Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 81

Song Zhi nail gas pinched into her palm and scolded in a low voice, "Song Yanran, you're really crazy!"

She vigorously shook off Song Yanran's arm that was tugging at her and turned around to leave.

"Want to leave? You think I'll let you go today if you're stupid enough to send yourself to the door?

Song Ru, my good sister you mustn't blame me for your bad fate!

Why is it that I was born two years earlier than you, and the Song family's daughter and the Huo family's child marriage all fell on top of your head, while I'm obviously better than you in every way, but I have nothing!

In the end, it's all because you snatched away my things!"

After saying that, Song Yanran narrowed her triumphant smile and favored Gu Qingjia, who had long been blocking the doorway.

Gu Qingjia immediately understood, stepped forward with one arm and picked up Song Yanran who could hardly walk towards the outside.

Song Yanran even pretended to sympathize as she walked, "Xiao Zhi, what's wrong with you, you look like you're very uncomfortable, let me send you to rest."

Song Zhi was powerless, wanting to open his mouth to shout 'help' but suddenly felt his throat being pinched, half a word couldn't come out.

The entire person was dragged towards the end of the corridor, a particularly remote room.

Song Yanran was just sent to the door and handed everything over to Gu Qingjia.

The entire top floor of Hua Ting was wrapped up by Zhao Li, but the corridor didn't belong to them and was equipped with cameras.

She couldn't be about to let herself and Song Zhi die together just to count on him.

Gu Qingjia was undoubtedly the best scapegoat.

Gu Qingjia was completely unaware of this, and was desperately tugging at Song Zhi, her nails digging deep into her wrists, itching to break Song Zhi's wrists.

Song Zhi was weak, his fingers shivered and pulled off the brooch, ruthlessly inserted into the root of his thigh, barely able to draw back a few points of sanity.

Gu Qingjia glanced over and saw that Song Zhi still had a few moments of clarity left in his eyes as he struggled desperately, so he couldn't help but become even more mocking: ''Song Zhi, how do you feel? This is the medicine I made for you? Now it's just making you lose your mind, craving for a man to come and have you, and not being able to scream out half a word!"

"...... "Song Ru glared at her fiercely.

She gripped the brooch and poked it a few more times hard, letting the pain take the high ground.

"You glare at me, how dare you glare at me!" Gu Qingjia spat as she dragged her away, "If you hadn't done it yourself so desperately, causing me to be expelled from the hospital, even Buyan wouldn't have been able to reach out.

Not only was my doctor's license revoked, but I was also humiliated by everyone around me, and I wouldn't be living in poverty right now, all thanks to you! In a moment, I'll let you know what it's like to have nothing!"

Song Zhi bit her lip to make it bleed, and watched as Gu Qingjia dragged her in the direction of the end of the corridor, which was at the far end of the corridor, and purposely blocked by a stone wall, so that no one could see her!

Seeing that Gu Qingjia was about to push open the door and push her in, Song Zhi clenched her teeth and quietly touched the medicine Gu Qingjia wanted to give her from her bag!

It s just that she can t speak ...... right now and can t order Gu Qingjia.

Gu Qingjia saw that her struggles were getting smaller and smaller, and became even more pleased with herself.

"Song Ru, this is all your own doing, this is full of men that Mr. Zhao has specially prepared for you."

Gu Qing Jia said and turned her head to open the door, only just as she turned her head to prepare for Song Ru to push in, she was hit in the face with a puff of powder.

The white powder was directly sucked into her nose!


Her eyes glazed over, and before she had time to struggle, Song Zhi backhanded her and pushed Gu Qingjia directly inside.


The door closed.

Song Zhi heavily gripped the door handle, half of her body kneeling straight in front of the door, clenching her teeth and pulling the door tight, not giving Gu Qingjia the slightest chance to resist coming out.

She knew that once Gu Qingjia came out, her end would be Gu Qingjia's end!

She definitely wouldn't have the slightest bit of softness in her heart!

To be soft on the enemy was to be cruel to herself!

Besides, wasn't the purpose of her visit today to teach her a lesson?

Gu Qingjia was pulling on the door from the inside, but Song Zhi was pulling on the door with all her might.

The four or five men in the room were all drugged, and the entire room was smoked by the aromatherapy developed by Gu Qingjia, giving off a greenish atmosphere.

"Song Zhi, you quickly let me out!"

Song Zhi's eyes were full of determination, and he didn't move a muscle.

"Song Zhi, I was wrong!"

"Please let me go!"

Gu Qingjia desperately pulled at the door of the room that couldn't be locked, but it didn't move.

The louder she screamed, the more excited the men in the room became, and the front and back directly pounced over!

"Ah ...... roll, you guys don't touch me!"

"I'm not Song Zhi, you guys are banging the wrong person ...... Put me out ah ...... Song Zhi I won't let you go ......"

Gradually there was no sound inside the door, it should be that the medicine had kicked in, even Gu Qingjia couldn't say a word.

Gu Qingjia also never would have thought that she would be counted by her own medicine and eat her own!

Song Zhi staggered up from the ground, a lot of blood had already come through her thighs, her sight looked towards the paparazzi swarming not far away, gritting her teeth she got up and ducked towards the restroom.

The restroom was flooded with cold air, making Song Zhi slightly more comfortable.

She turned on the faucet and desperately used water to spoil her burning throat, "Cough cough ......"

Song Ru covered her throat and suddenly realized that she could speak.

She quickly pulled out her cell phone from her bag, her fingers shivering as she pressed a long string of phone numbers, praying that the phone would hurry up and pick up.

Her lips have been bitten out of blood, and only Huo Mushan remains in her mind.


The man's low voice was tantamount to teasing.

"Mu Shen ......," Song rhetorically stoic, squeezing a few words from her hoarse throat, "Huating penthouse, save ...... ah! "

The words have not finished, the hair was pulled, Song rhetorically planted straight on the ground.

"Song rhetoric, you also have today? Wasn't you very godly just now, I think the one who looks like a dog now is you!" Liu Chan stomped on her snow-white skirt and looked at her in a dignified manner.

"Liu Chan, if you touch me, you don't want to live either." Song Zhi was cold and angry, her eyes red to the extreme glaring at her.

"Tough mouth!"

Liu Chan gritted her teeth and looked at her, raising a slap and flinging it at her face.


The corner of Song Zhi's mouth was struck with blood, and she fell to the ground in a sorry state!

With this breath out of her mouth, Liu Chan took a step back, and with a glance, she saw the flickering crystals on Song Zhi's fingers, "Song Zhi you just now, you soiled one of my skirts, this ring of yours is quite valuable too, right, why don't you pay me back?"

She finished reaching out to pull the ring on Song Zhi's finger, tugging half a day did not succeed, Song Zhi's finger alive but was stripped of a layer of skin, flooded with blood.

"Song Zhi, give me the ring!"

"You don't want to!" Song Zhi's eyes were scarlet, reached out and violently pushed Liu Chan away, using her whole body to push Liu Chan away, and ran haphazardly towards the outside.

Seeing her trying to run, Liu Chan chased after her, "Song Ru, you dare to run?"

Song Ru was being chased by Liu Chan behind her and could only desperately stumble towards the stairway.

As for the banquet, Zhao Li and Song Yanran were both sitting together, guessing that it was about time, they got up and walked towards the outside, waiting to see a good show.

Just as they reached the promenade, they saw the man hurrying from the special elevator with long legs, his body radiating anger.

Following behind him was Mr. Lu of Huacheng and a long line of black-clad bodyguards.


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