Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 9:wardrobe malfunction

"""Say, how do I bet?"" Wen Guangyi's face was gloomy.

""Just bet on the cooperation with the Kunlun Group!

If Kang Yang Group can take the contract, Wen Ru Yun will hand over Rhyme Court Department Store with both hands!""

Upon hearing this, Wen Kangsheng's eyes suddenly glowed.

He had been coveting Rhyme Court Department Store for a long time!

""Don't rush to be happy yet."" Ning Tianlang hooked the corner of his mouth.

""If Rhyming Court Department Store gets the contract first, all of Kang Yang Group's shares will have to be transferred to Wen Ru Yun's name!""

This ......

Wen Guangyi's face changed again and again.

He did want to kick Wen Ruyun out of the game, but he didn't dare to easily place such a heavy bet.

""Bet! Bet with him!""

Wen Zixu raised his eyebrows and said:

""This kid is nothing more than a soft eating white boy, he doesn't know the rules of the mall at all, if you don't bet at this time, when will you wait? Don't you think so, brother-in-law?""

Wei Yingzhou had a disdainful look on his face, looking askance at Ning Tianlang:

""Do you really think that the Kunlun Group's contract is something that can be taken down casually? With all due respect, your Rhyming Court Department Store might not even be able to enter the threshold of the bidding conference.""

Once he heard this, Wen Guangyi had a bottom in his heart and said in a deep voice:

""Fine, just as you said, I'll bet with you!""

The entire family banquet hall boiled over as the family head gave his word!

""What's this kid's path, isn't this looking for death?""

""Wen Ruyun is finished, what can she compare with the Wei family?""

""Let's wait and see what happens at the bidding conference, Wen Ruyun has been screwed over by this little white boy!""

Wen Zixuan laughed her ass off, ""Wen Ruyun, are you stupid, letting a little white boy be the head of your family? Is there really no one left in your family?!""

As soon as the words fell, the hall was filled with jeers.

Wen Quansheng was so angry that his face turned blue.

Jiang Yan even cried out, ""Wen Ru Yun you ingrate, you want to die yourself don't take us with you! Sinning ah ......""

Wen Ru Yun was also a bit dazed.

""Tian Lang, you ...... you've gotten into big trouble ......""

Ning Tianlang held Wen Ruyun's hand and stood up, indifferently scanning a circle of the crowd, saying with disinterest:

""Since the bet has already been settled, I have little interest in this family feast of your Wen family. Let's go, no need to see me off.""

After saying that, he directly brought Wen Ruyun and left.

""Tian Lang ...... Tian Lang!!!""

Arriving outside the hotel door, Wen Ruyun shook off Ning Tian Lang's hand with force:

""Tian Lang, what are you doing? Do you know what Rhyme Court Department Store means to me?!""

""I know. Precisely because I know, that's why I want to keep it for you.""

""But ......""

Wen Ruyun's eyes reddened, ""But you don't even know the powerful relationship here, the Wei family's strength is much greater than you think!""

Ning Tianlang stepped forward, a pair of hazel eyes looking at her fixedly, ""Big sister, do you believe me?""

""I ...... ""Wen Ruyun's face instantly reddened, and she unnaturally took a step back, whispering, ""I naturally believe you, but ...... ""

""There's no buts.""

Ning Tianlang grinned, catching him off guard and changing the topic, ""But big sister, I'm just too hungry, I miss the braised meat you made!""

As expected, faced with her brother's ""pestering"", Wen Ruyun once again compromised.

She sighed, ""Alas, when the car arrives, I will find a way to contact the Kunlun Group. Let's go, go home for dinner first ......""

Wen Ruyun's home was in an ordinary villa area in the fourth ring of Qing'an City.

It was less than the top and more than the bottom. Driving to the entrance of the villa, Wen Ru Yun said:

""Tian Lang, I'm going to the nearby supermarket to buy some food, you go in first, the gate password six zeros.""

""Do you want me to accompany you?""

""No need, the supermarket is very close, you go upstairs first and take a shower to rest and relax.""

Ning Tianlang nodded, he really needed a hot shower too.

After coming out from Kunlun Island, he had traveled all the way in the dust, and he hadn't even had time to take a break until now.

Entering the villa, he directly came to the entrance of the bathroom on the second floor.

""Wow wow wow wow ......""

Listening to the sound of running water coming from inside, he was puzzled for a while, could it be that Big Sister didn't live alone?

How come there are other people bathing here?

Seemingly hearing the commotion, the sound of water in the bathroom stopped, and the person taking a bath said in a loud voice:

""Big sister? You're back? Help me bring in the pajamas from outside.""

Big sister?

Ning Tianlang's footsteps lurched, and a smirk crept up to the corner of his mouth.

It seemed that the one bathing in here must be one of his seven sisters!

He looked around and saw a black lace nightgown hanging on the shelf in front of the bathroom, so he took it off with his hand and handed it in through the doorway.

But, the next second, his wrist was clutched by someone!

""Who are you?!""

A clear female voice came out, with a biting murderous aura in her voice!

Ning Tianlang was just about to speak when he only felt a flash of snowy white in front of him, and immediately afterward, the woman rushed out clad in her pajamas.

Without saying anything, she directly raised her leg and kicked!

""Sister, you're naked!""

Ning Tianlang joked under his breath, dodging the other party's attacks in succession.

It was easy to swim with ease.

Gradually he also sensed a hint of something wrong.

Each of the other party's attacks was pointed very precisely at his lifeblood!

From head to toe, there wasn't a single move that wasn't a fatal strike!

Such a skillful killing technique, even the elites on Kunlun Island were not necessarily better than her!

Wait ...... killing?

Ning Tianlang's mind turned sharply.

It seems that this woman with a hot body must be his third sister, Ling Xuanzhi!

Back then, the third sister and the second sister both loved to play with knives.

Only the second sister did it to save people, while the third sister did it to kill people.

Moreover, she didn't just use knives.

Poison making, poisoning, ambushes, cold arrows, and so on, she was a good hand at all of them.

Because of her, for seven whole years, Ning Tianlang had never seen a live rat in the orphanage!

Ten-year-old Ling Xuanzhi once said to seven-year-old Ning Tianlang:

""I only kill people who deserve to be killed, and animals who deserve to be killed.""

Thinking about this, Ning Tian Lang gave his hands a push and directly circled the other party's back towards him into his arms, hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe:

""So ruthless, murdering your own husband?""

""You let go of me!""

The woman in her arms only wore a skeleton lace nightgown, after a fight, at this time has spring light leaked ......

""Who the hell are you? Why did you sneak into someone's home?""

Ling Xuanzhi a few times struggling difficult to get out, secretly surprised that this person is in fact what kind of saint, the body is so strong!

""I still have to ask you, why did you hit someone without saying anything? Third sister?""

""You ......""

Ling Xuanzhi was just about to say something else, but suddenly his expression lurched, incredulously turned his head sideways, looked at the face close at hand, and said in a trembling voice:

""What did you ...... you call me?"""


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