Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 10: The Hundred Assassinations of the Third Sister

"Ning Tianlang gave his fingers an unfaithful squeeze and laughed, ""Third sister, you wouldn't have forgotten about me, would you?""

As if she had lost her soul, Ling Xuanzhi slowly turned her body, clinging to Ning Tianlang's broad chest.

""You ...... are really Tian Lang?""

In a split second, red eyes appeared.

Ning Tianlang tugged her slipped pajamas up onto his shoulders and organized them properly:

""It's me, third sister, long time no see.""

""Little Tian Lang ......""

Ling Xuanzhi's two eyes sparkled as she reached out and wrapped her arms around Ning Tianlang, burying her head in his chest as she whispered:

""Did you come back ...... to die this time?""

Her voice was so small that Ning Tianlang didn't hear it.

However, he was the one who clearly felt a cold killing intent!

Not daring to hesitate, he directly escaped from Ling Xuanzhi's arms with a turn and jumped onto the sofa next to him, speechless:

""Third sister, you don't really want to kill me, do you?""

Ling Xuanzhi broke her fingers into clicks and took out a silver needle from her mouth, her pretty face icy cold as she said:

""You almost looked me over, this is the biggest insult to a killer!""

""Kill ...... a killer?""

Ning Tianlang had a black line on his face, he recalled that Wen Ruyun had once said that Third Sister's job was to serve special clients.

Could it be that it was to kill people for clients?

""Third sister, calm down.""

Ning Tianlang stretched out his hand and said playfully:

""I'm your favorite brother, can you bear to kill me?""

""Can't bear it.""

""Then why did you do it?""

""Precisely because you are my favorite brother, I will give you a hundred chances.""

Ling Xuanzhi stretched out a finger:

""I will make a move to kill you a hundred times, and if you survive, I will let you go. Just now, you've already escaped once, and there are ninety-nine times left.""

Ning Tianlang: ""......""

""Third sister, can I get a discount?""

""Can't. I've never left my targets alive, and I've already netted you a discount."" Ling Xuanzhi's tone was icy cold.

""Then ...... then can you put on some pants?""

Ning Tianlang pointed at Ling Xuanzhi's slender, white thighs:

""I'm also a man, aren't you fishing for law enforcement?!""

Instantly, a hint of redness rose on Ling Xuanzhi's ice-cold face.

""Ninety-nine assassinations, Little Tian Lang, I won't let you go!""

After releasing a vicious sentence, Ling Xuanzhi ran back to his bedroom with a red face.

Right at this moment, Wen Ruyun also came back from buying groceries.

""Big sister, you're finally back! Third sister is too scary!""

Ning Tianlang ran downstairs, took the bag in Wen Ruyun's hand, and complained, ""She said she wanted to kill me.""

Although to him, Ling Xuanzhi's assassination was the equivalent of a child playing house, he didn't want to be missed every day.

He had thought that after he had complained to Wen Ruyun, his big sister would do it for him.

Unexpectedly, Wen Ru Yun just smiled gently:

""We sisters will not interfere with each other's work. Killing is her profession, I won't interfere."" Ning Tian Lang: ""......""

Wen Ruyun gave him a little nod on the head and spoiled him:

""Would your third sister really kill you? When you disappeared, she was the one who was the most saddened!""

Hearing this, Ning Tianlang was touched for a moment in his heart.

Wen Ruyun continued while washing vegetables:

""At that time, she cried while sharpening her knife, saying that if she caught you, she would kill you and make you into a doll so that she would never lose it.""


At this time, Ling Xuanzhi, who had changed her clothes, came to the dining room and silently stood behind Ning Tianlang, saying quietly:

""Big sister, how about eating deep-fried little Tian Lang tonight?""

Even though she had already realized that there was someone behind her, Ning Tian Lang still got goosebumps.

""Third sister, why are you walking without a sound?""

Ling Xuanzhi revealed a subtle smile:

""It's true that I walk without sound, but you've clearly sensed that I'm coming.""

Ning Tianlang looked innocent, ""I didn't even turn around, how could I know you were coming over?""

""You can fool big sister, but you can't fool me."" Ling Xuanzhi's eyes narrowed slightly, ""Say, what have you been doing all these years?""

Ning Tianlang knew that it must be the exchange of blows just now that made Ling Xuanzhi suspicious.

With Ling Xuanzhi's stature, normally three to five strong men couldn't even get close.

Ning Tianlang, however, was able to easily subdue her, so there was no reason for her not to be suspicious.

""I went to the army!""

Ning Tianlang said, half-truthfully, half-falsely, ""I've been a soldier for several years, and I've only just been discharged recently.""

""Being a soldier ......""

Ling Xuanzhi's eyes all showed a hint of heartache.

She patted Ning Tianlang's shoulder, ""You didn't suffer much in the army, did you, your hands are better than third sister.""

""No, no, no, I'm just a bit stronger, when it comes to laying down black hands, it's still you, Third Sister, who's better.""

""It's good to know, in the future, if anyone dares to bully you, just tell third sister, I'll kill him for you.""

Ning Tian Lang hurriedly waved his hand, ""That's not necessary, as long as you don't kill me.""

""No way.""

Ling Xuanzhi said coldly, ""One size does not fit all, business does not cross.""


After finishing the meal, Ning Tianlang looked at his watch and said to Wen Ruyun:

""Big sister, my car is still parked in your company's parking lot, so drop me off and I'll drive to the orphanage to pick up Grandpa Qiao from the hospital.""

""Is Grandpa Qiao sick?"" Ling Xuanzhi put down his chopsticks and said, ""I'll go too.""

Wen Ruyun shook her head, ""It's a child in the institution who's sick, and Dong'er is operating on him.""

""I'm not interested then.""

Ling Xuanzhi stood up and walked upstairs while saying, ""I won't be coming back to stay tonight.""

""Third sister you're not coming back?""

Ning Tianlang turned around and rested his arm on the back of the chair, puzzled, ""Where are you going to go if you don't come home tonight?""

""To kill people, earn money, and buy you poison.""

After saying these words, Ling Xuanzhi's figure completely disappeared around the corner of the stairs ......"


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