Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 82

Zhao Li's eyes jumped hard, he didn't think of offending Huo Muk Shen.

Song Yanyan also saw Huo Mushen, her face pale, her nails curled into her palms, "How did Huo Mushen come?"

"Yanyan, the amount of medicine you put down is enough, isn't it." Zhao Li feels that half of his foot has already stepped into the ghost gate, especially when he feels that Huo Mushan's grim line of sight has been coldly cast from afar.

"Gu Qingjia dispensed the medicine, she said it was absolutely fine." Song Yanran's throat chokes up and she doesn't even dare to move a step.

Huo Muchen's cold air pressure pushes straight at them, casting a direct gaze in an oppressive manner, his dark eyes ghostly strangling all breath.

Song Yanyan breathing are stagnant moment, all the senses to the expression of the ability to instantly decline.

Can only look at this midnight dream back all flow love figure, that evil and cocky smile always surfaced in the man's face, and see him cool as the flowers of the high mountain, eyes filled with intense possession.

He half narrowed his eyes, raised his hand in the air and waved it slightly: ''Search! The top floor of Hua Ting, anyone must be spared!"

"Tell all reporters that if they dare to tell the truth about today's events, it will be their last clutch in the press!"


The bodyguards behind them were all well-trained.

The two rows of people against the rooms on the left and right sides directly violently broke open the doors and started searching Song Zhi!

Zhao Li subconsciously gulps and tries to take a step back, but Huo Mushan is quicker to stop them from leaving his feet, "Mr. Zhao, you'd better give me an explanation, where did Mrs. Huo go?"

Zhao Li stared, his pupils shrinking, he forced himself to act like a gangster, pretending to be calm, "Huo Shao, you want your woman this can't find us. Song Zhuo left when he was not feeling well, what does that have to do with us?"

Huo Mou Shen's features are stern and stern, his eyes flinging over are stern and chilling, the corners of his thin lips curving up into an extremely cold and stern arc, the knot in his throat rolling out with murderous hatred.

"Zhao Li, it's best to have nothing to do with you, but if my family's Xiaozhu suffers half a bit of wrongdoing, I'll let you experience what is called earthly purgatory." Huo Mou Shen lowers his eyes to scorn him, disdainful.

"Huo Shao, just don't wrong me." Zhao Li suppresses a layer of his aura in front of Huo Muchen in a raw manner.

Song Yanyan was pinched by Zhao Li's finger bone pain, the heart even more despise Zhao Li shrinking turtle like, then take the initiative to please Huo Mou Shen: "Brother-in-law, Xiao Zhi is here today, but not a few minutes and Gu Qingjia went out. We were also worried so we followed out to look for someone."

Song Yanran thought her excuse was seamless.

Huo Mushen had suddenly come, and whether something happened to Song Zhi or not, he had to find a guilty party.

Gu Qingjia, was the best candidate!

Huo Moushen's gaze was stern and deadly, casting a cool glance at her, suddenly half-bending down, the corners of his lips growing more impetuous: "I dislike being deceived the most. Dare to cheat me, play dead you all!"

Huo Mou Shen's face becomes extremely pale, his ruthless aura leaking out the moment something happens to Song Zhi!

It was as if, as long as something happened to Song Zhi, Huo Mou Shen could screw everyone present!

Zhao Li is most aware of Huo Mushen's darkness, his depth of sophistication, and his ruthless and poisonous tactics, and none of his rival projects have failed to close.

But Huo Mu Shen is also a man that everyone wants to work with, making people rush to him.

Zhao Li's forehead seethed with cold sweat and his head went white.

Immediately after, he saw Lu Ziyan dragging the phone that had been dropped with a black screen in his hand, walking over and saying, "Third Brother, is this Third Sister-in-law's phone?"

Huacheng Lu Gongzi exists like a viper, and his methods are even more despicable, no matter who you are, come openly and engage in secret, as long as he can play with you to death, it's all his means.

