sized eyes and roared:

"Kid! I know you have good hands! But it's hard to beat four hands with two fists! With so many brothers here today, I'll see if you still dare to be arrogant!"

Liang Peng also looked vicious and said, "Third Brother, this kid actually dared to blow his bull to Military Master Song! Let's give him a little color today and let him know what happens when he disrespects Military Master Song!"


A hint of ferocity flashed in Wang Sanheng's eyes as he shouted, "Brothers, fuck him up for me!"

"Alright Le Third Brother!"

The crowd of punks responded and immediately approached Ning Tianlang with fists and claws!

Zhou Xinghua was afraid that they would suffer, and hurriedly reminded, "Third Brother, tell the brothers to be careful, this kid has a gun!"


Has a gun?

Hearing Zhou Xinghua's words, everyone suddenly stopped in their tracks!

No one dared to take another step forward!

Although they were a group of unprofessional punks, they at least knew the reasoning of a gun hitting a head.

None of them were willing to be the first to rush up and get shot.

Wang Sanheng was also slightly stunned, and said with some surprise, "You kid really has something, you even have a guy on you?" "Third brother, he's a little white boy raised by the Tu family's second miss." Liang Peng's face was ugly as he said, "I reckon that gun was given to him by Miss Tu."

"That's a bit hard to do."

Wang Sanheng's face changed color for a while.

Although he had a great reputation in the Dao, it was all by fighting with a pair of meaty fists.

With his status, he hadn't reached the height of being able to get a gun!

Seeing Wang San Heng's difficult face, Liang Peng also clenched his back teeth.

"Damn, this trash who relies on women!" He pounded the table fiercely, "Third Brother, what now?"

Before Wang Sanheng could speak, Ning Tianlang spoke up, "Let me give you guys an idea."

He raised two fingers, "Sign the contract to build the Ning Family Mausoleum for free, or, die!"

"Don't you fucking bully people too much!"

Hearing Ning Tianlang's words, Liang Peng was so angry that his eyes bulged out!

It had always been their Liang family that sat on the ground and bullied!

How had they ever been bullied so much by others?

Ning Tianlang smiled coldly, "You didn't sign the original high price construction contract, you had to triple the price. Now even if you want to sign the original contract, there's no way out, there are only these two paths for you to choose!"

Upon hearing that there were only two paths to choose from again, Wang Sanheng's face turned green!

Earlier on the bus, Ning Tianlang had said to him-

Either kneel or die!

There was no third way to go!

Now that the time and place had changed, he was again caught in this horrible choice!

Liang Peng didn't notice the ugly look on his face and said anxiously, ''Third brother, think of a way! It doesn't matter how much money you spend as long as you can get this kid killed!"

What he meant was that there were only a few bullets in a pistol, and it was nothing more than sacrificing a few of his men!

The big deal was to pay more compensation!

Wang Sanheng's face changed again and again, and in the end, he was still unwilling to let his brothers go to their deaths.

He clenched his teeth: ''If we can't, we'll have to ask Military Advisor Song to come over! He happens to be in Qing'an City these two days!"

"It would be great if Army Master Song could come!" Liang Peng was overjoyed.

"If we can invite Master Song, after this matter is over, I'll give you the venue you've chosen, Third Brother!"

As soon as he heard Liang Peng's promise, Wang Sanheng's eyes lit up!

"Alright, I'll call Military Master Song right now!"


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