Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 6 Adoptive Father and Mother

"""Today is the Wen’s family banquet!""

Wen Ruyun glanced at her watch and hurriedly said, ""There's less than an hour before the family banquet starts, I can't be late.""

""Big sister, I'll go with you.""

Ning Tianlang stood up.

He wanted to see what kind of goods Wen Kangsheng and the others who had initiated sanctions against his big sister were!

""Tian Lang, wait for me here, the Wen family is complicated, it's better for you to stay out of it.""

""You go downstairs to the mall first and shop around, buy whatever you like.""

Wen Ruyun took out a bank card from her bag and handed it to him:

""There's still about one hundred thousand dollars in here, feel free to spend it!""

Holding the bank card, Ning Tianlang's heart was a bit unfavorable.

Big sister, as the chairman of a large department store, only had a hundred thousand dollars in her card.

Obviously, all that money she earned must have been exploited away by the Wen family!

""If you don't bring me along today, I'll run away from home once more.""

Wen Ru Yun sighed with a complicated expression:

""Sigh, really can't do anything about you ......""

Ning Tian Lang smiled triumphantly.

Sure enough, big sister was still like her childhood, unable to resist his ""messing around"".

Sitting on Wen Ruyun's red BMW, Ning Tianlang twitched his nose to smell the seductive perfume in the car and said with a smile:

""Big sister, your car is nice.""

""Like it? If you like it, when the dividends are shared at the end of the year, big sister will buy you one.""

""No no no ......,"" Ning Tianlang waved his hand repeatedly, ""I have a car.""

At this moment, he happened to pass by the place where he parked his car.

He hurriedly pointed at the gray and pale Santana and said, ""Look, that's my car.""

Wen Ruyun: ""......""

""Tian Lang, you must have suffered a lot these years.""

Her eyes reddened a bit as she said heartily, ""Don't worry, since you've come back, big sister won't let you drive this kind of shitty car anymore.""

Ning Tianlang was stunned, his original intention was not to let big sister break the bank.

He didn't expect it to backfire.

""Big sister, that's just a substitute car, I'll buy another new car recently.""

""Well, I'll leave this matter to big sister.""


Imperial Jin Hotel.

The Wen family banquet was being held here.

Wen Kangsheng, the eldest member of the Wen family, crossed his legs and skimmed his big mouth in dissatisfaction:

""Ah, Lao Er, why hasn't that adopted daughter of your family arrived now? What time is this?""

Wen Quansheng and his wife, Jiang Yan, looked at each other with very ugly faces:

""Ru Yun, she manages such a large department store, naturally she's very busy.""


Wen Zixu snorted:

""Second uncle you really know how to put gold on your own face. She's just simply incapable, what's so busy about being busy?""

""My son is right."" Wen Kangsheng looked contemptuous, ""A family of losers!"" ""You ......""

Wen Quansheng was so angry that he was shivering.

But he didn't dare to talk back to his big brother.

He could only shake his hand with force and forcefully endure his anger, ""I'll go to the door to see if she's arrived yet.""

Jiang Yan couldn't hang on to her face and followed to the front door.

""What are you doing out here? Why don't you go and socialize with those relatives?""

Wen Quansheng spread his anger towards his wife.

Jiang Yan crossed her arms and stared at her heavily made-up eyes and shouted, ""You're just as capable as I am, if you're capable, you can get our father to give you a company too!""

""Is that my fault?""

Wen Quansheng's face turned blue, ""You can't even give birth to a son, why would the old man give us an industry?""

""If you don't have a son even a daughter will do, look at Wen Zixuan, he found a golden son-in-law for old everyone, now his tail is going up to the sky!""

""You saying this reminds me."" Jiang Yan's eyes twinkled, ""Wouldn't it be fine to have Ru Yun find a good man as well?""

""It doesn't matter if she's my own or not, as long as she marries better than Wen Zixuan, our family will have its day in the sun!""

At the same time, Wen Ruyun and Ning Tianlang arrived at the hotel's main entrance.

""Dad, mom.""

Hearing Wen Ruyun's voice, Jiang Yan's expression abruptly changed, piling on a cold smile and saying, ""Ruyun is here.""

Immediately afterward, she saw Ning Tianlang standing beside Wen Ruyun.

""Who is this?""

Jiang Yan's smile froze on her face.

""He's my younger brother from the orphanage, who came with me to the family banquet today.""

Wen Ruyun introduced, ""Tian Lang, this is my adoptive father and mother.""

Ning Tian Lang slightly hooked the corners of his mouth and lifted his hand with a leathery smile, ""Hello.""

""What kind of attitude is this?""

Wen Quansheng frowned and chided, ""What qualifications does this kind of little yakuza from the orphanage have to enter our Wen family's family banquet? Hurry up and tell him to get lost!""

Jiang Yan twisted Wen Ruyun's arm heavily and cursed shrilly:

""You shameless dead girl, how can you hang out with such a shady man? How can you marry a good family in the future?""

Wen Ruyun was pinched to the point where her arms were bruised, forcing back her tears and said:

""He's my brother, not some little yakuza! Please speak with respect!""

""How dare you talk back? You ...... you are simply pissing me off!!!""

Wen Quansheng panted heavily and raised his palm high, about to hit Wen Ruyun's face.


Ning Tianlang raised his hand and held Wen Quansheng's wrist tightly, his gaze as if he was looking at a dead man:

""I advise you to better not make a move.""

After saying that, he gave a smooth push.

Wen Quansheng was thrown by him and stumbled, almost falling to the ground with his head facing downwards.

Ning Tianlang coldly swept a glance at him, grabbed Wen Ruyun's small, soft, boneless hand, and stepped into the hotel's front door.

""Where I, Ning, want to enter, no one can stop me yet!"""


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