He actually called Huo Muchen third brother?

Zhao Li's legs and stomach went soft with fear.

The man took the cell phone, his eyes flooded with killing intent, "Where is the person?"

"Not found, we've gotten someone to tune the camera and saw that third sister-in-law seemed to have been dragged into the room." Lu Ziyan held his breath in awe and looked askance at Zhao Gongzi again, hooking his lips obliquely, "And that room is under Zhao Gongzi's name."

"I ......"

In an instant, before Zhao Li could open his mouth, he was viciously pinched by the palm of a hand around his throat, and his entire body was lifted up between the walls in an instant, meeting Huo Mou Shen's dark, threatening eyes, "It seems that this life of yours, you don't want it, then I'll take it for the Zhao family."

Zhao Li's face stiffens into a pig's liver color, and he can only intermittently say, "Huo Shao, that room is in my name, but I don't usually use it."

"Mr. Zhao doesn't lie as often as you bang women." Lu Ziyan tapped his cell phone and flicked the screen twice before handing it over, "You manage to bring a different woman here every day, and occasionally two or three."


Lu Ziyan cast a sidelong glance at Song Yanyan, stabbing her in the heart, "Just two days ago, you even brought Ms. Song here to get a room a few times, what else do you want me to remind you of?"

Song Yanran's jaw dropped.

The fact that this kind of dirty and sordid thing was being said in public made her unable to resist clenching her teeth.

Even more, she hated the fact that Song Zhi was dirtier than her!

Zhao Li s body hardened inch by inch, incredulously looking at the man in front of him who was disturbed by obscurity, suddenly realizing that their hands ...... stretched out really long.

If he really messed with Huo Mou Shen, then the Zhao family this time ......

In the course of the confrontation, Lu Ziyan directly led people to the room where Zhao Li was screwing the woman.

The door to the room was unlocked, and the white carpet in front of the door was still stained with quite a bit of blood, causing Lu Ziyan's brows to furrow dead tight as he silently said, "In the end, the person inside shouldn't be Song Zhi, or else with Third Brother's tactics of playing with the dead, absolutely none of the people on the top floor of this Huatian will live to see tomorrow's sun!"

Shadows swept across the bridge of his nose pressing out shadows, he took a deep breath and pushed the door open.

In the face is a heavy aromatherapy smell, Lu Zi Yan perennial mixed with the underground cabaret, at once smelled out what is inside, flooded with bloodthirsty flavor, did not expect after such a long time, actually can smell this kind of smell.

He touched open the light, and saw the woman underneath was pressed only out of breath, not in breath, but half a word could not be shouted out.

He grunted coldly, ''Serves you right! Still taking this stuff to straighten people out, sooner or later you'll be straightened out first!"

With that, he turns his head and casts a reassuring look at Huo Mo Shen, "Third brother, it's not third sister-in-law inside!"

Zhao Li breathes a sigh of relief, only hoping that it's really nothing.

But the next second-

He takes a breath and brings it back, directly taking half his life.

The bodyguard ran over, "We found Mrs., but ......"

"But what?"

"Huo Shao, we were derelict in our duties, when we went over, Mrs. had just been pushed down from the sixteenth floor, and had already called the hotel's paramedics as well as the ambulance!" The bodyguard said in a deep voice.

Upon hearing this, Huo Mo Shen's dark eyes were dark and furtive, his wrist suddenly drew tight with force, lifting it hard and directly dropping the man hard to the ground.

The man's foot directly stepped on his throat, "Zhao Li, you wait!"

Zhao Li kept coughing up blood from his throat, as if he heard Huo Muchen saying, "Zhao Li, you wait to die."

The air pressure suddenly recedes as Huo Muchen leaves with his men from the top floor of Hua Ting.

Song Yanran looks at his departing back, nothing but jealousy left in her eyes.

When Huo Muchen went straight to the sixteenth floor, he was met with piercing images.


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