Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 7 Wen Family Banquet

"Feeling Ning Tianlang's aura as if he had changed into a different person, Wen Ruyun was a bit surprised, ""Tianlang, you ......""

With his fierce aura withdrawn, Ning Tian Lang revealed a gentle smile, ""Don't worry big sister, with me by your side, no one can bully you.""

An unrivaled sense of security filled her heart, and Wen Ruyun's eyes became a bit mesmerized for a split second ......

But soon, she came to her senses again.

""Tian Lang, in the future, don't do things so recklessly, although the Wen family is only a second-rate family, you'll have to stay in Qing'an to develop in the future, so it's better not to offend them.""

""Got it big sister.""

Ning Tianlang grabbed Wen Ruyun's fragrant shoulder, put his mouth to her ear and whispered:

""But, today I don't want to be your younger brother, how about saying that if you grow up and marry me, let me be your husband for a day?""

Blown all over by Ning Tian Lang's breath, Wen Ru Yun's hands and feet went limp as she pushed him away, her face crimson:

""Stop it, it's not good for people to see it ......""

Jiang Yan, who was following behind, saw them behaving so intimately and said spitefully:

""Damn it, immediately arrange a blind date for her in the next two days, absolutely can't let her be with this kind of trash!""

Wen Quansheng's face was grim: ""It's just as well, Mr. Yang's son just came back from abroad in the past two days, so I'll go ask around and see if there's a chance to set up a match.""

""That General Manager Yang of the Yang Group?""

Jiang Yan's eyes widened in excitement:

""His son is a true pride of heaven! If we can get on his good side, we won't have to suffer from Wen Kangsheng's fecklessness anymore!""

""Don't worry, with Ru Yun's body and looks, no man can resist ......""

The four people arrived at the family banquet hall one after the other.

The crowd, which was still lively and clamoring, quieted down in a flash.

Everyone's gazes were directed at them, filled with contempt and disdain.

""Hehe, the goddess entrepreneur of Qing'an City is here, are we going to withhold our heads in worship?""

""Yo, or did you bring a man with you? What, isn't it enough for one person to freeload on our Wen family?""

""The company is about to go bankrupt, and you still have the heart to raise a gigolo? I yuck! Bitch!""

The relatives of the Wen family spoke one by one, almost drowning Wen Ruyun alive with spittle.

Wen Ruyun's pretty face was pale, and her body began to tremble slightly uncontrollably.

Sensing her anger and fear, Ning Tianlang reached out and wrapped his hand around her shoulder, patting it gently.

When his fingertips touched his skin, it was delicate and smooth.

Leaning against Ning Tianlang's sturdy arm, Wen Ruyun took a deep breath and calmed her mind.

She barely revealed a bitter smile and whispered:

""This, is the 'hospitality' I received at the Wen Family, I didn't want you to see this kind of scene.""

""Why did they do this to you?""

""The Rhyming Court Department Store that I built with my own strength is now the Wen Family's second largest pillar industry, second only to the Kang Yang Group. They're scared.""

Ning Tianlang was enlightened.

His own big sister was simply too good!

The Wen family was jealous of her and scorned her!

Wanting to take the Rhythm Court Department Store from her and occupy it for themselves! He tightened his arm around Wen Ruyun and said in a deep voice, ""Don't worry big sister, what's yours, no one can snatch it away!""

At this time, a woman in a white dress came forward and said in a conspiratorial manner:

""Isn't this my goddess cousin? Wasn't she pretending to be quite pure and innocent before? How come she started looking for a man too?""

This person was none other than Wen Kangsheng's daughter, Wen Zixuan.

Wen Zixuan hugged her arms, her eyes looking up and down at Ning Tianlang in a critical manner, and skimmed her lips:

""Wen Ruyun, your vision isn't good either! How dare you find a white boy? Oh, what's the use of a handsome man? He still has to have the ability and background.""

""Don't talk nonsense, hurry up and take your seat, grandpa will be here in a while.""

Wen Ruyun coldly threw down a sentence and rubbed shoulders with her in disgust.

""Cut! Pretentious!""

Wen Zixuan rolled her eyes and twisted her plump buttocks to follow.

The main table of the family banquet's first family.

Wen Kangsheng proudly crossed his legs and insinuated:

""This table of ours is to discuss the big events of the family business, so unrelated people shouldn't follow to join in the fun, right?""

""That's right, second uncle, you don't have any industry under your name, why don't you go to the side table and sit with those relatives, they are all employees of the group, you must have a common language.""

Wen Zixu's tone was mocking, a teasing look on his face.

Listening to Wen Kang Sheng's father and son duo's sneering, Wen Quan Sheng was so angry that his chest tightened:

""Ru Yun is the chairman of Rhyme Court Department Store, as her father, why can't I sit here?""

""What? Second Uncle, you still don't know?""

Wen Zixu picked up his highball glass and smacked a sip of red wine, smugly saying:

""Rhyming Court Department Store was boycotted collectively by the five major groups of the Penglai Chamber of Commerce, and now it's already precarious! Maybe, it will change ownership next month!""


Wen Quansheng and Jiang Yan's faces changed drastically at the same time.

Their only hope now was Wen Ruyun.

If Ruyun Ting Department Store was taken away by the Boss's family, they would have no hope at all!

""Ru Yun, what's going on? Why didn't you tell us when something so big happened?""

Wen Quansheng asked, gritting his back teeth as his face turned blue.

Wen Ru Yun sat upright, a pair of beautiful eyes lowered, faintly said, ""Dad, you can't handle this matter, telling you is just adding to the trouble.""

""Cluck cluck cluck ......""

Wen Zixuan covered her mouth and laughed, ""A contemptible orphan dares to look down on you, Second Uncle, you're mixed up too miserably, aren't you?""

""Hahahahaha ......""

The crowd roared with laughter.


A trace of coldness crossed between Ning Tianlang's eyes.

This word was the biggest taboo in his heart!

""Wen Ruyun you dead girl ......""

Wen Quansheng pounded the desktop with a bruise and yelled lowly:

""I think you owe it to yourself to clean up!""

""Dad ......""

Wen Ruyun was just about to say something when she heard a commotion coming from the hall entrance ......"


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