Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 8: How dare you bet?!

"""The old master is here!""

Wen Kangsheng hurriedly brought Wen Zixu and Wen Zixuan to stand up and greet the arrival of the Wen family head.

Wen Guangyi, who was past his prime, was still robust.

He landed next to Wen Kangsheng with a kind face and looked around in satisfaction:

""Good, my Wen Family is thriving, and will surely prosper even more in the future!""

Suddenly, with a pause in his expression, he said to Wen Zixuan:

""Zixuan, why hasn't your fiancé arrived yet? I haven't seen him for a long time!""

""Grandpa, just now, Yingzhou suddenly received a summons from the family, saying that he had urgent matters to deal with and might arrive a little later.""

""In that case ah ......""

Wen Guangyi nodded, ""The Wei family is a large family, it must be busy with affairs, let's wait a while and open the banquet when he arrives!""

Ning Tian Lang frowned, what kind of person had such a big face?

Letting dozens of people from the Wen family wait for him alone?

At this time, Wen Guangyi also noticed Ning Tianlang.

""You are ......""

Wen Ruyun hurriedly said respectfully, ""Grandpa, he's my younger brother from the orphanage.""

""And future husband."" Ning Tianlang added right after him.

""Don't fool around.""

Wen Ruyun kicked him gently under the table.


Wen Guangyi swept a disdainful glance at Ning Tianlang and chided Wen Ruyun:

""I said that during this period of time why the performance of Rhyme Ting Department Store has declined so drastically, so it's because you've fallen in love without doing your job!""

""Grandpa, it's not like that, it's the Penglai Chamber of Commerce ......""

Before she could finish her words, she was interrupted by Wen Zixu raw:

""Wen Ru Yun, almost got it ah, when you started your business the money was all from the Wen family, the Wen family can't possibly stand by and watch you neglect your duties, you hurry up and hand over the Rhyme Court Department Store.""

The other relatives also followed and chimed in:

""That's right, if you're not capable, don't occupy the latrine! Do you want to be shameless?""

""The Wen family's industry should naturally be managed by your own family, even if you changed your surname to Wen, you are still an uncultivated outsider after all.""

""You ......""

Wen Ruyun's eyes reddened and she raised her voice:

""This Rhyming Court Department Store is something I built up with my heart and soul, and even if the start-up capital was given by the Wen family, I've long since paid it back after so many years!""


Wen Guangyi slapped the table.

""All shut your mouths!""

The atmosphere suddenly stiffened to the extreme!

Right at this moment, a handsome man pushed the door in, breaking the almost frozen air.

He said in a gentle manner, ""Sorry, I'm late.""

As soon as this man appeared, the Wen Family's relatives whispered in admiration:

""He's Wen Zixuan's fiancé, the Wei Family's youngest, Wei Yingzhou!""

""I heard that he just returned from studying abroad in the United States, his future is unlimited!""

""My god, the Wei family is a big family that can rank among the top ten in the city! I didn't expect Wen Zixuan to have climbed onto such a high branch!""

Enjoying the envious gazes of the crowd, Wei Yingzhou's chin lifted even higher.

He sat down next to Wen Zixuan and said courteously, ""Sorry, the family suddenly had an urgent matter, so I've kept you all waiting.""

Wen Kangsheng hurriedly waved his hands, ""No, no, it's only right to wait for your virtuous son-in-law!""

Wen Guangyi, on the other hand, had a loving smile on his face:

""Yingzhou ah, what exactly is so urgent, can you reveal a few points to us?"" His business sense of smell was very sharp, and he had already detected a hint of an unusual flavor from Wei Yingzhou's tardiness.

Wei Yingzhou looked aghast and lowered his voice:

""Just this morning, a giant group parachuted into Qing'an City, with a paid-up registered capital of ten billion dollars, and directly dished out an entire Science and Technology Valley in the city's central district as a place of operation, this handiwork, it's unprecedented!""

""They've already thrown out a few cooperation projects, we just need to grab one at random, we can directly leap over the Dragon Gate and become the top family in Qing'an City, or even West Phoenix Province!""


The people on the table all sucked in a breath of cool air and said incredulously, ""Ten billion dollars in paid up capital? What kind of person is so bold?!""

Wei Yingzhou had a face of adoration:

""Kunlun Group!""

""Unimaginably powerful!!!""

Wen Guangyi's voice trembled with excitement:

""Good grandson son-in-law, do you think ...... our Wen family can have a chance to get a half of the cooperation project as well?""

""Well ......""

Wei Yingzhou's eyes fluttered, swollen face said:

""In two days, Kunlun Group will conduct a bidding conference, with our Wei family's help, you guys might also have a chance.""


The wrinkles on Wen Guangyi's face turned into a flower with a smile.

""If this matter can come to fruition, I will allocate another eight million dollars to your father-in-law's Kang Yang Group to fully support your cooperation with Kunlun Group!""

""Thank you father!""

""Thank you grandpa!""

The two people, Wen Kangsheng and Wen Zixu, were smiling from ear to ear.

Some people were happy and some were sad.

Wen Quansheng and Jiang Yan's faces, however, were already so gloomy that they could drip water.

If things went on like this, I'm afraid that the entire wealth of the Wen family would have to fall into the hands of the old family!

Wen Ruyun also frowned slightly and spoke out:

""Grandpa, the moment you open your mouth is a whole eight million dollars, may I ask where this money will come from? Is it going to come from the Rhyme Court Department Store again?""

Wen Guangyi glared, ""What do you mean by that? Rhyme Court Department Store is also my Wen Family's property! What's wrong with taking out some money?!""

""That's right, what's wrong with being able to negotiate a partnership with the Kunlun Group, even if we sell the Rhyme Court Department Store?""

Wen Zixuan gave her a scornful glance and

""The way I see it, you're just jealous of our Kang Yang Group, jealous that my fiancé is more capable than the little white boy you raised!""

""You ......""

Wen Ruyun clenched her silver teeth, her chest heaving together in anger.

In the entire Wen family, not a single person treated her as a human being!

Angry and hateful!

The killing intent on Ning Tianlang's face flickered.

Daring to bully his Kunlun War God's sister, looking for death!

""Big sister, leave this matter to me.""

He coldly swept a circle of the Wen Family's crowd.

The ice-cold gaze landed on Wen Guangyi's body, ""Wen Family Master, how about we make a bet?""

""What the fuck are you? How dare you also dare to make a bet with the family master? Simply don't know what's right!""

Wen Kangsheng slapped the table and cursed.

Wen Ruyun was even so shocked that her little face turned white and she whispered urgently:

""Tian Lang, this matter is not to be joked about, big sister can handle it properly, so you don't have to care.""

And Ning Tianlang just stared at Wen Guangyi with a burning gaze, provokingly saying:

""What, Family Master Wen doesn't dare to bet with me?"""


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